Understanding the body’s ‘secret signs

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BY Dr. Mark Wiley

Aan internationally renowned mind-body health practitioner, author, motivational speaker and teacher. He holds doctorates in both Oriental and alternative medicine, has done research in eight countries and has developed a model of health and wellness grounded in a self-directed, self-cure approach.

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“The body is a miraculous thing, almost unfathomable. So many millions of processes go on each hour of each day that it is simply mind-boggling that such an intricate being could exist. The body has many autonomic systems to keep itself in check, to balance and regulate sleep and digestion, and to protect against everything from infection and injury.In many cases, if left to its own devices, the body is able to heal itself (well, short of traumatic injuries and invasive pathogens and diseases). But if we treat the body right, feed it well, and allow it to sleep and recuperate, it should serve us well.

Negative health issues arise when we push too hard — run it into the ground, so to speak — by pressing on when we’re exhausted and stressed. When we don’t address wellness concerns at their onset, they can become health issues. And then, if still not addressed or cared for properly, those health issues can become diseases.

How do we know when a basic wellness issue arises that requires some self-care? We look at our bodies for evidence of first signs. You see, your body “shows you” what is happening to it on its surface. Unfortunately, we don’t know what to look for. So its messages have become “secrets.”

While there are dozens of signs the body provides us on a daily basis, being aware of a few of them can be most helpful. Let’s look at a few here, in terms of both modern Western and traditional Chinese understandings.

The tongue tells all

The tongue is an essential organ that shows us many signs of the state of our health. Here I will mention just two..

To begin, in Chinese medicine examining the tongue is one of the most useful and basic diagnostic tools. It is known as the “outlet of the heart,” as the color of the tongue is related to the state of the blood.

For example, a pale-colored tongue can indicate a basic blood deficiency or anemia. This is often a dietary issue. Consuming more red meat or liver, taking iron supplementation and eating more fresh vegetables can often correct the issue.

A tongue with scalloped sides is related to spleen qi deficiency — poor digestion or dietary issues that don’t allow nutrients to build the blood properly, resulting in the tongue’s inability to hold its shape. The dentist will tell you it is related to pushing your tongue against your teeth, but this is a fallacy. In addition to poor nutrition, food allergies can also play a hand in this sign; having yourself tested is a good idea if you think it could be a cause.

Rosy or red eyes, face and cheeks

When people begin to get red cheeks and eyes, it is usually from food and stress. Modern medicine associates rosy cheeks with stomach issues, mainly a decrease in the amount of hydrochloric acid and pepsin in the stomach. Age and diet both account for this.

Interestingly, acid reflux is a symptom of too little stomach acid. Therefore, taking things like antacids to quell acid reflux only makes the underlying cause worse. A better solution is to take a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar daily. It works wonders — as does eating less acidic and processed foods in favor of more alkaline foods like cucumber, melons and other fruit.

Red eyes are often associated with what is known in Chinese medicine as “liver yang rising.” This is a poetic way of saying too much stress and/or alcohol causes the liver to get too hot, which sends blood upward instead of downward, thus flushing the face and eyes. If this is your issue, pull back on alcohol consumption and practice methods of stress relief such as meditation, yoga or biofeedback.

Fingernail issues

Fingernails are essential for protecting the fingers in day-to-day activities and are often dismissed by most people. Many girls and women paint their nails, covering them to make them stronger or more beautiful. In traditional Chinese medicine it is believed that “the liver manifests in the nails.”

The liver is responsible for many processes related to blood, and the quality of blood is essential to vibrant health. When the nails are in good condition (that is, strong, smooth and pinkish with a whiter half circle at the base), it is believed to be a sign of good overall health.

However, when the fingernails are chipped, have white spots, are cracked, lack luster or have ridges, health is waning. Some of these signs (e.g., rough or powder-like surface) may be linked to a fungal infection or immune deficiencies. Having this checked by a healthcare provider is a good idea. Split nails or those with vertical ridges can be seen as a sign of poor nutrition and digestive health, poor levels of hydrochloric acid and pepsin in the stomach, and sugar and gluten allergies. Supplementing with probiotics, zinc and calcium can help, as does generally improving your diet with organic, fresh vegetables high in calcium and live active cultures. In severe cases, if dietary changes don’t help, it may be a sign of, it may be a sign of a compromised thyroid in need of checking.”

