Dear George Sir,

I have read your post on how you cured your diabetes, I was very much impressed to read the detailed process of your treatment, I am so impressed that I want to try it on my self as I am a diabetic since 2000 my FBS ranges from 120 to 140 & PP 200 to 220 & currently on metamorphin tablet, I have tried many thing but nothing works, but your experience with LWMDR seems very promising. The problem is finding this miraculous grain (LW) as I am currently working & residing in the gulf region (Kuwait) after a long search I just found it yesterday but the problem is, it is sold with the husk, so can we use it with the husk, also I would be highly obliged if you can confirm the LW in the attached photo whether it is the same one which you are talking about.

eagerly waiting for your reply, to start the treatment

May god keep you blessed with good health always for sharing this wonderful remedy to the public



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  • Photograph does not look like long / emmer wheat.

  • This does not look like Long wheat.

  • This is barley(jau). You need to find emmer wheat or also called Farro in Dubai grocery retail store. You should be able to get it.If not let me know I can tell you a website in India. It was very hard to find as I am from Punjab.It is not available in Punjab. It is Mahrashtra, Kerala, Karnataka,Tamil product. Now I am having it in break fast and lunch. My PP is 97

  • Dear All, Who replied my querry, thanks very much for the information, as I mentioned above I am an Indian but currently working & residing in Gulf region Kuwait, if anybody knows where you can find this in Kuwait please let me, I know one dealer in pune who is supplying but the problem is to carry big quantities to this region. please advice.

  • 09881495526 please call mr vithal in pune India

  • Dear Amit

    Thanks for the information I have already contacted him, but how to get such large qty to Kuwait that is a big question, thats why I am trying if I can find it here itself.

  • its very difficult to find LW in Kuwait, even here in India people find difficulty to find.

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