A Type 2 Insulin Injecting Diabetic With 2 Decades Of Diabetic History On LCHF Diet -- Case Study As It Unfolds

We recently have two recent cases of type 2 diabetic, on my forum of course, who are injecting insulin and switching to LCHF diet. I'll take up Case 1 as it is an interesting one:

Diabetic since: 1995 so roughly 20 years of diabetes history.

Age: 60+ years. Still actively working in professional life.

Height: 177cm

Weight : 105kg -- so obese as per BMI theory with BMI of 33.5

Oral Drugs:

Invokana 100: 1-0-1

Januvia 100: 1-0-0

Triglimisave 2 - 1-0-1


Novorapid - 8 units trice daily,

Lantus - 12 units daily.

Joined our forum on: Augus 25th, 2015.

3 days for clearing his queries and guiding him, preparing him to take the plunge -- LCHF diet.

LCHF transition time : 3 weeks starting with breakfast first, then lunch and finally dinner.

Went off Invokana right from day 1 on Friday August 28th and target was set to remove Januvia after watching PPBS readings for week. Post meals levels have been great all within the range of a non diabetic (not the unhealthy ADA limits).

So, from September 3rd he will be removing Januvia 100 also and then playing around with increasing fat in lunch and dinner and cutting of carbs as much as possible gradually to hit the LCHF range that we follow and preach.

So, within a week, he would be off oral drugs worth Rs 2700/month and yet land non diabetic numbers. In fact his PPBS after lunch is already around 110 and lower. Last aim would be to get off the glimi and pioz of Triglimisave, but that will take few months.

So, it's the diet which is the key. If we went by the so called BMI he would never have been able to get to desired end point because from Jan itself he put on 8 kg weight. Body will lose weight on its own on LCHF diet without struggling to do it by starving. As it is, glitazones only add to woes of increase in weight and not that in 2 decades all the calorie counting and restriction was not tried.

Will keep updating this thread at regular intervals to show that BMI has no role to play because if we went by the standard advise, it would have taken him years to even think of reducing drugs. Additionally, with 20 years of diabetic history, this just shows that LCHF is a great way to manage diabetes and helps even in diabetics with 2 decades+ diabetes history, even without losing a pound of weight.

There's another case of an insulin injecting diabetic, with 13 years of history and we are dealing with him at the same time as above case. His morning dose of humalog 50 mix has reduced from 35 units to 5 units in just a few days :)

Long live LCHF diet as a way of managing diabetes on far less drugs and a healthy diet :)


PS: Some doctor in PUNE, selling a rehash of vegan diet would have charged him a min of 10K or perhaps more with multiple sessions. We are doing this for FREE!!!!

More on LCHF diet for Indian diabetics - dlife.in/

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  • This of course is just one of the many success cases on LCHF. The oldest case (one of the first few to switch to LCHF when I used to be active here more than 2 years back) with heart problems who doesn't mind eating butter and eggs, despite the heart problems, is:


  • mr. anup, i am a diabetic for more than 30 years. I am now 73 years and had undergone bypass surgery of heart in 1998. Presently I am on oral medicines but the readings keep fluctuating from fastin of 90 to 120 and post lunch to 160 to 220. I am a vegetarain. I tries VCO for some time, tried apple cider vinegar for some time but do not find any improvement. I also take BGR34 ayurvedic tablets.

    I eat fruits like mosambi, papaya and rice, chapati etc.,

    Please guide me how to follow LCHF diet as the doctors say I cannot take high fats because of my age and heart surgery.


  • Just adding VCO and ACV to a High carb diet will not make any difference. VCO is added as replacement for carbs that we cut down on LCHF diet. Rice and Chapati are biggest culprits.

    You will need to switch meal by meal -- giving one week fo each meal so three week transition period. I cannot comment about what doctor says, but I know one TYPE1, almost your age, who takes 40 ml VCO a day, despite PPI surgery.