The body overall

There are many ways your body speaks to you. I suggest doing some research online or with practitioners to learn about the more obvious ones, as a start. The body is miraculous. And the state of the hair, skin, eyes, nails, tongue, joints, organs, breath and many other areas can offer clues to the state of your health. By using the body’s signs as a guide, you can live a life of disease prevention, addressing issues in the most natural of ways while they are simple and easy to handle, rather than ignoring them and developing a serious chronic health concern.”

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  • please elobrate more about the body and for each part ofbody. YOur research is very useful and can lead to a happy life.

    Really I am impressed too much. I am sixty eight years old and this is first time I have heard about these signes for good health.

    Please detail more and I will fee obliged.

    regards with love ,



  • it may be more useful if you get it from the link given in the post.

  • In severe cases, if dietary changes don’t help, it may be a sign of, a compromised thyroid in need of checking

  • Basic things about health everybody should know.

  • Self Directed Self Cure approach is what we diabetics on LCHF diet also do and then reduce drastically drugs and yet achieve readings of a non diabetic.

  • Yes, LCHF diet can make you drug free !!!

  • i am not sure if becoming "drug free"is becoming disease free or being totally healhy,even if one is symptom free.It all depends what is the goal set by oneself.

  • It's definitely better than being drug dependent, no matter which way one looks at. This is provided the medical reports turn out far better than those who are heavily drug dependent.

    pnchandra has reduced his insulin dose by more than 50% and yet lands non diabetic numbers. Obviously that's a great sign -- for him and not the insulin industry :)

  • No medical report concludes that merely the parameters being within range means one is disease free.These biochemical reports have to be correlated with other biological conditions and symptoms which necessitated need for such investigation.The report usually points out whether the investigated parameters are within the statistical range or out of it. The range itself is based on observed parameters of large number of population of different nationalities,races and should be understood as broad indicators .Based on the report the health care professional suggests medication and suppliments to bring it within range.Therefore self analysing the medical report is purposeless to feel confident one is safe.

  • One would have to be naive to believe that diabetes can be cured. We never claim CURE (or elimination of) diabetes by following LCHF diet. It remains in or moves toward a state of remission through LCHF diet and not become a progressive disorder (or minimize the chances of) as claimed -- and that's important for us. We don't buy (or SELL) CURE of diabetes theory at all.

    Range of blood sugars started out by observing pima indians to begin with, IIRC, who are genetically inclined to produce more insulin right from early adulthood.

    Why should we believe ADA's 180 limit? There's absolutely no science behind it. It's just a number decided based on kidney threshold. It's like telling 220 kmph is a safe speed to dive your car just because speedometer has a limit of 220 kmph.

    So, ADA is basically forcing everyone to mimic pima indians genetic disposition through a 60% CARB loaded diet and ensure astronomical drug sales and yet not be able to control the menace ;)

    And, what's the best way to increase CARBS? Sponsor and rig research on SFA and keep repeating the same lie over and over again :)

    We know how to read reports as much as the doctor knows. Doctors iterate even after knowing everything. It maybe purposeless for those who think we don't really know what to make of the report. That's just a convenient presumption.

  • dear raoji,

    'to be drug free means total health' --

    is a classic hang over of an ancient feeling -=medical approach feeling.

    medicines those days had many side effects.

    not all modern medicines are so.

    you r absolutely right.consise and complete.

    good luck

  • It's not a hangover feeling. It's wise decision of 21st century :)

    drugs will always have side effects. So, readers are intelligent and they learn LCHF from the masters who have perfected it and not from ADA theoreticians.

  • Indeed being drug free means better health. Of course those who are helpless and cannot reduce or go off drugs because they are hooked to high carbs low fat will always have a different opinion.

  • Ragivrao ji I have read all your blogs.I like all. But I do not like your attitude towards LCHF followers.The goal is same.Just like our religion.Though the path is different to attain salvation,the goal is same.I request you to be calm and cool while accusing LCHF followers.If some body follow LCHF and remain drug free or less dependant on drugs than what is the harm.Now a days readers are well aware of all medical parameters of the disease.I have not visited the doctor from 2010 november.Apart from sugar ,if anything happens, I then definitely go to doctors.So in a public forum like this ,this does not look good.If I have unknowing hurt your sentiments ,please pardon me. I am personally extremely courteous,patient and forgiving person.So direct attacking is not good.But all your articles are of high calibre, informative and widely appreciated.With due regards I remain.Thanks.

