Fitness Trainer Kaizad Capadia's Meal

Here it goes:

(1) Breakfast - 6 whole eggs -- boiled/fried or scrambled (with yolk of course)

(2) After 4 hrs - Cashew, Almonds Pista, Whey Protein with 2 TBSP VCO :)

(3) Lunch - Veg of methee or palak with 200 grams chicken/mutton preparation

(4) After 4 hrs - Repeat of 2 above

(5) Dinner - Veg of palak or methee and varied meat dishes. (ie he rotates palak and methee between lunch and dinner). This probably is for fiber I guess.

So, 6 eggs and 4 TBSP VCO.

Oh My God, so much SATURATED FAT -- 80 grams from Eggs and VCO alone :D :D

Where's the 45%-60% CARBS and only 10% SFA in this meal?

I am sure as a renowned fitness trainer, his arteries must not be choked with VCO and FAT for sure ;)

He was in my city few days back!

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  • Obviously,fantastic news for you.Are you going to increase daily egg consumption from three to six now?

  • You seem to be getting pretty active now on my posts, while few others with same tendency of lacing with personal jibes have mellowed down. Can you avoid responses laced with personal jibes please? It's a request and Thanks in Advance!

    BTW, this is not news for me. EGGS and VCO (high amount of saturated fat) has always been a part of my life since 48+ months and not taking STATINS, drugs and Insulin injections as a result and yet landing non diabetic A1C (ie =< 5.6)

  • It was not meant o be a jibe. Sorry.

  • Thank you once again!

  • hello a person on LCHF can take bajra roti or wheat chapati?

  • LCHF doesn't restrict anything. Only thing it adheres to is 20:20:60 rule for C,P,F

  • thanks

  • I have upped my eggs consumption o 4 per day and averaging around 3.5 per day over the week. As a slight tweak, I have reduced my Curd consumption to half of original, after increasing eggs and adding coconut milk to life.

    Still drug free for fifth year running as a diabetic.

    Check my last four A1C on my profile:

  • What about Khali  ??

     25 eggs at a time, 7 times a day......... :o 

  • So, all this shows that all this talk about SFA being bad is all nonsense. It's a "MANUFACTURED MYTH" 

    Cut the carbs and allow fat to metabolize by maintaining low insulin levels in blood. There's absolutely no scientific evidence that we need so much carb in diet.

  • @anup A top cardio in Mumbai told me that those Drs who say avoid egg yellows are all "Mochis" (or "Cobblers ")

    Can many believe this?

  • Even Dr Aseem Malhotra in the UK is a cardiologist. He says don't fear FAT. Eat them. He isn't liked by the Statin cheerleader Sir Rory Collins as Dr Aseem is critical of Statins too :)

  • Shashikantiyengar 

    BTW, Kaizzad Capadia recommends to read following books:

    (1) The Big Fat Surprise by Nina Teicholz

    (some guys called Nina just a journalist the other day)

    (2) Good Calories, Bad Calories by Gary Taubes

    (3) The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Performance by Jeff S Volek and Stephen D Phinney

    So, looks like Kaizzad is a Keto fan. Many trianers in Gym follow Keto diet and I am saying this as when my nephew asked his trainer about Keto diet, the trainer said nothing like it if you can sustain. The trainer himself was on Keto diet. :)

    Kaizad calls FRUITS as Natures Candy ... all sugar loaded. :)

  • I will get the kindle version of these books 

    BTW I finished reading the books of Jenny Ruhl and will be starting dr Richard bernstein. 

    Have purchased the kindle versions of the above 

  • Jenny Ruhl is also hated on this forum by few guys who don't like Dr Bernstein, Volek, Garry, Nina et al :)

  • Those who hate will suffer illhealth due to their high carb diet 

    Those who read will benefit 

    We are all thinking individuals and can take decision 

    One of those guys pointed out that he has some iyengar friends and are very intelligent 

    Was hinting at me for being otherwise 

    My message to that senior: 


    Ha ha 

  • Honestly, I don't care what people think about me. Abuses and insults on web don't stick so let them keep insulting and abusing :)

    Yes, we indeed are intelligent. We are managing diabetes without taking advise from diabetologists, and succeeding with better numbers on lower drugs. So, we must be intelligent -- super duper intelligent.

  • When I got the freestyle Libre pro stuck I informed the young diabeto that my hba1c is 5.2 down from 7.2 earlier 

    He was dumb stuck for some seconds and found it diff to believe 

    I told him that I will discuss my diet after 14 days. 

  • Well, most diabetologists respond same way. My doctor who was a neighbor too for many years, still doesn't believe that I am not on any drugs.

    Hope yr diabeto doesn't scare you with multiple organ failure when u discuss with him. Most are trained to scare people this way -- multiple organ failure. When u ask them for scientific proof they start cursing internet :)

    I am sure if he scares you, it will be an interesting debate as you train him on drugs, dosing etc :)

  • I am out of that phase now

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