  • BMI too high. We need 2200 cals to keep life functions ON. Cut diet to 1600 cals. Carry Chocolate to meet Hypoglycemia - superlow BS. Symptom hazy, double image eyesight, cold sweat Remedy Sit pop Chocolates, have sweet hot tea. This is Emergency don't Neglect. Rest till normalizing symptoms come back. This Diet Cut should loose 1.5 - 2 Kg / 10 days. Lower BMI will reduce BS absolutely use BS Monitor to keep track. Confer with Doc for Medicare. Search on Cal count for foods plan accordingly. All the Best. From 88 to 74Kg, FBS 118, FAR VISION Normal, myopia reduction in 6 months history of 34 yrs of my 63+ yrs _/\_

  • Sir, we don't count calories on LCHF. We eat to satiety and let the body do the rest. Residual insulin levels in blood is the key. So, first target is to get that down so that fat starts burning. Invokana was stopped as no point peeing sugar and he has managed great levels despite taking Invokana off the table, right from day 1 of transitioning to LCHF.

    Januvia is next to go -- from toms.

    Yes, all along, we have been repeating that few hypers during the run-in phase are ok but one hypo can be bad ... real bad. Post lunch he reported PPBS of 110 and 85 for the last two days. So Januvia is off the table from toms.

    Yes, he is measuring sugar readings 4 to 6 times a day and we have told him that this will continue till all menu is frozen and he has had all the ticks ready up his sleeve as far as LCHF goes.

    For non insulin injecting diabetics we transition from B/F, Dinner, Lunch in that order. For insulin injecting diabetics we follow transition sequence of B/F, Lunch, Dinner so that all major chances of hypo are handled during period when one is awake. Just following what the instinct of an engineering brain tells. As long as logical sequencing is right, chances of failure are very low. Plus, we have so many diabetics on LCHF with their experience that my experience has become irrelevant now. That's why I am able to spend some time here as many are doing the hand holding :)

    Yes, reducing weight will help and that's why we will visit glimi and pioz 6 months down the line. Calorie counting has never worked seriously.


  • Great success!My heartiest congratulations to all concerned people!

  • Thanks. It's still few weeks away, perhaps two weeks or so. Then we wait and watch the weight fall. That would need patience and perseverance. Will open a new thread for other diabetic who is also transitioning to LCHF and has already reduced morning insulin from 35 to 5 :)

  • Great progress.

    Shows LCHF diet is pure science.

    You should guide him to ask his doctor why at all Januvia and Invokana was prescribed when he is already injecting insulin. Why not just control with insulin? Commissions involved i guess as both invokana and Januvia are expensive drugs. In fact he should not have been prescribed any oral drugs except metformin. Rest should be only insulin as he is already injecting four times a day.

    Diabetics should self educate and start questioning doctors pretty hard on every pill that they write.

  • Amazing success - Can you please share his diet chart with all so it could be helpful to us.

    Anup and others Kudos for doing this free of cost. We are grateful to you for your efforts despite vexing criticisms. Let it not be a dampener.

  • Thanks Thri.

    If criticism had deterred me or anyone of us who live by LCHF and preach tirelessly, I would have given up two years back when someone here labelled me a FRUSTRATED and a SPECULATIVE BLOGGER in 2013. Not that the jibes have completely been eliminated, despite the great success that LCHF delivers, this being a latest case. We take all the abuses and insults as compliments :)

    The latest one tried to relate us with QUACKS, just because we criticized some doc tor in PUNE who is selling a rehash of someone else's work for Rs 10,000. We don't even charge single penny even to recover the cost of running the site.

    Opinion of three or four people doesn't matter at all. They can keep bashing LCHF. Not many are listening to such people, as evident from the growth of Indian diabetics on LCHF, despite the fact that we aren't luring anyone with the word CURE. We talk hard facts.

    As for diet and the real case as it unfolds, you can follow the thread live on the other forum, where you are there.

  • Can I send this by mail to someone who has been diabetic for long time and on medicines? and how do I mail this?

  • You can point him/her to the other forum where we are guiding him and he is posting updates almost daily very diligently. Only thing that we ask for is:

    Turn deaf year to what "so called experts" say about Good FAT, Cholesterol and CVD/CHD. It's all LIES spread for over four decades and we diabetics on LCHF diet prove it day in and day out. The diet that these experts peddle is what is making people sick. It's just making the food and drug companies rich.

    Dump the ADA/AMA/AHA guidelines sooner than later and you will attain better health and Numbers on far less drugs. If one reaches a point of no return following that nonsensical -- High Carb Low fat -- diet, even drugs can't help.

  • He is off from Januvia 100 from today and PPBS post B/F = 120 :)

    Not sure why doctors write such expensive pills -- Invokana and Januvia -- to a Type 2 diabetic who is injecting four times a day. Looks like a case of kickbacks for prescribing these expensive drugs.

