Long Wheat-A Miracle Food (Medicine) for Diabetics

Long Wheat-A Miracle Food (Medicine) for Diabetics

Dear Forum Members,

Thank you all for your knowledge sharing with me and others and valuable guidance regarding control of diabetes. I was totally ignorant about how to manage type-2 diabetes. I was totally dependent on doctors under whom my treatment was going on. Before using long wheat, I have tried so many things (aurveda, gomutra, vigorous walking and very very less eating etc.) to control my diabetes, but all were in vein (in those days my average blood glucose readings were FBS-140 to 180 & PPBS were 220 to 280).

It's Shooter George Sir & You. Yes, it's because of you and only you.

For so many days, I was searching on internet to find out some ways/ means to control my disease. Virtually I was fed up and then suddenly one day I got light when first time I went through George Sir's article. A strong belief came out from core of my heart---YES----it's that what I was looking for.

I started using long wheat from 22.06.2015 & the results are:

06.07.15 -------- FBS-95.6, PPBS- 121

02.08.15 -------- FBS-116, PPBS- 216 (?)

29.08.15 -------- FBS-115, PPBS- 124

08.09.15 -------- FBS-Not done, PPBS- 116

12.09.15 -------- FBS-88, PPBS- Not done

21.09.15 -------- FBS-116, PPBS- Not done

27.09.15 -------- FBS-91.6, PPBS- 103, HbA1C- 5.9 (Av. blood glucose-122.6)

On 21.06.15 : FBS-128, PPBS- 180, HbA1C- 6.4

I am sharing this because I am obliged to you and George Sir. I am sharing this for benefit of others who are following LWMDR.


I will be sharing my experience and also I will be asking my doubts and queries in future and now from onwards I will be helping others in my area to control diabetes. One thing I would like to mention here, it's my request to Sir George-----"Please comment and advice on my progress whatever you like". Please Sir.

Thank you again.


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58 Replies

  • Dear asoreka,congratulations for a very good control on diabetes!

    Please answer the following for the benefit of others:

    i)How do you use LWMDR?

    ii)What other foods/drinks do you take?

    iii)Do you take any medicine?

    iv)Do you go for exercises/yoga/walk?

    v)From how many years are you diabetic?

  • Dear Sir,

    Thank you. Please see the point wise reply as desired.

    1) I soak it in sufficient water overnight and then put into pressure cooker in

    the morning, cook it for 30 minutes with additional water, but I do not

    grind it in a mixie.

    2) In morning I take 1 glass lemon water with 1/2 lemon in empty stomach

    I take 1 cup milk tea with stevia powder in morning as well as in evening

    At 8-30 PM I take again tea with lemon juice & stevia powder

    I take LW in BF with curd (amul dahi) & stevia powder .

    In Dinner, I take it with lot of green vegetables (cooked in less oil/500ml

    per month) and 50 gms ricotta cheese. In addition to that, i take1 piece

    fish or 2-3 pieces of chicken (every alternate day).

    3) Yes, I am taking medicines right now (Diamicron XR-60 before BF &

    Dinner; Jalra-50 after BF, Metformin-500 after lunch & dinner)

    4) I have stopped exercise for the last 6 months (I didn't get any result when I

    was covering around 6 km walking everyday/ my BS levels were 140-180

    (FBS) , 220-240(PPBS) & HbA1c- (7.4 to 8.2) at that time

    5) I am diabetic since 2005 (10 years)

    Thanks again to all forum members for guiding & educating me to control my disease.

  • Dear asoreka,thanks a lot for your detailed reply!

  • What is Stevia powder and is it available everywhere?

  • Stevia Powder is the extract of stevia leaf being harvested by some agencies throughout India. It is totally natural. I have purchased it from Anubhav Biotech, Kolkata (03340602094).

    Sorry for repy late. I was out of my town, that's why I could not reply in time.

  • Thanks very much and wish you all success.

  • sir u said u r taking medicine..so U want to said this is effect of LWMDR not bcos of medicine??

    what is ur current status..?

    pls share

  • Dear "naqui"

    Before using long wheat, I have tried so many things (aurveda, gomutra, vigorous walking and very very less eating etc.) to control my diabetes, but all were in vein (in those days my average blood glucose readings were FBS-140 to 180 & PPBS were 220 to 280).

    In view of above, it is clear that, medicines were not able to normalize my BS levels. It has happened due to LW.

    For current status, please go through my post "Long Wheat-Miracle food for Diabetics-II".

    Thanks & good luck.

  • thanx a lot....

