Over Emphasis On Low Fat Diet Has Increased Obesity And Obesity Related Health Nightmares


So CUT the CARBS and replace them with good fat. Millions of diabetics have challenged the FAILED conventional wisdom by ditching their dietary advise and switching to LCHF diet for a better health. It's the HIGH CARBS that causes all the problems and not Good fats.

I am a diabetic in fifth year on ZERO drugs and yet land non diabetic numbers. My numbers are so stable that I skipped annual checks and decided to do once in two years despite being on the other side of 50 years by age. Check my last four A1C and it shows that LCHF diet works -- not just for obesity, but also for cutting down drugs for diabetes, lipids, hypertension:


HIGH CARB LOW FAT nonsense has worked great only for two segments -- Food and drug industry by making people sick and unhealthy:


More on LCHF diet for Indian diabetics - dlife.in/

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  • Oh yea -- it's no rocket science that HIGH CARB LOW FAT diet is the most horrible thing ever to have been told to humans. Cancer, Obesity, Diabetes, CVD, CHD, Depression, etc etc -- has all gone up since then.

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