Type-1 Diabetic

One of my relative's son who is only 2 and 1/2 years old has been diagnosed as type-1 diabetic. His pancreas is working, but very slow. He is taking insulin twice daily. Considering his condition, can LWMDR be offered to him? If anybody in this forum can suggest please what to do. This will be the great help to the parents of that child. Thanking all of you in advance and expecting valuable guidance from your end.

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  • Sad to hear this :(

    Type 1's are destined to be on insulin for life long.

    Parents will have to start learning about carb + protein counting and insulin dosing based on that.

  • Sad about the kid.Type 1 needs insulin and close medical attention for life.As far as LW diet,I do not think any body has any experience with kids.Since it is a natural item of diet,I see no danger in trying it out slowly.It might help in reducing the insulin dose,at least.Please wait for other views on this forum.

  • LW or khapli wheat is comparatively hard for digestion so better not to experiment with so young child.

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