  • Sir

    pls tell have u heard About LCHF diet ?? have u tried this before lwmdr ??

    pls suggest is it it ok to consume butter (amul) & desi ghee (home made)..what should b d moderate qty per day ??.pls give ur opinion..pls

  • For LCHF, more than 400 Indian diabetics have benefited and drugs have reduced drastically for anyone who tried it.

    As for all the queries on LCHF refer following link:


  • Dear Anup

    thanx for ur prompt response...

    what is ur opinion abt Lwmdr ??

    i remember u said that ur completely without medicine...it means u r completely cured?? so now if u eat anything sweet it does n t affect U ?? u r still following the same diet or u r on normal diet...pls share..pls

  • It just creates artificial deprivation owing to size. Eat normal wheat like long wheat instead of chapati and you will get similar effect.

    Any claim of diabetes being CURED is HOGWASH. I live by LCHF diet and will always live by it till death. I don;t believe in the NONSENSE that diabetes can be cured. There's no valid proof. But, this is what LCHF can do so quickly even for a 105 kg diabetic with 20 years diabetic history, in less than a month:


    Go through entire history running into 13 pages. There are many like him :)

  • i highly appreciate ur prompt response..pls tell as per ur experience,my fasting sugar was 180..so what it means ??what exactly the status is..i m new to this..pls tell

  • It's double the normal limit.

    You have to cut down carbs and replace with good fat. Please check the link posted in my first reply to you. You will get all the answers.

    If you are not already on hypertension drugs, soon you will have to with such high FBS. High FBS also means your LIPIDS could be conked off so maybe statin drugs will also come in, if not already there.

  • thanx Sir..

    just now i tested my sugar level..

    fasting is 114 & after 1hr break fast its 140

    the medicine i m taking Dibeta +TG Goal 10mg+145mg after break fast & Neurozan after dinner...

    when i checked my sugar level i stopped taking medicine 1 day before...1 month before its 188 at fasting & now its 114..

    this decline is only effect of medicine???

    Sir pls tell what is this indicating..??

    is it improving...??

    pls reply

  • congratulations

  • Thanks a lot sir. All of you are my inspiration. God bless.

  • Can you please tell me the address wherefrom I can get the longwheat. I am residing at Daman(Union Territory). The nearest town is Vapi and Valsad in Gujarat. Please tell me the address. Thanks for your advise through this forum.

  • I have purchased it from

    1) Menkar Vijaykumar Vithal, Pune (09850766330)

    2) Moitreya Agro, Pune (07304570432)

    I don't know whether it is available at Daman, however, you can approach Mr.Vijaykumar. He is a very helpful person no doubt.

  • on the sidelines, pls, if anyone in Mumbai consuming Long-Wheat, pls provide em with names of suppliers in Mumbai;

  • you are also an inspiration; we've got these God-sent Angels viz. Anup, Shooter George, and many many more; pls write to me at: lalit.jhaveri@gmail.com; I'd like to make acquaintance too and thus, pls provide me with your phone Nos. too; thnx in advance, God Bless us all with good health, Rgds, tejkumar

  • Great ! Thanks for your detailed posting for the benefit and motivation of others . I too am having long wheat mash for

    Dinner and happy with the results. Long wheat is for those who want to reverse diabetes and not just control. Please do keep us posted about your progress so that people can understand the benefit of this therapy.

  • I am living in Goa. Do you know if it is possible to get Long wheat here?

  • Sir,

    I have got so much guidance and inspiration from you. You are also requested to please share your experience in future.


  • very good result . thanks for shearing in details i am also on lwmr since june 15 & having very good result.

  • Dear Bhaskar Sir,

    It's my strong belief that each and everyone in this forum will get best results those who are following LW. It's a matter of time only.

    By the way, can you remember we had telephonic discussions sometimes back regarding supply of long wheat ? Could you please provide the name and contact details of supplier of long wheat seed ? It will be beneficial for me and other patients at my area. I am interested to harvest it in my own land at village. Please sir.


  • Long wheat seed is available to mr. Nitin Kulkarni 09423459001 Ahmednagar Maharashtra or contact me 09822670872

  • congratulations, but why stopped walking? walking is good not only for diabetec, it is for overall health. Am I correct?

  • Yes Sir. You are absolutely right. But I have stopped walking being fed up for a long period(around 3 years) when my fasting sugar level was not coming below 150-160 (I have tested on empty stomach and after 1 hr walking/taking a very low qty. food at night) & my PPBS reading was in between 220-240. In spite of my busy schedule (08-30 AM to 08-30 PM every day) I was not getting any promising results.

  • I am ignorant about Long wheat, somebody plz advice , what is this, where to get the same, how to use, how long to use in type 2 diabetes.

