The Physiological Answer to a Therapeutic Mystery

The Physiological Answer to a Therapeutic Mystery

The medical findings on urine and urine constituents are overwhelming, and yet it’s difficult for most people to understand why our bodies excrete elements that are so obviously valuable to human health and well-being.

The commonly-asked question, “If your urine is so good for you, why does your body excrete it?” is best answered by looking into how our kidneys function. As your blood moves through the circulatory system, it flows through the kidneys at a rate of about 1200 ml of blood per minute. Inside the kidneys, the blood is continuously filtered through a huge system of minute tubules called nephron which sift out excess water, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, salts, and hundreds of other elements including vital antibodies, urea and uric acid.

A large portion of these key physiological elements are reabsorbed into the bloodstream, but a certain amount of critical blood constituents are pooled by the kidney into a liquid which doctors refer to as a “plasma ultrafiltrate” (we call it urine). Much of this sterile, nutrient filled ultrafiltrate, or urine, is reabsorbed and some remains in the kidney for a period of time and is eventually released into a tube called the urethra which empties the urine into the bladder where it is finally excreted. Now you’re probably wondering why the body excretes valuable nutrients, water, hormones, enzymes, etc. that are critical to body functioning. Doesn’t it make more sense to retain these elements? If urine is a collection of such life-sustaining elements, why does the body get rid of it?

The answer is that the kidneys excrete a portion of urine as a way of removing certain key elements in your blood that are simply not needed at a specific point in time. For instance, you’ve just been out jogging. You come home and have one or two big glasses of water to drink. Now at this point you’ve probably taken in more water than your body actually needs. But not to worry — your kidneys will balance the amount of water delivered into your bloodstream by your copious water drinking and through the urine will excrete whatever amount of water from the blood that isn’t needed at the time.

Now water is certainly a life-sustaining element the body cannot do without. So why is it excreted from the body? The answer is obvious. There are times when there’s too much water in your system and it needs to be excreted.

It’s a physiological fact that in order for us to function normally, the amounts or concentrations of every element in our blood must be carefully and strictly controlled and this is done by the kidneys. Too much water in the blood is fatal. Too much salt in the blood is deadly. As wonderful a nutrient as vitamin C is, too high a concentration of it or any nutrient could kill you. This is why the kidneys excrete valuable elements from the body — too much of any good thing isn’t good for your health.

The same is true of urea. People who have heard of uremic poisoning are surprised when they read the medical research showing urea to be a widely-used, FDA-approved medicine. But just like any other element in the blood, urea only becomes dangerous to the body when the kidneys are damaged or diseased and can’t properly balance the amount of urea (and all other substances) in the bloodstream.

Your kidneys aren’t doing damage to your body by getting rid of particular excess nutrients, they’re just simply excreting the precise amount not presently needed by your body at a given time. And the same goes for practically every nutrient, enzyme, hormone, antibody, etc. that are critical to your survival — the kidneys keep what your body needs at a certain time, and excretes what it isn’t momentarily using into your urine. And as medical scientists and doctors have discovered, these urinary ingredients extracted from the blood can be therapeutic magic bullets.

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  • Kidney is only a part of what is called maintainance of internal environment of body.

  • in my opinion

    this is a subject only extremely specialized scientists should take up, great physiologists .not by medical writers,.

    nature cure people may fall into traps like the lchf people in our forum--

    looking at only some minor advantages -

    unable to understand the colossal damage that can evolve in course of time.

    urine drinking, especially of cow urine ,has been a treatment procedure in Ayurveda systems.

    but that was in the olden days when no medicines were available for most diseases.

    but now when lot of time tested medicines are available why practice some such thing of which the damages are obvious and unknown,.

    at the bottom of the article cited:

    “In Egypt, rescue workers found a 37-year-old man alive in earthquake rubble. He survived almost 82 hours by drinking his own urine. His wife, daughter and mother would not and they died.”

    this thing has to be excused because the 37 year old had no other go to get water!!!otherwise water alone is enough for some 8 days for survival.he survived but what all damages happened to his body -no one knows.

    so are the cases of fasting,intermittent and , short term and high fat eating ,that too saturated fats.

    has anybody checked what percentage reduction is present in vco wrt to saturated fats-- only traditional feelings..

    one thing is certain no healthy man will die if he lives on water alone for a few days.that does not mean fasting does not damage.

    lot of typing , otherwise i would have explained what i meant by programmed death[or equivalently, programmed life in an organism.]

    i personally am opposed to any such experiments when time tested medicines and medical methods are available.don't drink urine. don't fast .the body has a perfect diurnal rest cycle[day and night].advantages are there .no doubt about it. otherwise how the Newcastle experimenter's 600 calorie diet showed a reversal of diabetes?

    good luck

  • "nature cure people may fall into traps like the lchf people in our forum"

    The real trap is when patients are forced to Invokana and Januvia unnecessarily to get kickbacks and then given a diet that can only make the drugs and insulin sell more and more besides adding to sales of statins, warfarin etc etc and driving diabetics to CABG for example -- which has gone up from 7% to 37% in around 5 decades -- of HIGH CARB LOW FAT nonsense -- in case of diabetics.

