Can/Does calorie Counting Of Diet Hold Any Relevance?

One has to be a world champion on calorie counting in order to really implement it in practice. It simply doesn't work. Instead of jotting down points, here's the article:

We, on LCHF diet, hardly bother about calorie counting. We look at C:P:F ratios and eat to satiety. We don't aim for pushing toward fighting perpetual hunger.

Checking fasting weight weekly and tweaking on weekly basis is the way to go. One can never get it right by counting calories. If it's approximate with so wide a variation, why bother about it.

Calorie counting, just like BMI ( ), is irrelevant for us on LCHF diet, and rightfully so.



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11 Replies

  • In this very forum ,a long time ago,when I said calorie counting is very difficult bar a few. There was blood bath and I was abused and insulted time and again by certain persons. One even said a vi grader would do it. Surely you remember it.

  • CARB/FAT/Protein counting. We don't care much about calorie counting.

    Yes once taught, C:P:F counting is easy. One site, basic skill to search or learning that and that's it. For me, that site is

    I have also posted an article with example on "my forum" :)

    No I don't remember. Hope you are not mixing me up with someone else because there has been a protracted duration during my absence from here where everyone talking LCHF had to be Medfree according to few people here.

    I don't even remember interacting with you much, when I used to be here for a short time from Jan 2103, because there were three (2 are still here) who were after my blood just because I was talking LCHF. One of them even teamed up with one of the most abusive "nutritionist" (he is off the board -- from same city as me and he threatened to send hooligans to my house as I was talking LCHF) and gave me a certificate of being "frustrated". That was the time when even meenaraju -- a lady -- who was at cross hair as she was one of the first few to switch to LCHF and started talking about it.

    Anyways, the article that I posted has a study on Almonds wrt calorie on packing and calorie actually assimilated. Besides, it also has discussions on why Calorie counting doesn't work. My hypothetical question in other thread was inspired by the almonds study on above article. :)

  • I try not to live in past and I don't mix persons.i also never said you are so and so. It is also true that I have never interacted with you in your previous life. I also do not believe in mud I will not discuss it again.

    I am still awaiting the citation.😒

  • Initiating in mudslinging against fellow bloggers has never been my forte. In fact it always started from the other side when I used to be here. The intensity is less now, but not absent :)

    Article is posted. Please check the same wrt almonds study in same article. Guess it is on page 2. My hypothetical query wrt not chewing nuts and then answering about calorie balance was inspired from that.

    In addition, since I watch body and listen to signals, as a peanut eater I have found small bits of peanuts in stool. So, no matter how one chews, some will still pass through as is because no one practically can chew to consistency of a 40 to 60 mesh before swallowing.

    Yes, eating peanut butter would yield different results compared to eating peanuts. That's why Calorie of diet has no practical relevance.

  • My reply was posted on my blog.

  • Doesn't matter. The answer is in the article.

  • I eat more than 2kg peanut/ month, but I never get any piece in stool. That a why I say from intake to excretion there are a lot of very complicated issues and that varies from person to person . It is not as simple as 1+1=2.

  • Good. For me it is 1+1=2 and the way I have managed my D for close to 5 years now on no drugs, and helped others (number runs in hundreds) with LCHF, I am on the right path. Let all the Medical reports do the talking. I prefer it that way as it keeps all personal opinions off the table.

  • A diabetic Lady from Pune. Lost 2.1 Kg on LCHF diet without counting calories and in 2 weeks from starting LCHF diet.

    Eat to satiety on LCHF diet and let the body do the rest without the need to count calories eaten and calories burned. No need to go on HYPO Calorie diet and stay in perpetual state of hunger to bring down weight on so called healthy diet - High Carb Low Fat.

    Calorie counting is as irrelevant as BMI. A 105 Kg diabetic went off two expensive drugs and still landing non diabetic numbers in less than a week of switching to LCHF:

  • Calorie Counting is yet another useless theory being propounded by some as some sort of a great tool to manage diabetes. This is a failed theory. Never worked ever to help a diabetic achieve controls that LCHF diet achieves.

    So, forget calorie count and calorie cutting.

    Eat to satiety, no need to starve and yet achieve great diabetes control on LCHF diet.

  • Dr Aseem Malhotra calls Calorie Restriction diets as Complete CRaP:

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