  • You can purchased it from

    1) Menkar Vijaykumar Vithal, Pune (09850766330)

    2) Moitreya Agro, Pune (07304570432)

    Soak it in sufficient water overnight and then put into pressure cooker in

    the morning, cook it for 30 minutes with additional waterif required, take it with dal, vegetables, curd (amul masti dahi) etc. in BF and dinner.

  • Dear 'difident' Sir,

    FBS 95.6 & PPBS 121 were using LW after 15 days. Now FBS is around 88-91 & PPBS around 103-115.

    What inspired me to take LW ? Answer is

    Obviously the post of "the great George Sir" & experience of other forum members who are still sharing their valuable experiences regularly.

  • congrats.

    I too started LW diet since mid june. results are good, if I stick to the regime regularly. Once in a while, I deviate, due to health issues of self and my husband, due to a recent car accident, then results are again on the rise. Slow and steady, I am sure, I will be there, once everything settles down on the home front. Keep posting, as a motivation and encouragement for other LW users. Thank you, sir, Mr asoreka.

    Hats off the Sri Shooter George, for sharing his experience for the greater good and benefit of others

  • Dear asoreka congrats a very good control. Pls. Can you tell the quantity of LW you use to take at each time. From where you have procured LW ??

  • Before taking long wheat, I was around 84 kgs. and then I was taking 150g Long Wheat for a day (for BF & Dinner). Now I am around 70 kgs. and presently I am taking around 140g of Long Wheat.

    I have purchased it from

    1) Menkar Vijaykumar Vithal, Pune (09850766330)

    2) Moitreya Agro, Pune (07304570432)

  • What is rate of Long Wheat?

  • I have purchased it from Mr. Vithal @ Rs 70/kg.

  • OK!Thanks!!

  • Can I have a talk with u,please? 7506449260

  • Dear raajanp5,To whom is it?

  • seems,u r online...have u practising LWMR?f yes,what is the result?

  • Sorry!I do not follow LWMDR.Instead,I take low carb and high fat diet strictly and I am satisfied with it.Now days,my BS varies from 85 to 155.You can ask others,if they follow LWMDR.

  • K...GR8 control...can u tell about ur journey with LCHF...like from which levels u started and when....do u take any medicines....how long it take u to reach at this level...apart from the diet what else u do to take care of ur numbers..I may get inspired....sorry of inconvenience,if any.Thanx.

  • Thanks!I take only an ayurvedic churna twice a day.Go for walk and light exercises.I started to control my BS nearly six months ago.There was no very positive response for first four months.Then one day, I used to communicate here with Anup Ji

    - healthunlocked.com/anup

    He is experienced and knowledgeable person.He has helped me a lot in understanding the things related diabetes and its control.Still,I am learning from him.

  • Dear all long wheat story is really fascinating and tempted to try it though I wonder if one doesnt happen to get this variety and uses the one which is available would there be no results? sir George any comments?

  • Dear asoreka thanks for your reply. Have you completed omitted fruits milk and milk products and bakery products? What do you used to have between meals?

  • Dear "meena27"

    I have omitted fruits & bakery products from my diet completely. I am not taking pure milk (except with tea), however, I am taking 50 gm ricotta cheese at dinner along with vegetables and LW.

    BF to Lunch I do not take anything. Lunch to dinner I take 2 cups of tea (1 cup at around 7-00 PM with milk and another cup at around 8-30 pm with lemon juice , 20-30g peanut & 10g puffed rice.

  • Dear asoreka thanks for your reply. Your reply will be very useful to me.

  • Dear Sir

    Is this is useful for Type 1 diabetes? Long wheat can control or can it cure?

  • T1 cannot be cured ever as of now.

    Claims of CURING diabetes is HOGWASH.

  • Thanq for the reply can we control the the sugar levels (T1) by consuming long wheat

  • Bhai long wheat Mumbai me kaha milta hay pl help me

  • What to do with long wheat? Please how to reduce my blood suger with long wheat? Where can get long wheat?

  • Dear moaez,Go through all replies to this post.

  • Dear Asoreka,

    where from R U procuring this Long-Wheat? R U Mumbai-based? I'd appreciate you write to me at: lalit.jhaveri@gmail.com; also pls do mention your mobile No. to enable me communicate with you; thanks in advance, Rgds, tejkumar

  • Brother! apologies for deviation; may I ask???? anyone knowing of Long Wheat supplier in Mumbai? genuine supplies reqd. & the best available quality; thnx in advance, God Bless us ALL with good health!!!!!!!

  • What is status now sir

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