One more milestone for herbs - for well controlled diabetes

Here is one of the best results for my herbal powder.

As Lab Report submitted.


29/7/15 180 245

13/8/15 201

4/9/15 118 152

FOOD : Low carbohydrates, more vegetables and selected fruits.

Energy level is increasing so that helps for more walking and exercise.

Healthy food : 50%

Exercise : 25%

Medicines : 25%

Maintain a healthy lifestyle with our mother india 's natural herbs.

For more details you can call me in - 9443323995 or mail me -

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  • Dear sir very happy to know about your readings. I too want to use your herbal medicine kindly do needful

    Thanking you very much

    I lives in Hyderabad city.

  • Dear Senthil:

    Your report is interesting. There is however a major lacunae. It is the result of your experimenting with the herbal treatment, exercise and diet control, spread over barely two weeks, between 29/7/15 and 4/9/15 during which your FS and PP came down from 180, 245 to 118 152.

    I feel such short period of experimentation is too brief a period for anyone to come to any conclusion on a curative treatment for diabetes. I am a diabetic since 1982, and an IDD for over 20 years. To be realistic, not pessimistic, there is no alternative, including LCHF, or long wheat, to diet control, exercise, medication and cultivating the right attitude of mind (avoidance of stress) to live with diabetes. Such short term results, if published, could mislead gullible diabetics into experimenting with consequences that could prove costly.

    My purpose in penning these lines is not to discourage you or those of your ilk, but to share with you certain realities about diabetes, one of which is that there is not cure for diabetes, it can be certainly managed, controlled. Those promisoing a cure for diabetes, could as well promise the affected, the moon! Let's not do it. Good luck, good health!


  • It is working!Re-copy and paste!!

  • Mr. Senthil,

    Why you asked to send for Free sample, while you are selling or preparing yourself?

    You tried my herbal medicine?

    100s of this forum are using my Herbal Medicine Free, and they are giving very positive results

  • DrNaseem1 hai please send me the medicine I would like to use I am residing in Hyderabad I can collect the Medicine if you are Hyderabad or kindly let me know how to collect Medicine

    Thank you very much

  • Dear Mr. Murthy,

    Please contact me through E-mail or whatsapp

    My email: eirishmk ( at ) G mail dot com

    And whatsapp: 9015434137

  • Pls deatail about it, bkaz i m also diabetic person

  • Please see above msg

  • Sir,kindly details about that herbs.

  • If any y body wants free Herbal Medicine, may contact through E-mail :

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