Healthy, Yummy LCHF Drink Instead Of Sugary Orange Juice

Here's a quick, tasty, healthy and energizing LCHF drink (can easily replace orange juice that's recommended by mainstream) that I actually have made it a part of my life recently:

(1) Around 200 ml Home Made coconut milk.

(2) One Scoop of Protein powder (EAS Brand - Vanilla flavor -- I don't sell them)

Put the two in mixer, add some ice, give a few whirls and a tasty and healthy LCHF drink is ready. Put in a straw and enjoy :)

FAT = 26 grams = 234 kcal -- ~22 gms is Saturated FAT (MCT loaded). SFA is great for health on LCHF diet

Proteins = 15 grams = 60 kcal

Carbs = 9.5 grams = 38 kcal

Total kcal (approx) = 332 kcal

Energy: 70% FAT ; 18% Proteins ; 12% carbs. Perfect LCHF energy rich and healthy drink.

I will try and see how to up the FAT content of this drink ;)

Enjoy a double egg cheese omlete made in VCO with this and total kcal goes to ~ 600+ kcal with just 20 grams MAX carbs and far healthier than ADA's/mainstream's 70 grams carbs and only 7% SFA breakfast.

So, innovate and enjoy LCHF lifestyle.

More on LCHF diet for Indian diabetics -

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  • Is EAS brand Protein powder easily available in any shop? pnk1941/ imbu

  • You can check on ebay or healthkart. Online sources will be cheaper than brick-n-mortar shops

  • Sir Anup,please precisely, how do we make d home made coconut milk.from d grated,coconut flesh. Also,is it okay for a diabetic to eat d coconut flesh?,as I love to chew d raw flesh always

  • My preference is from dry coconut, grated at home. Dry one makes it easy for computing fat/carb/protein.

  • anup how to compute carbs, fat & protein of a food item

  • Use a resource such as a book or online such like this

    For the long-term, estimate portion sizes of your favourite foods in terms of proportion of a cup for instance e.g. 1/2 cup of sweetcorn = 20g carbohydrate.

  • Hi sonu1196,

    There are many online sites which will help you do this. Right from the start of my journey I have been referring to @Concerned mentioned one site too.

    So, referring any resource, you can then opt of fixed measure like "cup" or "weight" or "number" as and where applicable. For me, working with weights is easier.

    So, if I used a 200 gram Khopra to make 1000 ml milk all I need is C/P/F in 200 gram Khopra.

  • Hello Anup,

    I am following shooter George's LWMWR in the morning and at dinner.My sugar is getting under control. But, in the afternoon, I take rice, so my sugar spikes. Hence, I would also like to incorporate LCHF diet too. Can you suggest more LCHF diet, and I am a veg by choice.

  • Hi nairrajis,

    Unfortunately LW and LCHF do not gel well. Yes you can be on LCHF and yet depend on LW, but you cannot be following LW regimen and then following LCHF.

    We aim for ~20% of energy intake from carbs whereas LW advises pushing around 100 grams carbs from wheat alone (maybe more) and then allows to eat all starch in lunch. So, if you are taking 1gm/Kg wheat in breakfast and lunch, then you cannot follow LCHF. We restrict to 1gm/Kg for the entire day and do not take the liberty of a starchy/carb loaded lunch.

    We restrict carbs to 20% and increase good fats to 60% of energy. That's what LCHF that we follow is all about. We do not believe at all that saturated fat is bad. We believe that HIGH CARBS LOW FAT diet from ADA/AMA/AHA is killing us.

  • Hi Anup,

    I appreciate your response. I am new to the concept of LCHF. Being Indian, we are used to rice or wheat for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I take lots of veg with meals, hence bring down the intake of carbs is fine, but avoiding/or reducing them is quite difficult, because, since, I get hungry every 3-4 hrs, how will I be able to manage with this diet. I don't mind bringing down the intake of starch during main meals, but what are the other altenative dishes to take during these meals, besides veg and pulses. I browsed the web to find veg dishes for LCHF it was not very helpful. Can you please suggest any suitable site. My, thanks in advance.

  • Hi,

    You get hungry every 3 to 4 hrs -- this is a typical feature of a high Carb diet.

    On LCHF diet, once we are settled into it, we skip a meal comfortably. Many of us are doing this daily and we call this intermittent fasting. I don't take anything till lunch except black coffee with VCO.

  • Hi Anup,

    That is good news. I will try out the LCHF diet.

  • Hi nairrajis,

    It's easy and doable. There are many vegetarian south Indians on that site who are on lchf. Carb and tobacco addiction are equally tough to give up for the same reasons, but once out of addiction, it's a completely different feeling.

    All the best.

  • Anup Ji,

    I found 20:20:60 ratio o one of your posts.(C-P-F). now please is it per meal or total for the day. Thanks.

  • Per meal preferred though per day is what matters at the end of the day. Per meal may not be possible -- for example when you take nuts for snacks. Ratios are not per weight but as per energy count.

  • Thanks a lot, Anup Ji.

  • One more option we can try on LCHF is 'Sol Kadhi'..... besides it is is very soothing.

  • Yes, it is popular on the other forum.

    But remember, it has lot of saturated fat and AMA says no more than 7% SFA. :D

    Par saanp ko mat pilana. Saanp saanp hota hai, kidi bhi doin dus lega :)

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