A Toddler With Type -2

Adult Type 2, please make way.

A toddler is here with Type 2 diabetes. Good news or bad news? Well, it's good news for the drug industry for sure.


A new market for drugs opens up and an assured candidate for permanent consumer of insulin by the time attains adulthood. So, looks like soon we will have babies born with Type 2 diabetes in a decade or so. Science of having diabetes is spreading at a healthy pace:


Thanks to the so called "Healthy and Balanced" diet that's being peddled since last four decades. Add to this companies like Monsanto, BASF genetically engineering every item that goes on plate. No one knows what games are being played to ensure more sales of drugs.

Poor kid! Must be watching TV, playing video games ("toxic environment" theory of diabetes is it?) and not doing too much exercise -- aka sedentary lifestyle???

So the now baby must go for 40 minute daily walk for 70 years?

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  • Thanks a lot for alerting people including me!

  • Welcome!

    The so called "Healthy & Balanced" diet is really working fast, perhaps faster than those who peddle this diet would have expected. They managed to have a toddler Type 2, forget about being able to manage the menace :(

    Now, researchers will go into overdrive to blame the genes or some protein, and obviously will succeed in doing so, because as per them everything but their so called healthy diet is at fault.

  • T he doctors who treated her followed typical procedures as per main stream medical guidelines,such weight reduction,life style changes,diet control,and a controlled regimen of medication.They succeeded and we should all be happy for the little girl and thankful to the doctors who treated her.

  • Welcome back with your old ID.

    Issue is how science has managed to have a Type 2 toddler. Not how she was treated. Mainstream created a diabetic type 2 baby too if "mainstream" is really the topic of focus.

    Maybe by 10 years age she will be on Statins and Hypertension drugs too, which now is getting sold to 30 and 40 year olds. New market for entire medicare industry in the making -- Toddler Type 2.

  • Point is,juvenile diabetes,like in the present case,is a result of not following the main stream medical guideline like moderation,exercise and a disciplined lifestyle and not because they followed any guidelines,rather than following them.Note the following:

    ''A review of the child's diet revealed poor family nutritional habits with uncontrolled counting of calories and fat. '''

    It is apparent that the family is from a less privileged class and did not know any thing about proper nutrition .No need to blame any one.In most cases of this nature,lack of knowledge is the main culprit.Even well off mothers who over feed their kids and let them play video games or watching T V in stead of plying in the open are no exception.

  • BTW, Juvenile diabetes -- Type 1 -- has no relation to matter on hand. Type 2 is related to not following so called "mainstream"?

    Obviously they will and only blame the patient -- easiest escape route for the "mainstream" as they are never wrong -- cosy club.

    Hmm perhaps from age of 1 years the poor kid should have been told to hit the jogging track. Read somewhere that surgeon general wants jogging tracks built around the country. So new business for the construction industry now.

    Calorie counting is a failed stuff -- much like the failed HIGH CARB LOW FAT diet. All this calorie in calorie out junk is again a bunch of irrelevant stuff pushed by the same High Carb Low Fat Food companies. The sooner we trash it the better the health would be. I just don't believe in something just because "mainstream" says so, and I am not alone. Millions of diabetics around the world don't believe in "mainstream" advise, which is full of contradictions.

    Oh yes, anyone who gets diabetes has to be wrong -- does "mainstream" every take the blame for anything? Food Pyramid failed after pushing it for decades.

  • Blaming diabetes onto playing video game and watching tv is all humbug. For every one "expert" who blame TV and Video games, there will be TWO who blame the so called great diet. Americans spend more on cycling gear than they do on DSL/Broadband subscription or airline tickets. Sedentary lifestyle theory has gotten too stale to be believed now. Tim Noakes, a marathon runner got Type 2, Dr Attia a marathon swimmer got MetS. Many examples of "non sedentary" getting type 2 on so called balanced diet around.

    Fat kept reducing, carbs kept increasing and disease kept increasing. As kids got vaccinated more and more diseases like Autism kept increasing. More than gloating over one success, let's evaluate the 100 failures of "mainstream" first. Let's start with Obesity and Diabetes first. Who failed? IMHO, the so called "DIET" experts of course if one really believes in Quantitative Analysis rather than qualitative essays, many of which are written by ghost writers on behalf of someone else so that the whole thing sounds coming from "experts".

