Proportion Of Diabetes Patients Undergoing Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting Rises From 7% To 37%

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"In the 40 years between 1970-2010, the proportion of patients with diabetes undergoing coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG) escalated from 7% to 37%. The results of a large study from Cleveland Clinic just published in The Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery, the official publication of the American Association for Thoracic Surgery, documents the five-fold increase in the proportion of patients with diabetes undergoing this procedure between 1970 and 2010."

Hmm... healthy and balanced diet -- HIGH CARB LOW FAT -- that the "world bodies" and "experts" are recommending to diabetics . Looks like High Carb Low Fat diet is a great diet for the medicare business and of course the carb food industry.

Lower SFA to just 5% and increase carbs more to take the 37% figure up to 60% in next two decades :)

High Carb Low fat diet really works for driving diabetics to hospitals and emergency procedures.

High Carb Low fat diet is really harmful for diabetics.

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  • Fat started decreasing and Carbs started increasing after the great "cherry picking of a study" by Ancel Keys. That's a turning point in food and healthcare industry. Everyone involved in the food and drug industry jumped on the "FAT IS BAD" bandwagon to reap more profits. Along the way, experts are busy blaming the patient -- you are obese because you eat too much, you are obese because you are sedentary and all that irrelevant stuff.

    From 1990 the average lifespan has just gone up by 6 years, but people are living longer with all sorts of sickness -- and most of them being expensive-to-deal-with stuff. Does anyone really care? There's a lot of money to be made in keeping you sick.

  • Inquisitive minds have started looking for solution on their own, and doing far better. No amount of studies on mice and lacing-the-bun-with-butter studies will make them change their opinion based on their own experience of how things have improved on ditching the mainstream dietary advice.

  • And, researchers will look at color of skin, color of hair, global warming, economical status, social status, pollutants in air, some virus and bacteria, how chirpy the neighbor is, sound pollution and then draw secC curves based on regression analysis to show how CABG in diabetics is increasing because of these variables. Never look at the real problem -- their BROKEN DIET.

    Yes, High Carb Low Fat diet has been causing all the problems if we do trend analysis.

  • Low carb diet has brought by HbAIC to 6.0 n improved my HDL.

  • Welcome to the Club. It helps anyone who has the guts to trash ADA/AMA/AHA dietary guidelines.

    Next is aim for A1C < 5.6

    Saturated Fat is best drug for increasing HDL, no matter what the critics say.

    SFA doesn't cause CVD/CHD. It's a failed theory. High Carbs does cause all problems, including CVD, CHD. This research proves it so.

  • Great!

    You are just adding to the number of 400+ who have ditched the so called balanced and healthy diet and benefited. So called healthy and balanced diet is only healthy for the drug industry and the way we reduce drugs and get far better numbers than those on so called healthy diet proves it again and again. So called diet, pushed 37% to CABG.

    Soon the number will be 500+ Indians ... and with @pragya coming up with her own lchf site, this will grow still faster.

  • SFA (Saturated Fat) on LCHF is one of the best drugs for fixing LIPIDS :)

    I know few diabetics who have gone off STATINS after moving to LCHF diet.

  • One has to be a world champion on calorie counting in order to really implement it in practice. It simply doesn't work. Instead of jotting...

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