It is a powerful antioxidant that is important for the maintenance of connective tissue. It also functions as a co-factor for many enzymes in the body.

. For this reason, people need to get it from fruit, vegetables, fortified food or supplements..

vitamin C deficiency may cause scurvy, a condition initially characterized by spotty skin and fatigue. Advanced scurvy can cause yellow skin, loss of teeth, bleeding and eventually death.

several studies indicate that high vitamin C intake may:

Protect against age-related mental decline.

Reduce blood pressure.

Improve the health of blood vessels, possibly cutting the risk of clogged arteries.

Some of these effects may only apply to those who are low in vitamin C to begin with.

Taking vitamin C can also enhance iron absorption from a meal. This can reduce the risk of anemia in people who are prone to iron deficiency.

Vitamin C is found in most plant foods, especially raw fruits and vegetables. The richest food sources citrus fruits and various berries.

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  • It is a good information for the diabetic patients. Thank you. Continue giving advice on life style for us.

  • Can we regularly take a vitamin c tablet (daily)? Should it be taken before or after food!


  • Two points:

    (1) You don't need tablets for Vit C. Lot's of natural food items with lots of VitC

    (2) If you run higher blood sugar, VitC absorption will be less.

  • For me I used Fern-c vitamn c since 2007 now i'm still.good

  • Vit C increases Cholesterol absorption. The essential repair component in your food so is necessary for old age probs. Please search. Suprobhatum from Kolkata

  • has the property of controlling infection.But one needs to control diabetes as well .It is common knowledge that vitaminc handles infection through white blood vessals and when one has high blood suger this is interefered we notice higher blood sugar during such infection..

  • mega dose vitamin c was once advocated by linus pauling for infection [greatest chemist of 20th century second half]

    but it did not catch up --it looks

  • Because the Drug Industry cannot patent Vitamin C. Anything that cannot be patented or can lead to lower sales of drugs will never be pushed by mainstream. Mainstream is all about criminally high profits through patented drugs.

    Recently, there has been a spate of rigged research against vitamins and supplements.

  • The indigenous North Americans learned that eating the organ meats of buffalo for example, prevented scurvy.

  • There's one professionally failed and self proclaimed expert

    who doesn't spare even Linus Pauling

    This guy calls everyone who doesn't believe in mainstream recommendations a quack :)

  • The term is likely to gain positive connotations relating to 'not underpinned by mainstream nonsense'.

    How much weight of evidence does mainstream opinion have with regard to saturated fat for instance, compared to the 72 studies of the University of Cambridge's meta-analysis that found no link with heart disease? ;-)

  • Oh we on LCHF never believed in that useless Diet -LIPIDS - Heart theory. That's why we are better off compared to those who believe in it -- less drugs, better numbers,no six times a day eating and make no attempts for attaining a ZERO figure with BMI of 20/21 :)

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