medicine for cure diabetes...Is it work? or fake?


recently one person meets me to prepare some diabetic medicine mentioned below.

500 dprotine power, 250 gr Jeera. making jeera into powder. mix jeera power with dprotine and some diabetic medicines like meti powder, jamun etc. He asked me to get below medicines

1. sidda makara dwajam 2gr,

2. vasantha kusumakaram 2 gr,

3. yogendra rasam 2gr,

4. pavudhara 2gr,

5. mruganabhi kasturi 2 gr,

6. purnachandrodayam 2gr.

mix above all meterial with ( he has already mixed kakara rasam mudda) all above powders.

take 1 table spoon powder before break fast and before sleep at night.

i'm afraid of taking this. is it real ayurvedic medicines? or fake. he is asked 7k for this.

His name Babu Reddy +9109052179430 /+91 7702138392.

Please advise.

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  • All the ingredients you have mentioned are used in ayurveda or as part of home remedies for blood sugar control. How effective the mixture will be can be known only after a prolonged use. You can either check it yourself or ask any of his current customers about the efficacy of this powder.

    Best of luck!

  • Hi,

    Thanks for reply. These are not part of home made and all are part of ayurvedic... the mentioned medicines are costly also. I'm confusing with that person. Please suggest can i go with this or not...that guy is reliable or not.

    Thanks in Advance

  • Having met him personally,you alone can judge him.Why take chances?Better to use only reputed sources.

  • he only met me... anyway thanks for reply. i need to pass to all.. because this person is real or just fake...

  • These powders can never cover a bad and horrible diet called HIGH CARB LOW FAT. Even allopathic drugs start failing on such a diet and finally one has to start injecting insulin. Eat less carbs and more fat and you will not need these expensive stuff.

    Whoever CLAIMS CURE is just busy SELLING something. Diabetes CURE = Quackery.

  • Anup might be right..Thanks

  • Get it Free from me, don't waste your 7

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  • Well these are Ayurvedic medicines only, However diabetes is person related that is Ayurveda only says that every person is different and therefore treatment varies. Coming to cost part . looks to be high , I would bargain that giving counter offer, if cured will give 10 K else no money ... How is this ?

  • Thanks for all replies....cost is not matter...but is it work or not.. is there any side effect with this materials? mentioned material are really cost. so, looking any drawbacks/side effects with this medicine.

  • Please do not indulge in quackery. Play safe with your health. It is much cheaper and reliable to control sugar levels with insulin.

  • Is there any side effect of taking insulin?

  • There is no side effect my dear. But You can cut down using insulin if you maintain your weight according to your height. With this you have to maintain diet and have regular exercise. Never become obese. Light breakfast before 9 am, enough lunch between 2 & 3 pm and light dinner before 8 pm shall be maintained. Minimum 2 to 3 liters of water should be drunk on daily basis.

  • drunk=consumed. drunk may give a wrong meaning.

  • Must Do Two times Yoga and pranayam and follow Low carbonate diet there is no need any medicine, more medicine will destruct our body more only it requires for time being care and not for lifetime care.

  • Nobody is interested to approach anybody. This happens because of lack of knowledge and understanding as to how to keep our health properly without approaching doctors. Carelessness is another thing which I saw with both educated and illiterate people. Even Doctors cannot treat all or any diseases without the help of Laboratories. Everybody is dependent on each other. Doctors did not come to this Earth straightaway from Heaven. I have seen the doctors, hospitals, nursing homes who extract money from patients in every way possible. If there is no patient, what is the use of doctors and their survival? Doctors and patients are interdependent. There is nothing to feel proud, but better to remain human and serve people with sincerity. Except this, I can say that nobody is dependent on anybody in this world except Mother Nature.

  • No hard feeling please. I call three things on this Earth i.e., Hospitals, Law courts and Police as living hell on this Earth. I suffered a lot from medical staff in a super specialty hospital when my wife suffered from Deep Vein Thrombosis. The Paramedical staff was returning the medicines to their pharmacies which I was asked to bring for the use of my wife which was costing me thousands of rupees. This was happened before my eyes and this was confirmed by one of the staff members. I was a retired Government servant and was drawing meager pension. I was made to run here and there as a dog. I had to sleep outside on a flour. There was no facility to keep our belongings in the morning. I spent all my pensionery benefits. I sold my house which was very strainingly done. Now I am living in a rented house. My son also helped me to some extent. But later my wife got right lung cancer, and suffered with a paralytic stroke. Lastly she died and all the money did not bring her back. Telling philosophy is very easy, but to suffer in the hands of those hell managers is in-explainable my dear boy! We will understand when we suffer in their hands. Otherwise everything becomes philosophy to others.

  • Mr vishwapriya,

    i feel for your suffereings, hoep you recover in your lfie soon

  • Never believe such fake doctors. Nothing (no medicine) can cure diabetes and this is a progressive disease. Instead of DProtein which is comparatively costly, better buy a pack of Horlicks and u can use the same for breakfast and even for dinner to keep your weight normal according to your weight. If you keep your weight under control the diabetes too will be under control along with regular exercise. Follow light break fast before 9 am, enough dinner between 2 and 3 p.m. and light dinner before 8 pm (early dinner is good).

  • Correction please:

    keep your weight normal according to your HEIGHT.

  • If you are obese, try to cut down the same according to your height. Regular exercise, weight management and diet maintenance will play a good role. Stop worrying and start living. Practice meditation.

  • I don't know why most of the members are against ayurvedic treatment. They have doubt either on the capability of ayurvedic medicines or the curability of diabetes. Some persons may be cured with ayurvedic medicines. No medicine can cure all diabetic patients whether it is ayurvedic or allopathic or some other system because every medicinal system concentrate on the specific region or organ,( for eg, for diabetes, allopathic & ayurvedic medicines concentrate on pancreas & insulin only & never treat beyond that.) Some may be cured but many may not even respond to medicines. Why? There are many causes for diabetes and the reason may vary from person to person. There are many causes still unknown to scientists. Such is the complexity & surprise in human beings. When a medicine acts as a whole on each & every cell of the body, cleansing, rejuvenating, supporting & boosting the natural defense mechanism or the immunity system of the individual, called as kayakalpa treatment in south India, then we can get rid of many incurable diseases. I come from a family of herbal physicians and we have prepared a kayakalpa medicine that suits for most of the incurable diseases. If interested you can mail me at

  • I am 66 year old, weight 102 kg having diabetic since 10 years fasting 150 PP 200 taking 2 tab per day. Morning walk 3 km yoga + pranyam 20 minuts , diat 3 times 70% of capacity, office working 11 to 5 pm. Basically from farmer's family & wrestling. Now physical working capacity is decreasing day by day.

    Please give the solution. From pune. Maharashtra.

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