LCHF Diet Case Study 2: As It Unfolds - Insulin Injecting Indian Diabetic With 14 years of Diabetic History

I had talked of a diabetic with two decades of diabetic history and how his drugs have reduced in no time on following thread:

Here' I take up another case of an insulin injecting diabetic with 14 years of diabetic history who joined on 31st Jul 2015:

Age: 43

Diabetic since: 14 years

Oral Drugs: MF 500 mg BID


Breakfast: Humalog Insulin 50 Mix 35 Units

Lunch: Humalog Insulin 50 Mix 10 Units

Dinner: Humolog Insulin 25 Mix 25 Units

HbA1c : 7.1

Average Blood Glucose : 157

To cut the long story short, he recently started switching to LCHF diet and as usual he was given 3 week transition period starting from Breakfast. He made the first move past Tuesday, and:

Morning insulin Dose : Humalog Insulin 50 Mix 10 Units

PPBS 60 min: 96

PPBS 90 min: 119


Morning insulin Dose : NILL

FBS: 136

PPBS after breakfast: 144

All readings by meter. Now, looking at this, he wants to know how to get hold of FBS so that he can go insulin free in morning. We are all guiding him. But, even if he settles with 5 units insulin (instead of 35 earlier) it's going to be a great achievement.

We are confident that if he sticks to rules of the game -- LCHF Diet -- his 70 units can be down to 20 in 3 weeks.

1 unit of insulin that he uses costs Rs 1.33 so that's around Rs 65/day on less insulin expenses which can be spent on great food that constitutes LCHF diet. Rs 2000/Month saved on insulin and we expect that his A1C will fall to safe zone. Currently it is high at 7.1, though it may be called good control as per ADA. We don't consider it good control no matter who says it. Every diabetic has a right to non diabetic numbers.

Will keep updating this thread as the case unfolds till this diabetic is fully settled into LCHF diet for all three meals :)

If I say more than 400 Indian diabetics have succeeded on LCHF, it will be an understatement. And, we never charged then a single penny. It's all free service from diabetics on LCHF diet who spend their time to educate their sweet fiends on how to tame diabetes with minimal dependence on drugs and insulin :)

More on LCHF diet for Indian diabetics -

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  • So, this make it 400+ Plus Two :)

  • Great achievement!

  • Thanks. Such cases are just adding up to successes on LCHF diet .. every other day. Momentum is set to continue :)

  • Today he reports:

    FBS was 108, PPBS was 137 with no morning dose of insulin.

    FBS before Lunch 139, PPBS after lunch 156 after having 16 units of Humalog 50 Mix

    So, he learnt that stopping morning dose was not the right thing. I had expected 35 to fall down to 5 and nothing below that. So, from toms he will be iterating from 3 units (compared to 35 units on so called healthy diet) and fix his whole breakfast schedule before moving to LCHF lunch.

    Combination insulin also makes tweaking so difficult.

    So at some stage he will be told to switch to regular insulin -- separate for bolus and basal, like the other case is already on:

  • But ADA experts would call 156 as great number won't they?

  • Sure it is safe as per ADA. But, we don't go by ADA numbers. For us, non diabetic numbers are the benchmark and we aim for that.

  • No reference to diet schedule and content details. It can be anybody's blood picture.

  • Follow your own preachings -- Trust the honesty of the guy posting it. Your opinions are irrelevant as those who know me know that I don't LIE like some one did recently wrt Bernstein.

  • Still no answer.

  • You don't deserve it. Simple.

    Ignored hence forth

    Oh BTW, if admins contact me, I will establish Veracity of each and everything noted. As I said, I don't LIE.

    I am not going to feed guys who have been historically bashing LCHF. Those who believe are following it. Rest can keep saying what they have to say.

  • It is said falsehood has no legs.

  • Hey, can you explain how the 2000 kcal of hospital diet turned out 3500 kcal by your calculation?


    How was Dr Richard Bernstein declared no more when he is very much alive? Any idea Who was the person who declared it on this very forum?

    Where's the info that Dr Bernstein moves around with expensive CGM and spends $2000 on supplements? Actually these are real FALSEHOODS being propagated by some who hate Dr Bernstein and cheered by few others who also don't like him just because he challenges ADA's dietary recommendations.

  • Always irrelevant.

  • Look anup!.

    Their game-plan is pretty simple. One of them will take turns in these useless conversations with the hope to get into a position where they can start hitting REPORT button as a GROUP.

    So, Ignore is the best mantra to deal with such guys. They have used all nasty terms like HMV, Barking, Clone, White Powder, Roadside against anyone following LCHF diet.