    So, have told him to question his doctor VERY HARD on next visit as to why these two drugs were prescribed at all. No oral drug except MF should be given to a diabetic who injects 3 bolus and 1 basal dose every day.

  • Great progress and i don't think he must have lost even a pound of weight. So much so for that controlling diabetes with BMI -- a horribly non practical approach, next to perhaps eating eight times a day and counting caloies. To tell a 105 Kg diabetic to get BMI down to 21 to get levels in control is like telling him buzz off and take more drugs.

    Great going. LCHF works and is not something that can be mocked at and those who benefit know it very well how great this is for self managing diabetes.

    Rs 2700X1 million = Rs 270 crores a month wiped off from diabetes drug market for just Invokana and Januvia.

    This is what the "so called experts" and "so called institutions of the world" are SCARED of so they quickly dish out a series of rigged research on FAT and done on genetically altered MICE and then ghost writers repeat the same thing over and over again on multitude of websites :)

  • Oh yes, counting calories to eat less than what you need and then eat 8 times a day is a non workable theory. I am sure this case must have tried everything in the last 2 decades and as evident nothing worked ... absolutely nothing. Perhaps he was being pushed to yet more expensive procedure called bariatric surgery through all this so called healthy and balanced diet and drugs.

    Now in one week he is off TWO deadly-and-expensive drugs and yet is getting non diabetic numbers.

    I will post yet another case study in due course, who went of 35 units of morning dose of insulin today. But, I think he will need 5 units a day in morning (down from 35 units).

    LCHF rules!!!

  • He reports post Lunch PPBS of 96 today after removing Invokana and Januvia from life (Rs 32000+ per year savings from these two drugs alone). just within a week of shifting B/F to LCHF and started cutting down carbs in lunch :)

    So, what does this show?

    He was put on expensive drugs just to cover a HORRIBLE diet called HIGH CARB LOW FAT? Who was gaining from such a regimen? The patient or the medicare business?

    If We had the mentality of that doctor in Pune who steals someone else's work and rehashes to sell it, I am sure i could have fleeced 10K ... but we are doing this for FREE!!! Any body saving 32K/year would gladly pay 10K one time isn't it?

  • sir kindly mail me VEG LCHF diet regime my email d rkagiwal@gmail.com..my dibetic levela are 170fbs 250to 350 ppbs iam on ZITAMET 50/500 afterBF and human Actrapid 15u lunch n Dinner

  • Hi,

    Follow the link on following URL and you will find the case of this diabetic as it unfolds:


    I don't offer any personalized email consultation as I don't charge money for all this.

    Your levels are too dangerous, despite drugs and insulin and it can really be controlled well on LCHF diet if you spend time. No money charged. If you don't control diet, then every drugs will keep increasing.

  • Now he has been told to buy individual drugs that constitute the combination drugs triglimsave 2. This is because TZD or glitazones are said to promote obesity, as per a recent research, in diabetics so that's next in focus :)

    No logic in pushing such a drug to already obese diabetic. Wonder what his doctor had in mind, specially since he is injecting 3 bolus and 1 basal insulin dose every day. What's the need of such oral drugs to such a diabetic? Great "experts" that we are told to follow blindly just because of their degrees??? :( :( :(

  • His next visit to doctor armed with all this info will be interesting ;)

  • You bet ;)

  • Long live LCHF .Thanks.

  • Thanks sir,

    Here's the second one ... 30 units of morning insulin dose gone with the wind!!!


    I am sure he will come down to 20 units max from his original of 70 units.

  • Let this message propagate fast and people realize that LCHF works. Thanks Anupji.

  • Sure sir, it already is because people who matter the most are now listening in greater numbers. We also have a diabetic from the drug industry and he trains field staff and even doctors on drugs, drug dosing etc. So, the professional demographics is also expanding.

    I have been informally asked by one of the NGO's near my city if I would be one of the key speakers on this and I have given a nod. Will update on that also whenever that happens. Probably few months down the line.

