what degree of truth is there in the lamentation that farma companies are controlling our medical science knowledge?

in any situation including scientific matters

we have to asses the

the size of the thing or the subject in discussion.

in this context

of the total research done in medicine what percentage is affected by external influences.? like pharmaceutical companies.

i don't think it is a serious amount.

though i cannot substantiate.

but why i think so ?:

for many reasons:

when a discovery is made in medicine or anything for that matter--

it first appears in a university or medical science journal .

scientists round the world repeat the experiment.

if only it is found acceptable, substantially significant ,

then only

it will be available in a text book -i mean professors quoting it in their books.

that is the prime reason why i just do not take "some study"-by its face value.

why i insist that we derive knowledge from university or university level institution's publications.

otherwise some Richardson or Parkinson of the

Sahara central university or some forum ,

telling that=fasting is the best way to reduce weight.

it is a way ,but not the best or recommendable.

another thing :

you see ,

contrary to what we consider in general,

the countries like USA is thirty percent socialistic country.-

in usa 30 percent of the national income is from public sector= remember i had said some time back ,

i went through wealth of nations of the world.

no single company can stand any where near

the us government and as such its fda cannot be influenced easily.some small percentage may be there--no doubt.

yet another:

most of the university research is as follows.

a member of my family is a researcher in medicine.

she came out gold medalist and first rank

and later got through what they call the icmr fellowship exam

which awarded her a research fellowship.

icmr [ indian council of medical research] alloted her

30 laks for experiments-books, chemicals, lab machinery etc.

the only constraint on her was

she must find a department in a medical college and a professor to be attached with,

any where in india.

absolutely nothing else.for 4 years

salary and this additional laks completely to be expended by her . .

the professors and scientists of the universities are absolutely free to conduct their research the way they like.

next time when you go to a medical college just ask about this.

farma companies giving some back door money to doctors for prescribing their drugs is different from research-

it is usual that industry will try product selling better..

scientific research round the world cannot be controlled by any company like that.

it is only internet circulating opinions that

farma ,farma is controlling all our medical knowledge.

if that were the case we would have never got the recombinant insulin or metformin or pioglitazone---innumerable medicines .

which are drugs of superior effects compared to the predecessor


the recombinant insulin came because animal insulin has side effects.

metformin came because its predecessor fenformin caused lactic acidosis.

pioglitazone because metformin does not work effectively in some people.

it is

ignorance and superstition that medicines kill the people. therefore go and eat high fat.

in olden days before the modern antibiotics

a person would die even of scabies .

but we now have even forgotten what is scabies. why ? antibiotics!!

it is best hypothesis that

people who work against Indian public health by propagating against standard medical knowledge and it s diffusion among us

is funded from outside india.

good luck

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  • I agree that medical research is not controlled by pharmaceutical companies. Most of the major studies and original research are independent of external influences. Any research findings have to be supported by different original researches across the globe and it takes a lot of time when any finding is accepted by majority of scientific world.

  • One link says it all:


    I can see some guys lamenting here against LCHF for last few years. Still no effect because there are minds who can clearly see the difference between truth and laments.

    Just today, someone posted (on my forum of course) how he stopped MF and Statins and after two months got a refund of Rs 608 for the drugs that he dropped two months back and still lands great numbers. 60+ of age ;)


  • Do not consider the fund given by the research for medical profession is not waste Do not think it is no loss Comparing to our political leaders spend the public huge money with unnecessary tours resort living purpose for their party activities What they do? here irrespective of all parties leader check the salary TA DA daily allowances etc Further Pension also ? The main misuse public money is here Unfortunately no one cannot think this side

    Please look after before 1947 and now how much medicines and operation system improved how much persons save their life Even If insulin is not discovered most of diabetes persons fate ?

    So do not critics researchers Misuse is common in all fields medical field is also one of this . the commission basis is not only drug company pharmacist and Doctors it included all public institution huge amount of commission goes to political leaders But unfortunately these things everyone knows but no one cannot talk

  • How about giving the following a look:


    So to say that Pharma (not farma) companies cannot and do not influence is an incorrect opinion. I look for proof. It's an open secret that they DO influence at every stage. Most of research in universities in India is INDUSTRY sponsored, even in IIT's.

    So, let's discuss on facts. I wouldn't stop quoting the facts.

    Are you aware of how V.A. Shiva Ayyadurai was hounded out of CSIR when he started exposing corruption there?