    Or, maybe look at this:


    Is this the mainstream? I can post something similar on vaccines from GSK if you want to debate this here. Let's get real!

  • First create a crisis Then to always stay in relevance, show that crisis is being managed effectively. Diabetes menace looks like a typical class of "Crisis Management" which many insecure managers adopt in professional life. Here, one arm creates the crisis by pushing a BAD diet and then other wing benefits as long as patient is alive.

    Nice setup that has evolved over the years in the name of "Good Science" Really synergistic alliance across the board. Anyone who challenges them is a QUACK.

    GMO is next menace for human health, and all in power are protecting it, just like BAD diet is being protected.

    DITCH the Dietary Guidelines for good health. Many professional doctors say this. All this talk of good carbs bad carbs is immaterial. Because even good carb whole grain like wheat spikes harder than table sugar, unless eaten without grinding of course.

  • It is being advised to take fruits , vegetables and greens . But what nutrition we are getting as all of them are laced with chemicals and fruits ripen ed with

    poisonous gases. When pregnant women consume these poisonous

    foods , they definitely g ive birth to sick children. The food colors and other preservants add more poison to the foods . What aboutthe milk and milk products . The whole system is stinking.

  • Actually, the issue of food adulteration and growing vegetables besides the "nallahs" that carry toxic industrial effluents is a major concern in countries like India. In the city where I am based, there was a drive to clear off all such vegetables and dump them.

    In a sue-happy country like USA it gets a bit difficult when it comes to adulteration and growing vegetables by the sides of such industrial waste channels.

    But yes, the additives added in canned / packaged foods is a concern. Bio-tech companies are also working on controlling taste buds. I am sure, all well read must be knowing the name of a biotech company "Senomyx" and their tie up with PEPSI. If not, here's a preview window:


    Packaged food industry just want to control every part of your body and do it through Patents and Patents are in the long run for PROFITS ... and where there's money, there's Large Scale CORRUPTION. Who suffers the most? Consumer!

    The article on Sonomyx and Pepsi just p[roves how CORRUPTION and CORRUPT get into action when it comes to protecting PROFITS at the expense of public health.

  • There is no solution except having kitchen garden in all the houses where manure made from kitchen waste is used . SIMILARLY ALL of us should try to eat snacks made in the home . If one manages to have kitchen gardens by having some 10 pots the needs of a small family are met as far as vegetables and greens are concerned . The money saved can be used for buying organic fruits .It is not a big deal to do this rather than depending on a third party .

  • Problem is KFC sounds upmarket as compared to sme stuff cooked by the lady of the house. McDonald's advises its own employees not to eat unhealthy Mac stuff


    but advertises

    "I M Lovin It" day in and day out in all media.

    PIZZA is a vegetable (just because it has tomato sauce) -- this idea was also tried to be pushed:


    And, this was the classic case:


    It's all about protecting "Personal Profits" at the end of the day.

  • Who manages science? Same people who are mismanaging to sell more patented drugs and even doing drug fraud. LCHF works, but all in authority are shamelessly silent because the day they support it, diabetic drugs industry will collapse to half its present size. $300 billion per year of diabetic drug market contraction (from current level of $600 billion) is what they worry more about rather than diabetic's health. 60% or more of Type 2 don't need drugs for managing diabetes. LCHF diet does the trick. So science conjures up few studies on mice to just try and come up with some weird theory to blame SFA and push the same old broken theory -- HIGH CARB LOW FAT.

  • Dear Anup,I congratulate you in bringing this sensational news.I also congratulate the doctor who managed the disease with only metformin.The time will come when people will be coming to LCHF.Do not lose hope.All is well.Karim

  • Thanks makarim,

    Indian diabetics are switching over to LCHF.

    With more helping hands in form of diabetics on LCHF on our forum is making things quite easy. As time passes, numbers will only grow and grow at a faster clip. I have lot of patience and our forum is not going to disappear :)

  • Kids as young as 8 year old are reported to have Type 2 in my city -- Indore. So, Type 2 has nothing to do with sedentary lifestyle. Kids can't be blamed for sedentary lifestyle.

  • Looks like school going kids are also turning sedentary. That's what the so called experts on diabetes will say -- they only known one thing like Kapil Sibal knows only about Zero Loss.

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