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Hello everyone,

I have started a blog where I will be sharing low carb and sugar free recipes that are actually healthy. Most recipes will be the ones I have created myself and I will also be sharing recipes that I find inspiring. I wish to create a platform that compiles all diabetic friendly recipes at one place.

All recipes on my blog will be 100 % vegetarian, made from ingredients easily available in India and totally free from harmful ingredients.

Please follow me here:

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  • All the best!

  • Thanks a lot!! Please follow the blog if you like :)

  • If you sincerely want followers, do it on your own domain. Free hosting sites tumbler, blogspot etc -- will be difficult to get sticky followers. Yes, hosting on own domain will cost recurring money.

    Lauki kheer is also posted on the other forum where you are there too :)

  • Thank you Mr. Anup for your valuable suggestion. Yes, I have purchased my own domain and I am working on the look of the website. Hosting on tumblr is a temporary measure.

    I did not know about the lauki kheer recipe on dlife. This kheer was something I tried making on my own and it turned out good :)

    I have a repertoire of low carb recipes that I shall be posting on the site. What I want is a one stop platform with recipes that are actually diabetic friendly and tried and tested by a diabetic herself as opposed to recipes that claim to be diabetic friendly and are laden with carbs and other harmful stuff.

  • I have been eating lauki kheer since my childhood but with regular milk. And now it's a regular item for me.

  • Yes, i have replaced the regular milk with coconut milk so that the carb content is refuced drastically.

  • 100 ml whole milk is

    carb = 4.66

    fat = 3.35

    100 ml coconut milk (presuming 200 gm khopra is the base material for 1000 ml home made coconut milk):

    carbs = 4.73

    fat = 12.8

    So the carbs are essentially the same between the two. It's the fat that goes up considerably in case of CM.

  • I agree with you Mr. Anup. You are so knowledgeable and well versed in this area. I have a lot to learn from you :)

  • Pragya --

    It just needs passion and an open mind to learn new things. My passion for LCHF has kept me going and I don't hesitate in sharing what I have learned from others.

    I do hope someone doesn't point fingers at you saying that you are doing all this for money. There are a few here who have said this repeatedly against our forum and they said it just for the heck of it. I won't be surprised if someone does, because even ladies on LCHF haven't been spared here.

  • I sure hope they don't. This was my biggest apprehension before posting the links here.

    Yes, I have seen how many people including ladies have been abused here for following LCHF. I strongly disagree with it. As you said, it is essential to keep an open mind. Both LWDMR and LCHF have worked well for me. If one diet is working well for someone, it doesn't mean the other diet is a fad or a hoax.

    Ever since I took control of my health and started cooking my own food, it is passion that has driven me. Learning is a continuous process. You share what you have learned and learn a thing or two from others as well!!

    A request Mr. Anup. I would love your feedback on the recipes that I post on the blog. If you could do that, it would be great :)

  • Pragya,

    Start your site on "your domain" and I will visit it often. No need to thank -- we are all learning from each other on how to keep away from the "Marie Biscuit" sellers and yet land far better numbers. :)

  • True that!! I will send you the link as soon as I start the website :)

  • Being an LC(hence HF) site, I am eagerly waiting. I wish there could be 100 like you starting 100 websites on LCHF in India. Then some guys wil have to start a site based on ADA diet. After all it's just a few thousand rupees per month :)

    I am being selfish -- as more and more diabetics start spreading message about how to manage diabetes through diet with minimal or ZERO use of drugs and attain NON DIABETIC numbers, the better it gets for diabetics in India.

    Dr Google does the rest for spreading the message. Now our forum has started appearing in top 20 for popular keyword and I am checking stats from Google Analytics. The more the content, better is the visibility.

  • This is something where it is advisable to be selfish :) It is wonderful to imagine a world where people are not falling prey to to this drug and doctor industry and are taking control of their own health.

    Through my website, I will not only share recipes but try to generate as much awareness in people as I can. What is necessary is to change the mindset of people and make them believe that diet is important for controlling their condition and it can be managed far better if only they are willing to alter their diet.

    I also wish more and more people come up to establish forums to spread awareness. As for ADA, I am sure there are many people like you and me who are willing to dispel the myths and lies propagated by them. I once saw the video of a lady advocating LCHF and her first sentence was: "want to reverse diabetes? Completely ignore what ADA says".

    Congratulations for your forum appearing in top 20!! It is a big achievement and it shows how more and more people are willing to ditch the medicine way :)

  • That Lady doctor is Sarah Hallberg and she is right. Want to reverse Type? Ignore ADA because if you want to get diabetes, then follow ADA/AMA/AHA diet. Numbers prove this fact :)

  • Yes, this is the video I had watched. ADA is a threat to the well being of people following their recommendations. The earlier people raelise this, the better!!

