Music Is Great For Everything. So Listen To Music And Enjoy Life

The lead guitarist (also an engineer) in following Video is switching to LCHF Diet to self manage diabetes ;)

The band is coming out with a video album of their own.

Lovely Song, Lovely Lyrics, and such a meaningful song!

Listening to great songs really pep you up. Posting it here for anyone who would want to make the most of it :)

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  • Nice!

  • This is the official FB page of the band:

  • Nice song n nice music

  • Great! Perseverance, despite all odds, always pays in the long run!

    BTW, a great meaningful song and composition. India's got talent :)

  • 100% agree with you.

  • BTW, all four are working professionals.

    One is asst professor, one a sales professional and the diabetic on lead guitar is an engineer working with an automotive company.

    The video album got very popular on indiies MTV channel.

  • good soothing music. Thanks for the post.

  • Thanks!

    Glad that you liked.

  • Watch this movie:

    Do No Harm:

    Based on the real life event of Jim Abraham, a Hollywood director, and how he defied the medical establishment to put his youngest son on KETOGENIC diet for dealing with epilepsy and back then there was only one hospital providing ketogenic diet therapy. Now there are over 200.

    The dialogue/scene from 1:12:00 to 1:16:00 are great :)

    Later Jim Abraham went on to form Charlie foundation and his son is 20+ years now.

  • In the time window that you mentioned:

    "You arbitrarily pretend that your treatments against epilepsy are all science and then argue against ketogenic diet is the cruelest form of double standards."

    Great masterpiece of a dialogue!!!

    I am sure we diabetics on LCHF diet can relate very well to this with regard to our diabetes!

  • Enjoy -- Sir Cliff Richard - An Indian By Birth:

    Never Say Die --

  • Music can also be used as a medium of expressing dissatisfaction.

    Good to see young "Indian" guys taking this up as a means of PROTESTING strongly:

    This is against Hypocrisy & Corruption:

    This one is against JEEP selling a lemon. The following video was done at a cost of $8000. This video has already gone viral

    Enjoy :)

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