    One Diabetic on LCHF who reduced his insulin from 70 to 15 is already scheduled o deliver lecture to an audience of 80. So, things are moving now ... one baby step at a time. I am in no hurry as I have a great healthy life ahead despite eating so much saturated fat which so called experts say is BAD. We are challenging the so called experts with medical reports :)

  • Great. Getting involved with NGO's and it will be great help in coming into mass contact with diabetics. I am told that there will be few doctors too. Great FUN it will be. Will carry printouts on all the studies which show FAT is not bad, whenever this happens. Let's see if they have anything to counter (except the weight of their degrees)

  • Tablets are not going to help you in the long run. Make change in life style of food habits. Reduce wheat and rice consumption by 50% and substitute with green leafy vegetables, green and colored vegetables. Replace rice or wheat related dinner with Dosa made of sprouted green gram. Take a lot of vegetable fat like coconut , broccoli and replace vegetable oil with Virgin coconut oil. In the morning make a juice of one Apple ,one carrot ,one stalk of Celery and take with lemon juice so as to clean liver and kidney(with in one week you will see improvement in health). If you increase efficiency of liver by 20% , you could increase the efficiency of gal bladder by 80% and control insulin resistance. Avoid table sugar and bakery Items completely from today on wards. After all the priority is good health other than anything else . With all these, Good exercise or a long walk in the morning and evening is a must to get relief from diabetes. May God bless you with Good Health.

  • We know what helps and what causes problems. Its the CARBS that causes all the problems. Good fat is innocent.

  • Here's his today's update:

    04/09/15 - 12 hrs. fasting BS today - 93, Continued with Invocana and Januvia off and same units of Insulin + Triglimisave.

    PPBS on 04/09/15- 103 (after breakfast)

    Some guys on some other thread said insulin injecting diabetics cannot fast and it is dangerous. Shows what is dangerous (just a mindset) and what is possible. He is insulin injecting diabetic, fifth day into LCHF transitioning and fast for 12 hrs.

    He is on 8/8/8/12 (36 units) insulin daily and could fast for 12 hrs. This is precisely what intermittent fasting is :)

    We practice and preach. Some guys just debate without even knowing the full details, make false statements and then get cheered for it.

    So, he is landing great numbers despite Invokana and Januvia off

  • Great!

    Wonder if some self proclaimed "drug expert" on this forum would care to answer what exactly was Januvia and Invokana doing in his case, because despite dropping these two expensive drugs, his sugar readings are as good as that of a non diabetic.

    I am sure they won't offer any explanation and on the contrary must be upset why these two drugs stopped. They won;t even care to answer how come his sugar level is landing normal despite 105 kg weight :)

    Now get him to get off the glitazone (pioz) which is touted as some wonder drug by someone on this board. pioz is a horrible drug

  • Well, he is on a bunch of other drugs also.

    6 pills was included in his menu.

    2 most expensive ones are off.

    More to go with passage of time as he completely settles into LCHF diet which works out of the box. Oh and talk of BMI for managing diabetes is a useless theory, just good on paper and provides enough breathing space for promoting a horrible diet - High Carb Low Fat -- to diabetics.

  • Proves that drugs can never be the answer and diet will always be the key. Rs 2700/month that he saves by going off just two drugs and yet get non diabetic numbers is enough of a proof. Rest all is a time waste.

    Carbohydrates are worse enemy of diabetic.

    Oh and BMI, that theory would have made the drug company richer by 60K from these two drugs alone. Sure he must have tried all that junk theory in 20 years.

  • BMI and Calorie counting never works in 90% + cases because calorie from carbs is not the same as calorie from fat or proteins when it comes to the way body handles it. One will have to be a world champion in calorie counting to manage weight by just laws of thermodynamics.

    This gentleman gain 7 kg from January despite best of advise on everything. But now, despite no weight loss, he is landing great NON DIABETIC numbers, meals after meals, even without two drugs that he removed.

  • This is not just a one off case. Here's a old case of a diabetic -- user diabetta -- on 34 units of insulin who went off both Insulin and Januvia on switchng to LCHF diet:


  • As it unfolds:

    on 6th Sept : FBS- 93

    PPBS- 103.

    Waistline reduced by 15 mm.

    Eating fat and still reducing weight -- not counting calorie at all.

    Januvia and Invokana is off the table for long now. Switched from trigilimisave to individual components as next in focus is taper pioglitazone.

    Wonder why few friends here get upset and start insulting when I talk about one thing -- High Carb Low Fat Diet is the most horrible diet and mainstream pushes this diet for drugs to sell. Doesn't this case prove it too? This is not an isolated case. Millions of diabetics on all LCHF forums around the world share same experience.

