Top 10 Reasons Why BMI Is A Useless Number

Since posting only one link per post is allowed by rules, I am posting one for -- TOP 10 Reasons why BMI is a useless number:

We diabetics on LCHF diet don't bother about BMI. Body will settle down with what is best for it once one settles into LCHF diet. Period. The negatives of High Carb Low Fat Diet is attempted to cover through this useless number.

Tom Brady is considered overweight (27+) and his model wife Gisele Bundchen underweight (17.6) by this useless number :D :D

Serena Williams (ace wimbledon star) and all heavy weight boxers are another perfect example of what rubbish the BMI chart is. If Usain Bolt gained 5 lb or 2Kg, he'd be classed as 'overweight;! BMI????

Can keep on quoting huge number of such cases. But, I will stop here!

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  • Lebron James - BMI 27.4. He should call his doctor and reduce weight as just 1.7 away from being called OBESE by BMI standards ;)

    A professional basketball player, currently considered one of the best in the game.

  • Oh yes.

    Arjuna Ranatunga, obese by visual assessment but a great cricketing career as a batsman and Srilankan Team's Ex Captain. Couldn't lose weight despite active lifestyle as a cricketer.

    We are not going to participate in some cat/ramp walk that we should aim for BMI 20/21. My so called BMI has been in the 25/26 range for over 3 years now. Blood sugar great, no drugs, no walks. Key is LCHF diet.

  • good comment BMI and calories are only a health tools to decide the factor of healthy condition these are one of the parameter but not sure it mus tbe applicable simply says we have so much of ID proof for our we may show any one or two

    but point of Rana tunga however he maintain good cricket but he takes single run in the chances of taking 2 or 3 runs this is shows his obesity of the body reduces to some extent i f he not over wt or obesity

    then his runs so much time increases

  • There are scientific studies proving that BMI is useless number. Problem is that it sticks just like SFA causes CVD/CHD dogma sticks like a plague because the theory benefits few monetarily. One is insurance companies which charges premium based on BMI, so why would they call BMI useless when it makes them more money for no good reason.

    As for Ranatunga, well, experts always said he is intelligent as he never ran too hard in hope of getting the extra run which never existed. In fact many a times he used to walk than run.

    Another example in same category is Inzamam Ul Haq of Pakistan cricket team.

  • But active ness in running in the field and taking single runs is lesser than other peoples who smart and not over wt

  • Question is what defines "overweight" because BMI is useless number as it cannot differentiate between FAT and MUSCLE! :)

  • Bmi is a Guage. Fat caliper and hip to waist ratios tell us much more.

    Also you can have your fat levels ea s ily verified with scientific precision today. My BMI was an estimated 32. A device measuring my body fat said I was a 25.7

    That's a huge difference for sure...

  • That's why I have been saying -- BMI is a USELESS number ;)

  • The most useless number that some guys here treat as some magic wand. Useless and outdated number.

  • Yes it is most meaningless number. MY BMI has been around 25+ always for last 4.5 years. Fat caliper currently shows Body fat ~18% -- just a % more from the Fitness category level.

    So much so for this useless number called BMI.

    If I have to reduce BMI to 18.5 as per theory of diabetes management by some non diabetic here, it would look ridiculous.  I prefer to go by Fat Caliper than this useless BMI. One doesn't have to reduce to a set of BONES to manage diabetes. Look great, look healthy and get great blood sugar control even at USELESS BMI of 26/27. Focus on body fat than useless BMI.

    So, instead of following a useless BMI number focus on what is more current.

    BMI is a failed number and just like the SFA Vs CHD/CVD lies, the old timers prefer to stick to it. As they say, habits die hard.

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