  • mr makarim ,

    you are a geologist.

    with due respect to you, i would say,

    please do not confuse with religion. such generalization is not a scientific approach .or zindabad too,

    because we dont count heads in geology? do you?

    so should be in medicine.

    for instance ,

    tell me if there is any one in the lchf group who could not get the same benefits [of lchf]

    from a reduced weight and a balanced and calorie limited food? as the ADA and the world nutritionists prescribe!!

    lchf is almost all,

    people who just reduced their over eating!!!

    how to trust all this 400 talk.?

    if that were the case ,

    why the modern science people formulated the blind and double blind tests.?

    good luck

  • LCHF is not just reducing carbs or reducing overeating. You have repeated that wrong statement zillion times just to negate LCHF. We don't believe in remaining in perpetual state of hunger. We eat to satiety and don't have to count calories.

    We don't believe in ADA and their cousins when it comes to diet and nor do we believe that LCHF is just reducing carbs or eliminating overeating "consciously" and then getting energy from just breathing air.

    LCHF is reducing carbs and replacing with good fats.

    How many have reduced or gone off drugs by reducing weight and get blood sugar levels of a non diabetic? Most cover their failure by saying that ADA's 7 is a great number for A1C. Calorie limited is a failed concept.

    Don't trust this 400 talk if you don't want to. No one is trying to convince you or anyone who are prejudiced against LCHF. What matters is this -- she trusted :)


    And is already benefiting in less than 3 days -- off from glimi and hitting normal PPBS ... it's cases like these that add to 400+ Wait for another year and it will be 1000+ :)

    makarim is right in what he has said.

    Modern science people will never conduct double blind test on LCHF (not the LCHF where they put 30% carbs as LCHF) because if they do Diabetes care will shrink from 260 billion dollars to 100 billion dollars in drug sales. Why would rug industry want to lose their permanent cash cow? They are aiming for 500 billion dollars. Not sure why this is so difficult to understand. It's plain logic and common sense.

    If ADA's plans are so great then 1 diabetic shouldn't be dying every 7 seconds across the world.

    BTW, one link is allowed in POSTS :)

  • "how to trust all this 400 talk.?"

    I don't think you should be concerned about 400+ that have benefited on LCHF.

    How about showing just 40 people who succeeded to hit A1C < 5.7 on your so called balanced and nutritious diet plans where one has to be a Guinness World Record holder on calorie counting for it to succeed? I bet all are struggling and that's why many a switching to LCHF where they eat to stomach full, don't eat 8 times a day and yet achieve great numbers on 70% less drugs as bare minimum for majority of them.

    Let numbers do all the talking.

  • Sir due apology ,I did not want to bring geology in to picture or religion.But I only wish that such war of words between LCHF followers and other is not good.Any way, I still belief that lot of thoughts ,lot of links,lot of ideas are there to bring down the diabetes to the minimum.So people should only judge whom to select.In this context only I coined the word religion because here also people is free to chose. Anyway, henceforth no remarks on any blog. If I like blog o.k. If I do not like also o.k.Thanks.

  • indiacratus:

    What's your expert opinion on problem of "racing thoughts" and OCD?

    Are they related?

  • Hi makarim --

    Thank fully I am not called a "Speculative Blogger" anymore now, as it was in early part of 2013 (when I first started preaching LCHF here) where someone even called me frustrated. They (mostly in their 70's) didn't even spare a lady -- meenaraju -- who was one of the first to switch.

    You give them 4000, they will not trust, you give them 4 million they will not trust. So, no point because they have decided that come what may, they will oppose without providing any workable alternative of similar end point. They will even say we are lying when we talk of these numbers but would want everyone to trust them when they speak.

    They feel happy with A1C of 7 and we feel unhappy with A1C of 6. So how can we ever be on the same page?

    Times have changed and thanks to the moderators here that insults and abuses against LCHF followers have almost died down. Most important thing for me is that INDIAN diabetics are switching to LCHF and gaining control of diabetes while greatly reducing drugs -- some even eliminating them completely, despite diabetic history of 2 decades.

    So, keep spreading LCHF as a healthy way of living wherever you go because LCHF is ZINDABAD. Number is growing, despite opposition from a few here. :)

  • Anupji,I appreciate your point.But please do not have a war of words between LCHF followers and others.Just preach the truth.Be happy.Thanks.

  • I rarely engage in war of words, unless unnecessarily provoked too much. Some guys should stop spreading distorted views about LCHF. Problem is they won't. Look at the unnecessary "zindabad" statement from the other guy. That had no relevance to your current post.