  • In a week, he has lost 0.5kg weight.

    Eating FAT and still burning body FAT without any calorie counting :)

  • Dear sir Pls let me know what is LCHF i cannot understand properly recently i came to know am entering Diabetic stage my FBS is 101 and PPBS 167 last week checked and sir pls pls help no Meds yet and i am a pure vegetarian


  • Dear sir Pls let me know what is LCHF i cannot understand properly recently i came to know am entering Diabetic stage my FBS is 101 and PPBS 167 last week checked and sir pls pls help no Meds yet and i am a pure vegetarian and south indian so am taking white Rice for 2 times & Wheat jower Ragi any one time per day


  • Always remember one thing. Diabetes is like pregnancy. I have never heard the term "half or borderline pregnant". Same is true about diabetes too. Either you are non diabetic or diabetic. All these pre diabetes, borderline diabetes etc are terms manufactured by junk science only to ensure that more and more humans finally become diabetic as such terms give a false sense of HOPE.

    There's a url in the following post.


    Follow the link and you will have most of the answers to queries that you may have on LCHF. I am into fifth year as a diabetic on ZERO Drugs. Check my last four A1C on my profile:


  • Thank you very much sir for your kind reply

    regards, god bless you always.

  • Today's numbers for this case:

    FBS : 75

    PPBS post B/F: 103 (8 units insulin)

    PPBS post lunch: 85 (even after dropping 8 dose of insulin being taken earlier)

    So, now he is thinking of reducing glimi dose :)

    LCHF just works -- Januvia and Invokana already off since more than a week almost :)

  • Looks like his insulin sensitivity is increasing and that's why he could land great numbers after lunch despite not taking the 8 units bolus dose for lunch). So, after invokana and Januvia, now it's time for getting rid of glimi? Good if it happens as it will put less load on pancreas. Last should be to get pioz off.

  • As for glimi, he is already on half the original dose after he switched from combination drug to individual drugs. We would like to see him go off all oral drugs except MF-XR/SR. One step at a time and he is progressing very fast towards the goal. No point in giving pancreas whipping oral drugs when he is on insulin already. Sadly what doctors should be doing we have to do on our own.

    After all, LCHF helps even after more than 2 decades of diabetic history.

  • Here's today's update on this case:

    Green Salad medium Katori dressed in one tea spoon of VOO. Tossed Cabbage in oil and sprinkled with coconut,one Medium Katori-Tinda Cooked1/4 Chapati with Ghee spread. Insulin 8 units. Very little hunger pang today.


    He is off Januvia and Invokana right from week 1 and now his glimi dose is 1/4 of what it was when he started transitioning to LCHF diet two weeks back. He should be all settled into LCHF in another week.

    Waist size down by an inch approximately.

    Doesn't get HYPO every three hours and all insulin dosing corrections he does on his own now :)

  • Update on this case after a break :)

    PPBS on after 13 units of Bolus ( previous- 12 units) was 140 on 22nd sep .

    FBS on 23rd Morning- 100, PPBS breakfast -124, PPBS- Lunch- 120. PPBS-dinner- 146.

    Night glimi dose is dropped and corrected with bolus insulin and numbers got in safe zone within 3 days of dropping night glimi dose and watching dinner PPBS :)

    He is diligently following and also correcting doses. Best part is -- NO HYPOS ever during all these weeks, because we are guiding him on not to depend on BLIND Dosing with insulin but to do corrections based on Carb loads and then iterate either way.

    This is what LCHF diet with NO BLIND dosing of insulin is all about. This is because LCHF is science and insulin dosing should also be as per science and not BLIND dosing. Blind dosing will always cause wide fluctuations depending on actual carb load of the meal. Doctors should be teaching this, but they don't.

    This gentleman never asked about my qualification nor did he ridicule (not just mine but anyone and everyone on LCHF diet who was guiding him) just because I (we) don't inject insulin myself (ourself) as a diabetic.


    i have 1 questions

    Suppose a person maintain his diet from LCHF to perfect table sugar level and in that process he also loss weight and maintain his good BMI. Do he can eat his tasty carb again in moderation or he need to remain to eat LCHF diet for rest of life?

    I mean this process reverse his metabolism or just manage things for him?