  • There are close to 180 on -- all tried and tested by diabetics :)

  • :) that is good to know.

  • While you host your own BLOG, don't base it on WordPress and here's why:

    WordPress has one of the most atrocious history as far as security vulnerability is concerned. Next in line is Drupal and Joomla. All these may be cheap to begin with but very expensive to maintain if one doesn't want their site to be sitting ducks for hackers.

  • I will surely keep this in mind. Thanks a lot Mr. Anup!!

  • Pragya --

    Experience doesn't come from textbooks and encyclopedias, nor does it get taught in schools and universities.

    That's why I ditched Texbooks and encyclopedias in 1987. If I was following texbooks and encylopedias, I would be popping 2000 mg MF and walking 10 km a day to control diabetes and aiming for A1C of 7 -- I do NONE and yet land A1C of 5.6 and lower :)

  • Every word you said rings true.

    I strongly believe that cure and health is in the hands of a person himself. After struggling for 3 months with 350+ BS levels, I found a cure in diet only and now I have learned to ignore what so called diabetes specialists and associations say. I would like to add that I am on a mix of LCHF and LWDMR and it is working well for me. My medication has reduced to half of what I was taking before and I hope to reduce/eliminate it.

    My mother's diabetes specialist tells her to eat Marie Biscuits and white rice everyday!!

    I wish more people get aware and stop listening to these 'specialists' and take their well-being and health in their own hands.

  • LOL on Marie biscuits.

    My first visit to the "Friend" doctor after being declared a diabetic got me same recommendation. Not sure what's so great about Marie. It's all carbs, and nothing else. I was fortunate that being a friend he listened to my plea of avoiding drugs for managing diabetes.

    Yes, we have to feign deafness when we talk to these so called diabetes specialists. because 9.5/10 times my discussions ended in a non cordial one, with specialists cursing the internet. One of them even started cursing Baba Ramdev :)

    So I stopped discussing diabetes, diet and diabetic drugs with so called specialists. Their recommendations will only make matters worse with passage of time.

  • Yes, you really were lucky. When I was diagnosed 3 years ago, the doctor I was seeing for my thyroid disorder straightaway prescribed Metformin glimepride and Pioglitazone. He did not even ask me whether I had any family history of the disease, which I did. The diet chart he gave me prescribed 225 grams of carbs a day, 25 grams of fat and 100 grams of protein. I wonder where I would be if I had actually followed that diet chart.

    You are right. No point discussing diet and diabetes with these 'specialists'. Baba Ramdev sure seems to be affecting their business and that is why they are cursing him. Sadly, people who are following the recommendations of these 'specialists' religiously will only realize this when it is too late.

    We can only hope to generate more awareness among people regarding diabetes and the importance of diet to manage it.

  • That diet chart is standard for everyone -- blind, deaf, one going through organ transplant, cvd, chd, cancer. Healthy (for the sales of drugs) after all. It's a computer generated diet chart -- so useless in 9.9/10 cases. I have seen 3 diet charts to three different patients from the great 5* hospital of Ambani's in Mumbai. All similar.

    WRT Thyroid: Hypo I guess?

    My wife is Hypo. Try bumping up VCO to 3 TBSP/day and add 3X250 mg Ashvagandha/day and see how it goes. She does go to gymn for floor exercises and is nearly on same diet as me - LCHF

    (1) Doctor wanted 100 mcg, she is on 25mcg, and when I ask the same doc how come at 1/4 your first recommended dose levels are normal, he just gives a smile :)

    (2) Doctor wanted her to take Soya Oil I put her on VCO and told the doc, SOYA NEVER EVER in any form.

  • Really? I did not know that. The farther one stays away from these diet charts, the better.

    Yes, it is hypothyroidism and I am currently on 25 mcg of thyrox. I will surely try Ashvagandha. Ayurvedic/herbal over synthetic anyday!! I already take at least 1TBSP of VCO per day. Will find a way to increase it further.

    Can you please tell me the brand of Ashwagandha tablets your wife uses?

    As far as Soya is concerned, I never get tired of telling people that it is the biggest marketing fraud of all time. And a doctor recommending Soya to a thyroid patient? It is unbelievable. It is harmful in all its forms, especially for a person suffering from a thyroid disorder and it should never be consumed. People are blindly adding it to their diets thinking it is healthy, believing the companies that are marketing it.

  • Most herbal stuff we buy from Himalaya Herbal and order online.

    Soya and all its derivatives are crap. US has lowest consumption of Soya milk whereas 7 of top 10 countries running after Soya milk is in ASIA. Hong Kong leads the race when it comes to Soy milk consumption. What a pity.

