genetics of diabetes

is it prudent to have a child ,if both parents are diabetic?

is it not better to adopt a child? than having one's own child.

because the probabilities add up.

i had held a view point ever since my youth , when i studied anthropology:

==an adopted child will behave exactly like one's own child [ if the adoption is done early enough].==

whether you agree or disagree is left to you.

but anthropologists and sociologists are of opinion that indiacratus' view is

the one that can considered scientific . is it true? or is it that he picked up the view from an ancient text book .?

good luck

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  • i was talking to an english man few months back, who had a divorce.

    i said: if you give love to your child he/she will certainly return it.

    but don't expect obedience similarly from them.

    after a moment's silence he gave an explosive laughter and said :

    yes, their genes are not fully our own.

    I replied, they think differently and obedience is more correlated to our ways of thinking.[ i was lucky, he did not ask me, if that was out of my personal experience]

    that is the genetics --the child's thoughts may have to do nothing with our own .

    so he is at par with the adopted child.

    after a meiosis when the recombination takes place, which all genes are picked up are purely random-?

    good luck.

  • I can only say that diabetic parents need not necessarily produce diabetic children as every generation the DNA gets suitably modified and ensures that the child is genetically better .I have seen several familie where grand parents and parents were diabetics ,the grand children were no more diabetics,Even the parents had no deleterious effect of diabetic severity as their parents.

  • dear sir,

    my question is

    "is it prudent to have a child ,if BOTH parents are diabetic?"

    if, only one of the parent is diabetic the chances are very small comparable to general population,. but if both the parents are type 2 then the chance is fifty fifty or fifty percent.

    good luck

  • "every generation the DNA gets suitably modified and ensures that the child is genetically better"

    this thing is worth a dispute.

    this is what many people think as Darwin and evolution,

    since evolution improves life .

    but it does not happen in one generation--

    actually it is through the so called survival of the fittest that improves life.

    yes it is the jungle law.

    civilization is unnatural.-Pity.

    good luck.

  • dear raoji and all.,

    i will give an example.

    evolution takes place only if there is change in the organism

    [mutation while in mitosis or meiosis -please ignore the biochemistry for a moment].

    the change may be good or bad. or even neutral.

    change is random and uncontrolled.

    but individuals with bad change do not survive

    as much as 'those with the good change'.

    so those with bad change perish in the long run.

    survival of the fittest -

    survival of those with the changes that is good for a given environment.

    so looking from a distant origin in the past to the future [ or present]

    we find

    dna has altered favorably.raoji is right 'if several generations are taken together'

    i think i have explained

    beautifully the facts of evolution.!!!

    in a single generation dna does not alter towards the good or bad--

    it alters at random.

    good luck

  • if what you say is gneticlly the case then,children from deaf ,dumb or blind parents also should be deaf or dumb or blind >

  • that is correct reasoning.

    but there are conditions.

    when a zygote[the first cell of the child] is formed, it is at liberty to chose one gene each

    from the parent side

    one from mother and one from father.

    [in fact there are 4

    fathers two and mothers two-grand parents= ignore this for a moment ]

    if the father has a bad gene say, regarding short sight-and the mother has a good gene

    and if the child inherits both the genes but the active gene is the one from mother side,

    he will not be short sighted.

    in the next generation of the child

    if -

    the child's son gets a gene from the mother side

    the bad gene is lost for ever.



    the case of the deaf dumb and blind.


    i haven't enough knowledge if these cases are are genetically significant or just congenital alterations in a single individual.

    when mutation takes place in cells other than that of

    reproduction related cells

    no inheritance is involved.the change happens only in that individual, [ his generation]

    by mutation is meant accidental alterations in a gene.

    a correct understanding of all these things are -too much learning,

    ..i can give a good web link.

    kindly search words --

    understanding evolution at berkly university.there are many articles.really wonderful.

    good luck

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