  • 20% CARBS gives enough scope for adding carbs almost daily. One has to first define what is "MODERATION"

    I don't think anyone who lives on LCHF for a year would ever like to have loads of rice and chapati after having regained good health control.

  • the most important link person in this chain of activities of converting to LCHF and substiting the necessary food items is our life partner ,pls do some thing for educating and help them realise their better half is not doing hunger management but DM.

  • My BH lives on the same diet as me, though she is not diabetic. Whereas I allow all the other freedom to my BH, when it comes to diet, I call the shots. Initially there was this reluctance to do what I said wrt FAT, but over a period of time she has agreed that I know better than her when it comes to managing diabetes and health n general through LCHF and that's why she follows the same diet.

  • Exactly a month on LCHF and weight declines 2.1kg, waist down 35 cm.

    With Invokana and Januvia out and glimi dose reduced to half, he is landing non diabetic numbers. Now he has vowed to continue with LCHF lifestyle :)

    We will revisit his glimi dose once he hits 95kg weight.

    So, LCHF is SCIENCE and it works great for health.

  • So, yet another diabetic on LCHF who succeeded. He will save close to Rs 1.00 lacs on drugs alone in three years. WOW!!!

    No wonder the so called science is so much anti LCHF. All about MONEY.

  • All the useless propaganda against LCHF has thankfully calmed down by a huge proportion. I see more and more diabetics supporting LCHF here.

  • Excellent follow up and a nice data analysis @ANUP. A very commendable effort and encouraging post for diabetics like me who are new to LCHF diet. I am also having weight around 105 kg (lost around 2 kg in 3wks of LCHF). Iam on Glimisave M2 (Glimipride 2 mg and Metformin 500 mg in the morning and Vozuca M0.3 (VOGLIBOSE 0.3 mg and Metformin 500 ) at night. My FBS used to be 130 mg and PPBS around 150 to 160. After starting LCHF diet my FBS remains around 105 and PPBS around 120. Should I reduce my dose of medicines or should I wait for sugars to come down more? Please advise.

  • You can follow the above case on dlife.in as it has discussion that includes drug dose reduction and how to go about it. For fixed dose of drugs, sugar will only come down with carb reduction.

  • Updating this thread after a long time as got inputs from the diabetic few days back.

    1. Last 70 days No Insulin shots. Around 40 units/day of Long and short off the table. That's ~ Rs1700/month. He was on Novorapid+Lantus combo -- 4 shots a day.

    2. Last one year: One Januvia 100 - off the table - Rs 1500/Month

    3. Last one year: One Invokana off the table - Rs 1500/Month

    4. Last one year: Triglimisave 2 BID off the table -- ~Rs 600/Month

    5. Last 70 days: 500mg Glycomet 500 mg BID -- Rs 80/Month

    Recent A1C 5.9 (remember this is with 20+ years of diabetic history)

    Net savings on costs of drugs due to change is diet which some people think it is like swallowing gallons of oil:

    1+2+3+4-5 = 1700+1500+1500+600-80 = Rs 5220/Month savings on drugs just by changing diet.

    6. No useless calorie counting. Yet weight reduced by 11 kg. Before the change of diet, he was gaining weight and had gained 7 kg in 6 months despite following all the recommendations of mainstream experts ie ADA/Mayo/USDA manuals.

    So, let's be responsible citizens and help diabetics with what really works even on diabetics with 20+ years of diabetic history. Just quoting from ADA/Harvard/Mayo manuals isn't being responsible and this case is just one of the million cases around the world to prove the point. He followed everything that ADA/Mayo/Harvard could possibly ever say and yet failed till he changed DIET.

    Let's talk based on science of Medical reports rather than rhetorics and lop sided OPINIONS. Let's talk NUMBERS because NUMBERS don't LIE.

    No fun in eating PILLS as side dish in every meal and this case proves my point YET again. What drugs couldn't achieve in 20+ years for him, DIET change did and helped him go off deadly oral drugs and also cut off exogenous insulin altogether :)

    Why mainstream refuses to wake up despite all the evidence globally?

    MONEY. What if 1 million diabetics like this case resulted in Rs 5000/month less drugs and insulin sales per diabetic? That's a whopping Rs 5000 million (Rs 500 core) per month loss to the just the Diabetic drugs Pharma industry, not even talking of hypertesnion and statin drugs. So they keep pushing the same old LIES so that more and more drugs and insulin sells.

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