Home Made Coconut Milk -- Another Great Source Of FAT for Diabetics On LCHF Diet

I started talking of LCHF diet more than 2 years back on this forum and there was huge opposition from few as LCHF diet was alien on this forum back then. But, despite all the opposition and insults the number of INDIAN diabetics adopting LCHF diet has only increased and keeps growing every day for one reason -- LCHF Works.

Yes, LCHF Diet doesn't CURE because diabetes cannot be CURED as of now. So, we never try and convince with the word CURE -- like few herb sellers do. I always believed that DRUGS should never be the first line of approach for managing diabetes as diet can do wonders. I myself am now in the fifth year without any drugs. You can check my profile about my last four A1C's:


Yes, Good FATS are the foundation of LCHF diet. I had recently discussed about LCHF Diet (that we follow) and 15 popular "Myths and Lies" spread against it, on this forum, on following thread:


No one who follows LCHF diet would ever agree to the myths and lies, and that's whats more relevant and important compared to opinion pieces. No amount of knowledge from Books can ever replace PRACTICAL EXPERIENCE.

Home Made Coconut Milk is yet another source of GOOD FATS for a diabetic on LCHF Diet. Buy Khopra, grate it and make healthy coconut milk at home. I discussed this on my forum and now posting this as a new thread here. The trash that's left after making the coconut milk, dry it and and use as coconut flour to be mixed in variety of dishes to reduce the meal's carb content and add as a good fiber to diet.

I started with this last week and take two 8 oz glass measure a day and loving it.

So, you can also add this good source of FAT if you follow LCHF diet -- a Diet that allows to reduce drugs by at least 50% and yet lets you land far better sugar/lipids compared to what is possible on ADA/AMA/AHA's High Carb Low Fat Diet. Some have even gone off all drugs despite 2 decades of diabetic history. In fact, this has helped even a 80 year old diabetic (he was one the first few to switch to LCHF, despite the stiff abusive opposition against me):


So, get your glass of Coconut Milk and join the LCHF party -- All are welcome.


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  • Nice to read your success story on LCHF.Can you suggest LCHF diet plan for a vegetarian?Please!

  • Hi alwaysoptimistic,

    If you search my old posts, I have mentioned my diet long back -- and that was a time when I was hounded, abused and insulted by a few.

    On my forum, not just me but there are many other diabetics on LCHF diet who are sharing their meals. The count of meals is over 150 so anyone can do a mix and match to arrive at their own menu (veg or non-veg) based on LCHF diet.

    Might as well take a look at -




    My success story isn't an isolated case. There more more than 400 INDIAN Diabetics now and millions across the world.


  • Thanks for your reply!

  • Pleasure is all mine :)

  • Coconut water - NO, NEVER as a matter of practice.

    Between Oil and Milk, depends on the day's load of carbs.

    Well I don't post finer details here very often. I do it on my own forum.

    Canned stuff I don't prefer.

  • I don't post here finer details. On my forum -- dlife.in -- you will find it. Some part we are reserving for the book that we are working on :)

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