Diabetes can be maintained by herbs without any side effects

I am diabetic from 2001, I was completely under list of medicines. But not maintained in the same value, it was increasing.

Now I had a big confidence after one month of herbal remedies.

My lab report say on

30/7/15 FS 118.6 PP 202.6

31/8/15 FS 92.4 PP 178 . 0


I am not compelling anyone to follow me blindly. Pls listen to your own body, he will answer to his problems.

Herbs are slow relief, without any side effects. You can also contact me thru mail jarisenthil @ gmail . com

Ph- 9443323995.

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  • Not believe on only one's example it should be supported by increasing nos.

  • Yes sir. I agree with your coments. Since these herbs shows great development in many peoples, I have published for the benifit of others.

    Selling is not my business for your kind information.

  • Thanks senthil1966 as you agree with my comments I am also agree with divinecure no need to use these herbs if we can avoid it will give us benefit by diet Avoid all refined products like refinef oil, refined sugar, refind flour( maida). Avoid dairy products, Take atleast 500 gms of salad of your choice before meals. Hari bol. but to avoid early Hori bol. of life all please take care do not fear diabetes know it on better to manage it better pathy will vary person to person definitely, Low Carbonate intake is well for all.

  • Tnx sir. Our lifestyle has totally changed. Daily walking for 1 hour, drinking enough water, having atleast 7 hours of continuous deep sleep - giving time to our body to repair and maintanance.

    Stress free life, living a life with love and caring - these are all basic needs in life.

  • Thanks but in our country 95% can not follow the suggested lifestyle 27% is like under that category who tell Jam raj before taking him away please wait i will complete my job then take me away.

  • Ok sir. I will post the latest report of my friend who is also using the same .

    Tnx for everyone who have participated with intrest in behalf of our blog members.

  • Thanks it will be more helpful to all if you can provide name and source of ingredients because in India every this varies according to environmental and geographical position so right source and if any brand name or if available in real ready mix for will be better for availing by maximum.

  • Can you specify the indian herb you are taking?

  • Dear Mr. Jarisenthil ji,

    Good morning and have a nice day.

    Will you please advise the name of the herbs and the also the quantity to be taken at each level and how many times these are to be consumed.

    Please do reply and I will write a mail to you.




  • My mail I'd is jarisenthil@gmail.com

  • Sir, I have mentioned in the blog, I am using 3 grams of this combination in empty stomach.

  • Yes Its true. With Indian herbs and disciplined life style its possible. Note the recipe please, 100 gms methi seeds, 100 gms Tejpatta, 150 gms jamun guthli and 250 gms belpatra(dried in sun light) Powder all the ingredients and take 1 medium spoon with hot water ,one hour before each meal. 110% it wl keep yr sugar level under control. Avoid all refined products like refinef oil, refined sugar, refind flour( maida). Avoid dairy products, Take atleast 500 gms of salad of your choice before meals. Hari bol.

  • For any further querry call 9716308888, Raj Divine cure

  • Those who believe, let them follow.

    I do not believe.

    The herbs can control sugar level for some time only. This is what I learned.

    There are a few herbs I know.

    1.Bilvam leaves: eat 5 to 6 leaves in empty stomach.

    2. Slit a lady finger and soak it in water overnight and drink the water.

    3.soak a spoonful of fenugreek seeds in a glass of water overnight and drink the water in empty stomach.

    4.Eat bitter g0purd

    5.Eat tender neem leaves.

    6.Mix amla powder with turmeric powder and eat it.

    7. Soak mango leaves in a glass of water overnight and drink the water.

    8.Soak a one or two guava leaves overnight and drink the water.

    9. Do yogasanas-- Ardha Matsyendra asana. Vakrasana

    10.walk for a one hour or so daily.

    All of the above may help for some people for sometime but not all the time.

    Since the diabetes is only a metabolic disorder, the only way is to change lifestyle and make it orderly.

    That is what I believe.

    Accept or ignore--it is your choice.


  • Sir I appreciate your response.

  • Can u please tell d name of herbs

  • Mr.Parthasarthi I trust you hv not read my reply properly, I hv very specifically mentioned that yes its possible with Indian herb and DISCIPLINED LIFE STYLE.

  • It would be better if you list the same on the portal instead of giving your emails & contact numbers.

    We have noticed that many users try to peddle various concoctions to the needy in the name of curing, which is often misunderstood with controlling.

    Let us be transparent on this forum at least.

  • Mr.Pandey,

    I hv mentioned the recipe of the herbs on the portal alongwith the dosage and precautions. I hv given my phone number only because if someone wish to hv further clarification, they can always call me anytime.

  • It was addressed to the person, senthil1966 , who put the question and not to you.

    Anyway thanks for your response.

  • I use tinospora tuberculata, gymnema, Irrumpalai, nila vembu, fenugreek, Jamun seeds, pon koranthi, wood apple, nithyakalyani.

    This combination I am using.

    I am very energetic and control of sugar levels by natural herbs.

    I am not a seller. Some advertise themselves in this forum for their sales.

  • Oh Mr. Senthil,

    May I know the purpose to Given your Contact details here?

    Are you selling herbs or Selling prepared Herbal Medicines?

    if, Yes, Why you asked me to send Free Herbal Medicines.

    Anyway, Yesterday, I have dispatched 10 Days Free medicines to you through Trackon Courier, your Docket No. is 454009335.

    You can track your parcel on trackoncourier.com/TrackonC...

  • Thanks Mr. Naseem.

    I have prepared many cobinations and finally this combination has worked out.

    I am not a seller of herbs and selling powders. Many of us struggle because of this hidden deficiency.

    This forum makes many people to share their experience.

    This is my fruitful experience, I can guide whatever knowledge I have.

    Still I publish my number for the peoples who are really intrested to get knowledge about our indian herbs.

  • If You wish to help , please give detail on shyam@bhalotia.in , I am from Kolkata, Diabetic since 2006.


  • Dear Mr.Senthil

    Out of 9 herbs you have given ( tinospora tuberculata, gymnema, Irrumpalai, nila vembu, fenugreek, Jamun seeds, pon koranthi, wood apple, nithyakalyani) few are mentioned in tamil i.e. Irrumpalai, nila vembu, pon koranthi, nithyakalyani .What is boatnicla or latin name of these herbs and also mention in what proportion these herbs to be mixed.

  • Dear Senthil,

    Very happy to note that your sugar level has been controlled by taking herbal powder. It be so nice of you, if you share the secret of your herbs which you took to control the sugar level. We are all eagerly waiting you to share your secret. Why are you feeling shy? Why not in this forum? Don't you want others to get cured by this deadly disease which is more than slow poisoning?

    If you are particular not to reveal your secret , it is well & good. It is up to you to decide.

    I will be tight lipped. Any way my E mail ID Vichoo16@gmail.com If you can share through mail, you are welcome.




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