liver dump is problem for diabetic or it is nature gift ?

The liver dump is common problems for all persons including diabetic persons also. the researchers have found that liver dump appears from 4-30 AM to 6-30 AM But also following questions were formed

1 Glycogen stored in the liver dumps in 4-30 Am to 6-30 Am

a ) If glucose in blood below the normal value

b ) if the person goes on coma due to hypo then it may be dumps ?

c) Why early morning only is it possible ? Even day time at any circumstances the person BS level reduces below the normal value the body cannot rescue to dump the glycogen stored in the liver ?

d ) The human body has its own method to rescue its property and fight until at the end of its life.

e ) this is not only glucose purposes but also any foreign body attacks any part of our body it fights and given symptoms to person .

f) For diabetic or any persons if FBS is more than normal value then also liver dumps

g) some of persons always having FBS is more than 130-140 and above In this case also liver dumps ?

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  • (a) qstn not clear.

    (b) Coma due to drug/insulin induced HYPO's needs glucagon injections.

    (c) It dumps but unlike in sleep, in daytime we are busy moving around working and the dumps are not due to stress/growth hormones as in early morning before wake up. If you see a tiger the body will dump in preparation for you to run for your life -- flight mode of the "fight and flight" body response.

    (d) Well if it's a drug overdose driven situation then body cannot do anything.

    (e) same as (d)

    (f) same as (g)

    (g) Normally no, unless there's too much of stress hormones being released. If it dumps at 140, you will see 200 readings. So, in this case problem lies somewhere else.

  • 1 Hypo for the person may go to coma at any stage Hypo noticed for the person when insulin is too short not possible to maintain the body itself

    2 Liver dump may cause only when there is no sufficient blood sugar level in the body here liver dumps glycogen to maintain the blood sugar level

    3 in day time generally it may not ? But if we tired due to heavy work without rest and after if no possible to consume food after more than so much time. Then the body used almost all glucose then blood sugar level become below the normal then also liver may be dumped

    4 Totally liver dump give the person to signal to lower level of Blood sugar

    5 If too much drug or insulin utilised then used coma may possible and blood sugar level may spike then FBS is chances to more no.

    How much of liver dumps the glucose from the body to each person any formula or any documents ?

    6 if very less consuming food even in night then also it may be possible to liver dump ?

  • Ragivrao seen your link given This is also their individual opinion But here also not clear for every liver dumps to each and every person In my opinion yesterday at bed time the B S level within 130-140 liver may not dump ? if liver dumps common in every person 4-30 AM to 6-30 Am then FBS is more ? I think 140 bed time will reduces to within 100 at 4-30 Am if live rdump follows then FBs spikes more than normal numbers Can u please clarify above ?

  • Ragivrao u give your experience In your case liver may not dump excess glycogen which became spike the BS In my opinion the given and now avialable theory is suitable for random and may also some person But every persons body has its own resistance tolerance and digestion power may be different So this cannot answerable easily all persons Doctors are verified patient history and tested several times and fixed suitable dosage of drugs We the people only study some theories it may not help for all time

    Before some back the same question i am asking in INSULIN RESISTANCE AND DIFFICEIENCY then also so much members given different answer this is became POPULAR discussion

    In my opinion liver dumps the glycogen to convert glucose when the body reduce the BS level below normal and it gives the signal of the person for danger time It has not only in night but also at any time when the body has not get food at long time instance also

  • Any tips regarding this Liver dump factor every member may free to share your opinion if any experience also may posted here

    There may be difference in opinion but no one cannot taken it as negative factor and share as friendly discussion the sharing positive and also negative aspects is good nature of every person in this group

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