Saturated fats no longer the true enemy, experts say

Good to see one Heart Association Waking up to truth. Hope other Heart/Diabetes associations follow suit soon.

"Saturated fats are not the enemy. But processed foods are, according to a new policy statement from the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada.

On Thursday, the foundation released a new policy statement that questions conventional wisdom about the dangers of saturated fats on the heart.

Steer clear of products advertised as low fat because, chances are, they are loaded with other things you don’t want, such as calories, sodium or other additives, according to the association.

“That low fat claim could potentially be quite misleading,” Arango said."

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  • So what are possible benefits of this truth for diabetes?

  • Truth is what diabetics on LCHF have been saying for years :)

    Cut down carbohydrates, increase SFA, specially through VCO as VCO is almost 2/3 MCT. Coconut Oil was demonized by Proctor & Gamble when they launched CRISCO, the FIRST Man made TRANS FAT. CRISCO made truckload of money for Proctor & Gamble while spoiling human health. This is what I call "PERSONAL PROFITS AT THE EXPENSE OF HUMAN HEALTH"

  • Wow!! No regard for human health and lives whatsoever. I completely agree with the view that you have stated earlier. These days more diseases are being created by peddling an unhealthy diet as healthy and good for you, while dissing diet that is actually good for you. Only because it affects their business and their profits.

    Yes, that is truth but it still gets dissed by almost everyone I talk to. People have made high carb diets a lifestyle and most of them are so rigid that they are not ready to change what they believe.

    I see parents stuffing their kids with carbonated drinks, burgers, pizzas and all kinds junk and feeling proud about it. It's just sad.

  • Well, diabetics on LCHF diet already know the benefits. This is for the benefit of people dissing all saturated fat and peddling it as unhealthy. I have been eating A LOT of saturated fat for last 4 months and my cholesterol levels have stayed in the normal range as before BUT my HDL cholesterol has increased.

    According to the traditional diet advice, my cholesterol should have shot up through the roof, given my diet.

  • Thanks for sharing your experience!I am just learning to live a normal life with diabetes under the guidance of experienced and knowledgeable people in this forum.

  • This is what this community is for. To help fellow members and sharing experiences.

    Living a normal life with diabetes does seem like a challenge but with the right diet, right outlook, and a little effort, it is possible :)

  • "According to the traditional diet advice, my cholesterol should have shot up through the roof, given my diet."

    Well that's a LIE spread with "Self Assumed" Authority by the mainstream. If you ask them for proof, they will YELL at you. Dietary cholesterol and fat has no relation with serum cholesterol, unless one is a hyper-responder or suffers from FH (genetics).

    I eat almost three times more cholesterol (over four years now) than so called experts say is safe. But my Serum Cholesterol is as stead as an anchored ship. So much so for the so called Diet-Heart-LIPID theory :)

  • Yes, exactly. Here is an interesting thing I want to share with you. Currently I am reading the novel Anna Karenina. One character in this novel is an army man and has to maintain the prescribed body weight. He is shown eating Bacon for breakfast and it is written, "since he did not want to gain weight, he avoided ALL starches and sweets". This novel was published in 1877. I mean even until then, it was common knowledge that it is not FAT that makes you FAT, but Carbohydrate. I wonder when it changed to "Eat more carbs to lose weight/manage diabetes or BP or cholesterol".

    Also, I need your advice on something. I wish to make my mother follow LCHF, but she has had her gall bladder removed in the past and frequently gets kidney stones. Would it be safe for her to eat too much cheese, seeds and nuts?

  • " I wonder when it changed to "Eat more carbs to lose weight/manage diabetes or BP or cholesterol".

    This changed when one person was made into a Superhero and that person is ANCEL KEYS -- he conducted a FUDGED Study. Also, with advent of INSULIN, the whole diabetes management style was turned upside down so that INSULIN SELLS by truckload. How does Insulin sell more? Push more CARBS so that glucose rises more. Americans have rewritten whole healthy nutrition theory into unhealthy one and then they push it as healthy. Europeans knew long back what causes obesity. Then they pass blame on sendentary lifestyle. It will be difficult to find anyone more sedentary than me ... yet I am not obese and no drugs for diabetes, hypertension or lipids.

    "I wish to make my mother follow LCHF, but she has had her gall bladder removed in the past ..."

    Put her on VCO for everything -- cooking, daal, veg. Believe me, one cannot even know if VCO has been used. A similar case is there on -- username falcon 30 odd years of age -- who posted just today, which I answered. As for nuts, ramp up slowly. Reason for VCO -- 2/3 is MCT. MCT is best thing to rely on as a source of fat in absence of gall bladder (or even otherwise). As for nuts, go slow and amp up to whatever is comfortable.

    As for stones, I think diet high in oxalates need to be avoided or minimized.

  • I think CANADA never believed in another nonsense -- Dietary Cholesterol. All these DIETARY nonsense emanates from one country where Food and Drug companies call the shots. Our grandmas had better knowledge than these experts with flashy degrees when it came to food and health.

  • Yes, we all know too well which country that is.

    Our grandmothers surely were the experts when it came to dietary knowledge, advising us to eat more makkhan, desi ghee, full cream milk, malai, vegetables instead of eating more rotis.

    Thankfully both my mother and grandmother pushed me right from the childhood to eat more pulses and vegetables instead of roti. I have always maintained that habit and that is why I had no difficulty transitioning to LCHF. I never missed roti, even for day. :)

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