    They simply can't stand success of LCHF diet, so will even support the QUACKERY of claims of CURING diabetes by eating some special grain. They won't answer any questions, but want all the answers from LCHF followers, despite insulting them. Do u seriously think they want to understand LCHF? If they couldn't in close to three years now, they can never understand in next three decades, because they have decided not to understand it at all.

    Ignore and move on. If anyone of those guys respond to my reply here I won't even bother to waste my time on them.

  • In the morning he can take one glass fruit juice consisting of one apple, one carrot, one stalk of celery and half lemon. He can take one tea spoon of virgin coconut oil each for breakfast, lunch and also for dinner for a period of one week. He will feel better as cleaning of liver and kidney will be happening. If enjoys can continue for one month or longer till he achieve the goal. Good luck.

  • Juice of fruits we avoid on LCHF. Apple as a whole is OK in limited quantity.

    VCO is our lifeline. I don't take any breakfast and morning till lunch is black coffee with VCO. There are many who skip a meal -- intermittent fasting -- on regular basis, on LCHF diet.

  • Dear Anup, Juice of fruit suggested is for one week as it cleans liver and kidney. It is suggested not as a part of LCHF diet. If we could clean liver by 20% , our gall bladder efficiency increases by 80%. and you know it will bring down insulin resistance. It is successfully proven treatment and people can always try for one week. With all love ,respect and happiness. Govindan Kuttty.

  • Thanks. We avoid fruit juices due to high fructose content in most sweet fruits.

  • Today PPBS B/F 110, after having 7 units of Humalog 50 Mix.

    Original insulin doses before switching to LCHF for breakfast used to be 35 units -- yes you read it right. 35 units was original dose just for breakfast.

    Now we will be navigating him to LCHF lunch as next step and guide how to dose insulin based on carbs and protein load of meal.

  • B/F FBS 97

    PPBS 106 (One Omelet+Coffee with 1 Sp. VCO) with 5 units Humalog 50 Mix (reduced from 8 to 5).

    When he started switching to LCHF, he was on 35 units of insulin for morning dose. So, he will be fine with anywhere between 5 to 10 units depending on carb load, as long as it doesn't get overloaded with carbs.

    Lunch PPBS 146 (Chicken+Iceberg Salid with 1 Spoon VOO) with 10 units (reduced from 12 to 10). This isn't going to change much

    He doesn't get HYPOS every three hours and he has learnt to adjusts his insulin dose on his own. :)

  • This case is also well settled into LCHF and here's the latest readings:

    My readings:-

    B/f Fasting Lunch Fasting Lunch PP

    29th 92 (with 25 Units 25Mix Humalog)

    30th 95 (with 25 Units 25 Mix Humalog)

    B/f PP

    29th 91 (with 16 Units 25 Mix Humalog)

    30th 102 (with 13 Units 25 Mix Humalog)

    Lunch PP

    29th 130 (12 Units 25 Mix Humalog)

    30th 142 (13 Units 25 Mix Humalog)

    He is now advised to work on lunch insulin dosing to hit lunch PPBS in the 120's range consistently.

    LCHF Diet works as LCHF is SCIENCE :)

    He is one of the 400+ cases of INDIAN Diabetics on LCHF diet taming their diabetes to land non diabetic numbers even as an INSULIN Injecting diabetic. They aren't eating every three hours and yet no HYPO :)

  • He posted update today:

    Post breakfast -- PPBS 125 (taken 11 units)

    Post lunch PPBS -- 108 (no insulin/dugs)

    LCHF works and it works for anyone who tries it seriously and not look for some rigged research to prove that FAT is bad. His initial insulin doses for breakfast and lunch are posted in the beginning :)

    So, TRASH the ADA's dietary advise, SWITCH to LCHF diet and enjoy great numbers on less and less drugs/insulin. Diabetes is not about sedentary lifestyle. It's all about the horrible dietary guideline which is pushed as HEALTHY and BALANCED.

  • Great!!!

    So, only 11 units instead of 35+10 (45 units) on ADA's diet? Man, that's a huge loss of market = close to 30 units or Rs 40/day/diabetic like him. Why on earth will ADA ever praise LCHF diet.

    @magman eliminated all insulin shots as he/she reported on this very forum by following Ketogenic diet.

    Few years down the line there will be 50000+ Indian diabetics on LCHF. If each of them mean Rs 20/month wiped off from drug market, it would mean Rs 1.0 million per month wiped off. Then you will find "Indian Experts" ranting against LCHF too :)

    1 to 500 may have taken close to 3 years, but 500 to 50000 will be faster.

  • Yes all this happened in about a month of switching to LCHF.

    He also lost 1 Kg weight without reading anything about the useless calorie counting theory:

    He still is in obese range (by so called BMI theory) and yet having great sugar control on far less insulin. Diabetes management is all about CARBS management.

  • what is your deit ple tell me

  • what is your diet pls tell me

  • Sent u PM. 

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