nano technology tattoo for bs monitoring

"Nanotechnology tattoos and diabetes – what the future holds

In the near future, tattoos could provide an easier, quicker and more accurate way for people with diabetes to track and control their blood glucose levels.

Over the past few years, scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Draper Laboratory, America, have been developing a skin-borne continuous blood glucose monitor that consists of a 'tattoo' of tiny particles of nanotechnology ink that are sensitive to glucose concentrations.

How do nanotechnology tattoos work?

The ink is injected below the skin and is designed to fluoresce when it encounters glucose.

A wristwatch-like device worn over the nano-tattoo would be used to detect and measure the amount of fluorescence, and thus monitor glucose concentrations in the blood.

Constant blood glucose readings would then be sent to the patient, which would hopefully lead to better glycemic control.

If successful in clinical trials, the researchers say such technology could revolutionise glucose monitoring and lead to larger innovations for the diabetes healthcare industry."


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