  • mr karim

    my post did not tak of any particular diet but on health.why and where did you find my attitude offending your sensibilities.?you are at liberty to practice any approach to your health.please do not come with personal attack on any one.

  • me raoji,

    actually it is a misunderstanding by mr makarim. he is a man of extreme politeness and

    'with a honesty of purpose'.

    see for instance:

    i consider lchf and nutritional ketosis , orphan terms ,

    never defined by any scientist or responsible websites like the national institutes.

    even wikipedia the most liberal of encyclopedias use only the term low carb.!!

    if indiacratus considers lchf as a bad diet detrimental to the nutritional requirements of the human body,

    then he has every right to to appeal to the innocent new comers to the forum

    never follow this diet.

    mr rao has the same right and only did this.

    that is the misunderstanding in makarim.

    a diet practice to be made a religion!!. it is just preposterous.

    i dont read all responses ,excuse me.if mr karim wants a reply from me he has to reply me.

    good luck

  • You have a right to your opinion based on ADA, and we have a right to our opinion based on Medical reports on ADA and LCHF diet. Readers are intelligent enough to take a call. Experience isn't taught in textbooks or encyclopedias.

    We don't consider ADA's preaching as some bible truth. It's because of their recommendations that 1 diabetic dies every seven seconds in the world, despite DRUGS and INSULIN. This is one reason why diabetics switch to LCHF diet -- AND Benefit.

    Switching to LCHF diet benefits, irrespective of what you think or want others to believe based on your understanding. We know what "nutritional ketosis" is. It is an established terminology ... much more established than terminology like LCCF or LWMDR :)

  • Thank you for quoting the name LWMDR. :-)

  • indiacratus --

    From your favorite mayoclinic --

    "Conversely, low-carb usually means high-fat."

    So? Low carb means high fat which means low carb high fat aka LCHF.

    So let's put an end to this confusion over LC and LCHF nomenclature because your favorite site also says what we say. One just can't be on low carb and get energy out of the blue.

    My understanding is Crystal Clear because my readings are not just limited to 2 or 3 sites. It runs well over 30 sites which doesn't include ADA/MAYO for sure. Just quoted Mayo as you love that site :)

  • "i consider lchf and nutritional ketosis , orphan terms ,

    never defined by any scientist or responsible websites like the national institutes.

    even wikipedia the most liberal of encyclopedias use only the term low carb.!!"

    Same way it applies to LWMDR. No scientific institute/body has any recommendation of LW for curing/controlling diabetes. But you won't say word against it. :)

  • Shrisamarth --

    Even Diabetes and Hypertension forum on HU has diabetics on LCHF, Diabetes UK forum has diabetics on LCHF, and most importantly the forum of the so called great body -- ADA -- also have diabetics talking LCHF.

    So, doesn't matter what these great bodies talk. Diabetics on self-management path know what LCHF, nutritional ketosis is. Orphan, legitimate or illegitimate is all rhetoric.

    For the rest with very limited knowledge on the subject, Ketosis == DKA, only one term that they know about ketosis to scare people :)

  • Beyond certain point we can not help ignorant people. :)

  • My intention is to correct the misinformation campaign against LCHF from just a few here.

    Remember Anil Handa? He was chased away from this forum. Now he has dumped STATINS and MF altogether after switching to LCHF. Then some still want to disbelieve figure of 400+ :)

  • I fully agree with you.

  • I do not attack any body personally.I only wish every body to put right things.Do not attack .Honestly speaking, several times I have requested Anup ji also to only preach LCHF.Do not point on any one.The article you wrote on body sign is a good one but see the expression of Anupji and yours.This I do not like.Anyway ,I shall try my best not to post my request to any body. Thanks.

  • @makarim --

    Here's one nice video session, where Tim Noakes briefly draws a parallel between religion and current "science of consensus". So, nothing wrong if you talked religion. Science can never be a matter of "consensus". How can few guys in a closed room decide everything? Sometimes even ignoring the advises of guys who participated in the research -- like in case of accord study for example (i have already posted a video on this earlier).

    The whole video is a pleasure to watch and listen to as it deals with LCHF, diabetes etc.

    User @Concerned has mentioned Tim few times in his posts. He has lived on both High Carb and Now On Low Carb, so has all the experience and qualification to talk what he talks. The moment he started talking LCHF for runners, one sports drink company cancelled contract with him:

  • Thank you for the video. Even outside people are talking of LCHF .May everybody get the benefit of LCHF at least in India. Thanks.

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