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thank you DR Camala for healing my Kidney Disease

thank you DR Camala for healing my Kidney Disease, i am letting everyone knows that there is a healer of Kidney disease, no matter the disease and bondage destroying your kidney system Dr Camala will healed you, I am Raymond Williams, i have suffered a lot from kidney disease, my stomach become so large and i feel much pains everyday, doctor told me that i need a kidney transplant if not i will be dead, nobody help me because they felt they don’t want to die in process, i tried all i can, i have spend so much many in the hospital till i get to receive Dr Camala contact number from my friend who is residing there in Africa, i called him on phone, and spoke to him, i never knew he was that kind, i taught he was a very wicked man, because most of these native doctors are very wicked, he was kind to me, he promise to help me get rid of the disease in my kidney disturbing me not to get well, he told me on what to do which i really did, and he gave me 8 hrs of time that after that time a will have a great sleep, and after i woke up i met my body change immediately, my stomach become less and i was feeling so very balance and powerful, i quickly went to the hospital and the doctor confirm that i am physically balanced that my disease is gone, i jump up with heavy tears of happiness and was very glad, i rush back home to thank him, i send him gift and many things i can used to please his great oracle, i am very happy doctor, i love you Dr, may Lord of heaven blesses you permanently and increase all you doing Dr Camala, if any one is having a Kidney Problem please i will advice you not to sleep off, contact him on: dr.camalahivaidscure@yahoo.com or call him on +2348151953473, i promise you that he will heal you from KIDNEY DISEASE immediately,,,, Goodluck

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