  • It is truly sad that people choose to believe the companies that are marketing the product and don't do their own research and diligence. But the good thing is many people are calling the bluff of these companies now. Sometime in future, I am also planning to file PILs against the misleading advertising by these companies, branding their products as health foods when in fact they are the opposite of healthy!

    I got Himalaya Herbals Ashvagandha capsules today. Hope I bebefit from them :)

  • So you are a lawyer?

    We have one lady lawyer on our forum. She is a case who switched from LW to LCHF as she wasn't able to go off Meds on LW. She is not very regular on forum, she had just posted her experience/success on LCHF wrt going off meds completely.

    PIL's need to be filed against experts who say High Carb Low Fat is good and then present our medical reports to show that LCHF is far better and High Carb is worst for diabetics :)

  • That is great. Always good to hear more and more success stories of people going off meds :)

    Yes, I am a lawyer. Though I am currently working in accounting and auditing but I am entitled to present my case in a court of law. It has been a long standing desire of mine to expose all these so called health experts and health food companies.

    That is a great idea Mr. Anup. Now we have documented proof of how low carb diets work for diabetics and how a high carb diet affects them. If the courts come down hard on these experts and companies, more people will realise how they have been fooling people.

  • Someone just called LCHF a FAD diet, as usual, despite the huge amount of successes.

    Younger generation can make all the difference as younger generation has a lot to gain and have a very long life ahead, so reward-to-risk ratio is very high on LCHF and risk-to-reward ration is very high on so called balanced diet - High Carb Low fat. No wonder, it's the younger generation making the bold moves on their own:

    And, they aren't going back to the so called healthy and balanced diet.

    Besides, younger generation has least intertia when it comes to assimilating new things and going for a change. Education is not about flashing degrees but the ability to learn things and adapt to newer facts.

  • Well, some people just cannot get over the belief that what they have been eating is the perfect diet and everything else is FAD.

    I deal with this every day. At work, when I strictly refuse to eat sweets or anything else that does not fit into my diet plan, all I get to hear is "itni kam umar mein ye haal hai toh aage kya hoga. Hamne toh khoob khaya hai tumhari umar mein". I get surprised not because of what they say, but because of what they believe. Everyone who says this to me is suffering from obesity/arthritis, blood pressure, diabetes and cholestrol. They are heavily dependent on drugs. Still they believe that what they are eating is good for them. I see all these people devouring sweets, biscuits, samosas, pastries and what not almost every day. I so wish they would change their mindset.

    Younger generation is quick to adapt to changes. I have altered my diet completely and as you said, I am never going back to the so called balanced diet ever again.

    The problem with most elderly or middle aged people is that they do not want to accept any change. Yes, they have years of experience but I feel they should be open to changes also and not be so rigid in their mindset and views.

  • ""itni kam umar mein ye haal hai toh aage kya hoga. Hamne toh khoob khaya hai tumhari umar mein".

    Maa kay haath kay bane laddoo say sugar nahin badhtee hai. -- I have even listened to this :)

    "Yes, they have years of experience but I feel they should be open to changes also and not be so rigid in their mindset and views."

    I changed at 48 and still keep changing. My son (22 now) is my friend and I don't ever tell him "Humarey Jamaney Main ... nonsense" :)

    For me, more than number of years of experience, it's the QUALITY of experience that counts. That's why I superseded my old bosses to become their boss when in Job.

  • Maa ke hath ke laddoo se sugar nahi badhti hai. That is hilarious :D

    It is great to hear that Mr. Anup, but right now I guess you are one of those few people who want to change with changing times. Rest are too rigid to change.

    Anyway, it is really good to hear of such a good equation between you and your son. I second your views. It should always be quality over quantity. This positive approach to keep learning and re-inventing yourself definitely helped you scale the success ladder :)

  • My dad educated me on things in 20th century that are still considered taboo in 21st century India. And, he always said, "treat your child better than I have treated you"

    So, it's all about how one is groomed in formative days. No pressure on son for anything.

  • :) :) And that is why you are open-minded and ready to adapt to changes.

    Parenting well done, both by your father and now you.

  • That's great pragya!

    Let's see if you are also troubled when you start linking to your website on your domain. Happy that one more LCHF related site comes up by an Indian for an Indian. This is how the LCHF movement will grow and help diabetics gain better health and reduce dependance on drugs and insulin.

  • Thank you so much for your kind words aks666. Please follow the page at the links given above if you wish :)

  • Very good.

    Actually this block require this.

    Keep it up.

  • @Chaptel

    Thank you. If you want you can follow the blog here:

  • Mr. Anup & other members, I will appreciate if you could possibly send me a detailed grocery list for LCHF Diet. I am a non veg.

  • There's a LCHF grocery list posted very recently on

    Check my profile and you also find links to meals posted by rel diabetics on lchf diet:

    I posted multiple links on profile because it is allowed as per my communication with administrator - Vesa

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