More than a quarter of U.S. kids and teens are taking a medication on a chronic basis!

Interesting article, though old:

Merck & Co mentioned in the article had also been involved in Vioxx which reportedly killed ~60k humans -- about the same number that died in Vietnam War -- due to heart attacks and Merck finally pleaded guilty.

Merck's own study had pointed that this so called blockbuster drug increased chance of heart attacks FOUR FOLDS. Yet the drug was pushed. It was just a NSAID with lethal side effects. Reminds me of AVANDIA diabetic drug which killed diabetics due to heart attacks, before being pulled off the shelves. In this case GSK pleaded GUILTY.

Dr Mercola had actually issued the first public warning (as noted on his site) about Vioxx while it was still in clinical trials — a year before it became available by prescription. Man with no Nobel prize issuing first public warning about Vioxx which turned out to be prophetic??? Interesting indeed!!!

One of the professors of Dr Mercola during med days once said -- All that you are being taught will be obsolete by the time you graduate.

And some are still stuck with four decade old SFA causes CVD theory -- a FAILED theory? Not so interesting indeed!!!

This is why i try and stay clear of diabetes drugs and manage diabetes through LCHF diet! Eat more SFA and reduce carbs drastically and IGNORE the recommendations of so called AUTHORITIES. Will I be able to avoid drug lifelong? Can't say. But it's better to avoid as long as I can, even if that means avoiding for a decade or two. Already into 5th year without drugs. And, I am not alone. Millions of diabetics across the world have shunned ADA's advise and gone on LCHF diet and are better off on lower drugs.

One diabetic dies every 7 seconds and those with flashy degrees and Nobel prize are clueless:

$600+ billion industry. Why would they want a diet that cuts the size by 50%? Why would ADA want this to happen? After all, they get truckload of donations from drug companies and million dollar worth advertisements in their magazine from food and drug companies. How to keep that secure? Sell a horrible diet as healthy and balanced and sell it without any solid proof of being healthy.

Question that comes to mind after reading this article is:

Who actually is HEALTHY on the so called Healthy & Balanced Diet aka High Carb Low Fat? Humans or the balance sheet of drug, carb food industry and the various associations which get tonnes of donations from these two??? Why is industry donating to these associations? For protecting their interests??

Think, Think hard instead of glorifying and worshiping degrees, certificates and nobel prizes. Talk numbers on the ground. High Carb Low fat is a FAILED proposition -- even a layman can say that once told these figures. But, ADA is just busy pushing the same broken diet! Who cares what degrees they have. Fix the problem first and then we will worship your degrees and certificates. Baba Ramdev has no degrees or Nobel prize and yet he does things which has put him on the wrong side of certain industry.

So, talk numbers and not crow over certificates, degrees and Nobel prizes. They are of just historical value so best to be framed and put up on a wall in living room. Nothing more than that.

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  • Anupji Thanks for such type of article.It is sober much appealing and convincing. No need to attack others . One suggestions : why do not write article in some newspapers.That will be more rewarding. Most of the poor Indians can never open healthunlocked or Dlife.Come out with some book in the market. Then we will be able to attain our noble cause. Thanks sir.

  • Pl don't call me sir :)

    Glad that you like the article. Historically, I have been attacked from day 1 here, by a few for some odd reasons. But, that has reduced drastically -- thanks to moderators here.

    As for writing in newspaper, I am doing it in a very small way locally through our own monthly newspaper (with registered RNI number) that we send out to industries and hotels in my city and it's industrial news related stuff.

    We are spending close to Rs 7500/month on newspaper alone, limited free circulation. So, we are doing our bit to spread awareness by spending money in whatever little way we can do, though few here think that we are running for money and say that without any proof and factual data.

    All this is not time-pass activity for me. It's a passion that costs recurring money.

    As for writing in other newspapers, get me anyone who is willing to publish and I would write. LCHF is my passion and it isn't going to die anytime soon, no matter how much muck is thrown at me.

    As for book, only possibility is an ebook (but that won't be free for sure if that happens). This is because it has to be properly structured, go through two or three phases of copy editing by professional copy editors who charge money based on number of words so won't come for free. Let me think about it. Thanks for your suggestion.

  • Something that doesn't exist because there's no money in cure.

    Lot of money to be made by ensuring that one is kept sick and hooked to pills for life. Best way to make and keep sick is push a BAD Diet - High Carb Low Fat.

  • WRT Voixx after recall:

    "Advisory panels in both the United States and Canada in 2005 voted that Vioxx could return to the market under certain circumstances and restrictions"

    Wonder what this advisory panel had in mind? Money or safety of patients?

    Read the full details here:

    Most of the drug trials involve the manufacturer who will obviously brush aside side effects to make quick few billions before being caught. Then have ghost writers employed to dish out articles after articles on so called great websites vouching for the wonderfulness of the drug. As per the article above, even FDA protected the interests of Merck.

    "An FDA scientist who discovered the Vioxx heart connection early on said his FDA bosses forced him to quash information that was potentially damaging to Merck. Government officials continually question the relationship between Merck and the FDA."

    And, if you don't take drugs you are either anti-science or from paleolithic age -- the usual pitch. And, Dr Mercola would be called a QUACK by so called experts for issuing a first advisory notice during the clinical trial itself. What's the use of clinical trials when such frauds go on in collusion? Oh wait!!! That's how "science of consensus" works probably.

    From such drug frauds, double blind RCT just seems to be a formality on paper. Cherry picking is the usual trick/art that everyone was taught by the great man who tuned himself into superhero by demonizing FAT by cherry picking. Reject or hide the data that doesn't fall in line. Call it PARADOX or use some other snazzy term to sound convincing.

    Just POP the PILL blindly just because so called experts say to. How does it matter if heart attack risks go up immensely. There's statins and the other drugs for that. How does it matter if Statins increase diabetes risk. There's another pill for that --and the cycle goes on.

  • Follow the money trail and everything will become self evident!

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