    Millions across the world are successful on ditching the advice of so called specialists and switching to LCHF diet. So, it's not just this forum. LCHF works great and there are ppl on LCHF even on ADA forum. People with PPI surgery also find no problem with it. Those who don't follow have all the problem with LCHF diet for some "unknown reasons".

    Time tested medicines like Vioxx which killed 60,000 humans of heart attacks -- around the same number of deaths in Vietnam war? Or time tested like AVANDIA from GSK which killed diabetics of heart attacks? They both were time tested till the FRAUD emerged. Want more FRAUDS on so called TIME TESTED?

  • Time is always relative. BTW all the data which has been quoted comes from those money minded pharmaceutical companies funded research what a paradox.😌

  • dear patliputra,

    in any situation including scientific matters

    we have to asses the

    the size of the thing or subject in discussion.

    in this context

    of the total research done in medicine what percentage is affected by external influences.?

    i don't think it is a serious amount.

    though i cannot substantiate.

    but why i think?:

    for many reasons:

    when a discovery is made in medicine or anything for that matter

    it first appears in a university or science journal .

    scientists round the world repeat the experiment.

    if only it is found acceptable, substantially significant ,

    then only

    it will be available in a text book -i mean professors quoting it in their books.

    that is the prime reason why i just do not take "some study"-by its face value.

    why i insist that we derive knowledge from university or university level publications.

    otherwise some Richardson or Parkinson of

    Sahara central university or some forum ,

    telling that=fasting is the best way to reduce weight.

    it is a way but not the best or recommendable.

    another thing :

    you see ,

    contrary to what we consider

    the countries like USA is thirty percent socialistic country.-

    in usa 30 percent of the national income is from public sector= remember i had said i went through wealth of nations of the world.

    no single company can stand any where near

    the us government and as such its fda cannot be influenced easily.some small percentage may be there--no doubt.

    yet another:

    most of the university research is as follows.

    a member of my family is a researcher in medicine.

    she came out gold medalist and first rank

    and later in what they call the icmr fellowship exam

    which awarded her fellowship.

    icmr [ indian council of medical research] alloted her

    30 laks for experiments-books chemicals machinery etc.

    the only constraint on her was

    she must find a department in a medical college and a professor to be attached with any where in india.

    absolutely nothing else.for 4 years

    salary and this additional laks .

    the professors and scientists of the universities are absolutely free to conduct their research the way they like.

    next time when you go to a medical college ask about this.

    farma companies giving some back door money to doctors for prescribing their drugs is different from research-it is usual that industry will try product selling better..

    scientific research round the world cannot be controlled by any company like that.

    it is only internet circulating opinions that

    farma ,farma is controlling all our medical knowledge.

    if that were the case we would have never got the recombinant insulin or metformin or pioglitazone

    which are drugs of superior effects compared to the predecessor


    the recombinant insulin came because animal insulin has side effects.

    metformin came because its predecessor fenformin caused lactic acidosis.

    pioglitazone because metformin does not work effectively in some is ignorance and superstition that medicines kill the people. therefore go and eat high fat.

    in olden days before the modern antibiotics

    a person would die even of scabies .

    but we now have even forgotten what is scabies. why ? antibiotics!!

    it is best hypothesis that

    people who work against indian public health is funded from outside india.

    good luck

  • Many decades back, when Colgate entered India with their dangerous toothpaste, they ridiculed salt and charcoal for brushing teeth.

    Now Colgate is adding salt and charcoal to toothpaste and advertising as great and not sure why Products need stamp of approval from Indian Dental Association. Any idea how much IDA charges for letting these toothpaste manufacturers use their logo?

    ADA used to charge huge money from Candy companies for using their logo on their products:

    So all this association approval and logo use is just sheer COMMERCE and when there's money involved, CORRUPTION follows.

    Someone in US has two patents related to Cow urine, IIRC.

    CDC has patents on ebaloa virus strains :)

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