    Every 30 seconds a diabetic loses a limb in the world. There are 1 lakh amputations in India alone every year. So let;s not gloat and be in blind love with something that's failing and look at why such a mess, despite the so called great diet and so called drugs covering the great diet?

  • All the people connected with pharma industry including doctors are just ordinary humans like us and they are out to make some money,by fair or foul means.But overall,they are doing a great job and since the need is acute for us patients,it is necessary on our part to get the best out of the existing system.Not all of them are black sheep nor all of them are angles.We have to use our discretion and not get duped.I practice the following to play on the safer side.

    1.When in doubt,I talk to my close relative who is a senior doctor.He works in a major hospital and knows the profession inside out.

    2.For all minor medical issues,I visit a missionary controlled hospital.I find their services are good and are not driven by greed.

    3.For anything major,I go by referral system.That is,take advise from some one known and with a similar medical condition.If he had a happy experience,follow the same course.

    4.I live in a major city.Their are specialized hospitals of national fame and and I go to them with out hesitation.

    5.Lastly,for diabetes,I depend on a very reputed and pioneering hospital,accredited to the National Board for Accreditation of Hospitals and Health sciences.It is also collaborating hospital with WHO for diabetes research and education.

    6.Also for diabetes,I have attended several work shops conducted by eminent doctors and hospitals and there,I came to understand many points useful for me.

    7.Lastly,my humble suggestion to all our friends who do not have absolutely any faith in the present main stream medical practice,just ignore it.Leave it alone.Only question that remains to be answered by them is what will they do when they need treatment for say malaria,typhoid,enlarged prostate,hysterectomy(God forbid) etc.Because,for these conditions also you will have to go to the same greedy,soulless souls and get cheated left ,right and center.But point to be remembered,for every malpractice reported,there are thousands of excellent examples,that go unreported.

  • For point 7 we will follow point 3 if no other option left.

    Point not being understood here is we are discussing diabetes and diet and how LCHF has worked better than what mainstream suggests and not a general hatred. When we get abused and insulted the whole problem starts.Yes, that includes ADA/WHO/Mayo's recommendation which has betrayed. One diabetic amputation every 30 second in the world, one diabetic dying every seven seconds in the world. Is this an achievement of modern science?

    Also, if you refer my post long back, I have said, surgeons are the real doctors. For writing pills no skills needed. The medical rep of the drug company knows it all and he is the one who teaches others, including the doctors.

    Can you please request your group not to abuse those who follow and preach LCHF diet as a means of managing diabetes and leave them alone? In fact, LEAVE THEM ALONE, as they are not abusing and insulting guys following ADA guidelines do we?

    This is second time I am requesting because I requested on the other thread y'day and you have ignored that request as usual. In the past you have taught mannerism to only LCHF followers. In fact this whole trend of insulting fellow bloggers started from the other side.

  • anup,

    Firstly,it was never my intention to teach manners to others,for the simple reason that I do not consider that I am competent to do so,and also for the reason that no one on this forum needs to be taught manners.I might have expressed my feelings about a particular expression because of my feeling that such expression may generate unnecessary heat.If it sounded otherwise,please consider such posts by me as withdrawn.Secondly,I do not think that there is something like my group or other group.We may agree or disagree on any point,but it does not mean that there are groups.So, the question of myself advocating anything to a non existent group does not arise.

  • Venkatramana -

    Thanks for clarification.

    No offense was implied when I used the word "group", which in any case is a civilized word.

    However, I am sure that the "expression" used by one guy just recently wrt to my post was intentionally hostile, out of context and personally abusive in most direct manner. Thankfully that has been removed by admin/moderators from what I do see now.

    Agreeing or disagreeing is fine. But taking an abusive and insulting stance just because I have been talking LCHF since 2013, isn't civilized and should be/have been at the center of self-restraint.

    We don't take insulting, abusive jabs against anyone who follows ADA diet or their manuals. We just say, it's a FAILED Diet and base it on our experience with both ADA and LCHF diet. That's about it. We have pre- and post-change medical reports to substantiate what we conclude.

    Calling names or ridiculing diabetics on LCHF with statements like roadside, white powder, neighborhood cattle boy, stray, bark, HMV, parrot-and-puppet show, speculative blogging, frustrated etc shouldn't have been uttered against diabetics who talk LCHF here. One has to see who started these personal jibes on this forum to begin with.

    I wasn't doing "speculative blogging" (as someone called my posts for no reason) back in 2013 when I was talking LCHF. I was sharing my experience and I think no one should have taken the onus of insulting my posts back then also.

  • all points from 1 to 7 are agreeable.

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