the vaccine and islet cell encapsulation

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Researchers are beginning to get excited again that a cure or near-cure treatment could come as early as within the next decade or two. A diabetes vaccine diabetes vaccine is consistently being investigated to provide a true biological cure for type 1 diabetes.

The aim is for a vaccine to be created that stops the immune system from attacking the body's insulin-producing beta cells.

Another cure prospect gaining momentum is islet cell encapsulation, with stem cells used to create insulin-producing cells that can work without immune system interference.

Type 1 diabetes vaccine-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


In October 2014, the first person with diabetes was implanted with an islet cell encapsulation system, with insulin-producing cells injected into the body and protected from destruction by the immune system.


Islet cells are derived from stem cells, the foundation for another advancement made by Harvard University, who have used them to create large quantities of insulin-producing beta cells.

The Harvard team have been able to manufacture the millions of beta cells necessary for human transplantation, and trials could take place within a matter of years."

kindly note these things will help type2 also

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  • Transplants are for super rich.

  • A ray of hope. Some day in future.

  • i have no idea what is the present status .

    after the notorious Haruko Obokata scandal episode now the Harvard scientists have come out with success in producing stemcell transformed beta cells and it is successfully implanted.

  • if the vaccine is successfully found out ,

    it will be discovery as great as the invention of insulin it self..

    but they say it may take 10 years.

    though expensive the artificial pancreas is already tested in clinics.

    absolutely successful.

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