Generally speaking, dietary fiber is defined as parts of plants that cannot be digested in the upper digestive system.

The fiber found in plant foods is believed to be responsible for many of their health benefits.

A high intake of fiber has been linked with many beneficial effects on health ).

These include:

Lower cholesterol .

Reduced risk of heart disease.

Decreased risk of constipation ).

Lower risk of colon cancer.

Increased feeling of fullness after a meal, promoting weight loss ().

Many kinds of fiber are also prebiotics, meaning that they are able to improve colon health by promoting the growth of beneficial bacteria .

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  • We don't have the length of long intestine that other great-apes have, and consequently aren't able to derive the fat from fibre that they can. Ergo, too much fibre is as bad as too little; we should eat a sensible amount as part of a healthy balanced diet that meets our nutritional needs, with the body only deriving a third of its energy from carbohydrate, two-thirds from fat.

  • Fiber has been hyped just to cover High Carb Diet.

  • dear raoji,

    all the points mentioned are beneficial. but fiber intake also should be limited ,

    the have a recommendation ---so many grams per day ,


    because soluble fiber has molecules hydrophelic at one end and lipophilic at the other end

    causing take away of all bile acids to colon

    ---therefore excess is not advisable.

    good luck

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