Actos Causes Cancer? - Takeda Pharmaceutical's $2.37 Billion Settlement Over Actos Drug Moves Forward

If you and me kill one person even unknowingly in an accident we get jailed. Out here, kill, pay money and move on.

Some say DRUGS are Modern Science so trust them. So take one drugs for sugar, and if you get cancer, take another for handling cancer, then another for handling side effects of those drugs and cycle goes on.

Actos is PIOZ in India?

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  • So, what is your solution Mr. Anup?

  • My solution is long known to everyone who have known me.

    LCHF Diet to minimize dependence on drugs.

  • Surprising that all those who support drug use over diet change are silent on this.

    LCHF diet can help minimize dependence on these drugs for sure.

  • Yes, It is PIOz in India. When I was diagnosed with DM T 2, I was prescribed the same medication. I took it for 15 days, then I read some reports that it has been banned because of evidence that it causes bladder cancer. I immediately stopped taking it. I also suffered daily episodes of hypoglycemia while taking it. Have never taken it since. However, it is now back in the market with a smaller dose.

    No level these companies won't stoop to to push medicines down our throats.

  • All the human health problems are because of High Carb Low Fat Food and Drug companies. Some even say that many viruses are made in lab in released in the wild in African countries to begin with. Baxter is said to have released live strains of virus in 18 countries:

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