Exercise as Medicine

Exercise as Medicine

Physical inactivity has been called the biggest public health problem of the 21st century. Of course just because someone calls it that doesn’t mean it’s true, in fact physical inactivity ranks down at #5 in terms of risk factors for death, and #6 in terms of risk factors for disability. Diet is by far our greatest killer, followed by smoking.

But, there is irrefutable evidence of the “effectiveness of regular physical activity in the prevention of several chronic diseases—cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, hypertension, obesity, depression, osteoporosis, and premature death”—helping to add years to our life, and above all, “life to our years.” It truly may be survival of the fittest.

How much exercise do we need? In general, the answer is the more the better. Currently, “most health and fitness organizations advocate a minimum of a thousand calories of exercise a week,” which is equivalent to walking an hour a day five days a week. Seven days a week, though, may be even better in terms of extending one’s lifespan.

Exercise is so important that not walking an hour a day is considered a high risk behaviour, alongside smoking, excess drinking, and being obese. Having any one of these effectively ages us three to five years in terms of risk of dying prematurely, though interestingly those who ate green vegetables on a daily basis did not appear to have that same bump in risk. Even if broccoli-eating couch potatoes live as long as walkers, there are a multitude of ancillary health benefits to physical activity that doctors are encouraged to prescribe it, to signal to the patient that “exercise is medicine.”

Researchers at the London School, Harvard, and stanford compared exercise to drug interventions in study and found that exercise often worked just as well as drugs for the treatment of heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. In cases where drug options provide only modest benefit, patients deserve to understand the relative impact that physical activity might have on their condition.

Exercise is just one of four lifestyle behaviors found to significantly extend our lifespan.


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  • And Cutting down carbs, replacing with good fat works better than both.

    No exercise can outlive a BAD diet -- HIGH CARB LOW FAT horrible diet.

  • Right!

  • Very informative!Keep on posting this type of articles.

  • Good information Whatever diseases formed to the human body it depends upon

    1 DIET Diet is the main role in human health or sicked persons To maintaining proper diet 80 % of diseases to be control without drugs also

    Even for fever our old generations were syas that LANGHANAM PARAMUSHADAM

    That means if they suffered from fever they left complete meals for one or two days and some of persons takes 2 or 3 glass full of GANJI ( Either liquid of cooked rice or rava without sugar also When the body rest without food then most of toxin free from body and get good health

    2 Physical activity this is very important to every person What we eat it must be digested properly for this some activity is necessary

    here there are so much difference opinion Some of persons have no time to walk or joging due to their work loads or obesity and over wt problems Some of them also having Ortharits problems not able to walk.

    This is their personnel opinion some of them may success also. But what we eat it must be digested with properly then body activity important . If we simply sitting or seen TV or if we drink coffee or tea then also calories may burned , but it is called then also calories maybe burned but it is called inactive calorie.

    whatever type of physical activity is good it cannot having any side effect.

    3MENTAL STRESS mental stress is the main role in all diseases specialy BP and Diabetes persons

    here The brain function control the blood circulation but blood cannot control the mind or brain so if we take any matter in cooling way our body and mind not taking seriously then blood circulates properly So peaceful mind and anger nature is important If u anger any of them and critics and u have tension and then check your BP and sugar level ? It is definitely high in no.

    So be always cool take any matter as peaceful and live with comfort nature Be satisfy what the God given please love all the persons if some of persons even hate u

    So totally major die plan mind concentration some phyiscal activity ( as much as possible ) gives good health even DM and HBP persons also

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