Bring Shooter George Back

This is an appeal to the admins/moderators of this site. Please remove the ban on Mr. George. He is a valuable member of this community and his experience and advice have proved to be of invaluable help to diabetic people like me. He has been of immense help to people on this forum and he provides all the help and advice selflessly.

Please undo the ban on him.


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  • Have you tried LWMDR as suggested by him?If yes then what is your observation??

  • Yes it is working well for me.

  • Please give some details!

  • OK!Thanks for asking me to change it!

  • That is the problem with human being and that is why we are not able to root out corruption from India. Nobody in this world is indispensable and if anybody gets bad with the popularity is most dangerous man. God has created many who may be better than Shooter george but there are many who will never accept the change. If he has been punished for some undesirable attitude it is OK. Either he should honestly apologize the forum for all his misdeeds or clarify that why was he misunderstood. Then only he should be allowed to return back to forum.

  • George is the one who has been removed unceremoniously (that I presume because of the silence of admin) and now you want him to apologize. Now the needle of suspision is moving towards the admin. Earlier also medfree was censored badly. If the drug lobby has purchased this forum then goodbye.

  • Hi Sugu,

    medfree was a victim of unnecessary war of words between him and those who opposed him tooth and nail and a group consistently kept playing report to admin games and made sure he left. He did leave but after deleting all the threads started by him and deleting many of his posts.

    Even I was a victim of same games by a group of persons back then, but I have found my way back, after communicating with admin(s). SG seems to be the innocent one caught in the cross-fire as Karma tried to find her way back. Whatever goes around comes around. Per admins note, he deleted his account. As to why he deleted, only he can answer, though wild unfounded allegations are flying around.

  • The fact that you do not even know the entire situation and still commenting on it to offer your profound wisdom is astonishing. Mr. George has been of nothing but help to the community members here.

    I would advise you to refrain from commenting on other people's posts when you do not know the entire situation and are nowhere concerned.

  • he has been a hope for people suffering from diabetes its all a dirty game please come back Mr. shooter George.

  • I agree with everything you said but I just want to say that it is not about means of communication. The outrage is about the unfair ban on someone like Mr. George who has been nothing but selfless in sharing his knowledge with others.

  • I do not know if forum is run by all the members sharing their experiences or it is run by moderators. Medfree has been vehemently supporting LCHF and shooter george long wheat whereas people should be open for many other positive developments in the treatment of diabetes. Let us not stick to one because that raises doubt that whther it is self less or selfish motives.

  • I am sorry, but I do not see who has given you the authority to raise doubts or to question the genuineness or authenticity of a person. People support the diet that works for them, be it LCHF or LWDMR. It is as simple as that. These are diets that have been actually tried and tested by diabetic people and are working wonders for them. These are not multi billion dollar industries like diabetes drugs. So no question of selfish motives.

    As for being open to new developments in the treatments of diabetes, please believe as you please. Others will believe what they choose. Kindly stop giving unsolicited advice.


  • Dear Sir,

    I am sorry to know that you do not know about your fundamental rights though living in a democratic country. Everybody is free to express their views on any thing in public. It is left to public whether it takes it or reject it.

  • Dear Mr. Kanaujiavijay,

    I am sorry too, to see that while you preach and pretend to know about fundamental rights, you completely fail to acknowledge others' fundamental rights. If you have the right to say anything you want, others have the right to agree with it or disagree. Sadly no one here is interested in your self-righteous and presumptous preaching so you can stop commenting on this thread.

    You want to preach? Here is an advice. Create your own threads and preach whatever you want. That way you can have a discussion with people who are actually interested in listening to you.

    Stop spamming here!!

  • It's been a long time since I logged in at HealthUnlocked and was really surprised and shocked to read that @ShooterGeorge has been banned. Do not know the reason.

    Can I request some one to post the link to the thread which lead to his ban.


  • :-(

  • Mr Shooter George is a very important member and his contributions over the period has been appreciated by many. If there is any restriction on his writings this should be removed.

  • In addition to the 2 therapies recommended by thes two guys try this one also...Just stop taking Milk and its products... for 30 days do some Yogasanas with Pranayams as given in my last post,..and see the specific diet plan..just avoid direct sugar, cold drinks and sugar containing products. Take Normal diet but 2/3rd of what you usually consume..

  • WHEN I SAY IN ADDITION, IT DOESNT MEAN SIMULTANEOUSLY..Try this independently as alternative therapy.

  • He is very nice person ans was doing novel work for people suffering diabetes.Please revoke his ban.

  • Sad of he has been banned. Was he banned or went into oblivion? We need him.

  • Sad if Shooter George has been banned. Was he banned or went into oblivion? We need him.

  • This was 9 months ago. He is not banned as of now.

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