banned shooter george

shooter george is banned from the forum. some misunderstanding it looks. all members are requested to put requests to reinstate him.

he is one of few men who can be called a perfect gentle man. god fearing and with soft demeanor .see his old posts in view of this.

he is also the only one in this forum who has presented systematic research style graphs and

tabulations of his observations. see his apropedia presentation.. he was a scientist of the ISRO.

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  • Websites of this kind like Diabetes India need people like Shootergeorge to enrich the interactions.He is thorough,knowledgeable and most importantly he is always helpful and understanding of others' problems.I follow his advise and reaping the benefits.I see absolutely see no reason for his exit.But I strongly believe that it was a voluntary act on his part

  • He is thorough gentleman and people like him are needed at this platform to share their own experience & knowledge based on scientific temperament.Every one views can be accommodated and all the branches of science leading to control /prevention should be known through this forum .

    Such people are rare who experiment on their self and after thorough analysis comes out with more practical approach to control Diabetic.At present at people are coming forward and of which very few have tried his approach and have reported positive improvement.

    He should come back without iota of doubt for benefit of human kind overlooking negatives and remarks in poor test.

  • Very unfortunate -- He is a true guide & only person to present systematic & scientific data for having cured diabeties with LWMR. I request the forum to reintroduce him for the sake of large diabetic community who are seeking his guidence. George sir pl come back if not pl create your own network to guide people like us. Pl reply

  • I think with the updated forum rules one needs to take care of following:

    (1) Not post same links repeatedly. Posting same link once in 10 posts is permitted:

    (2) Not to pass judgment or be judgmental about fellow bloggers:

    (3) Not to advertise email address/contact numbers of sellers in post because then it becomes advertisement that involves commercial gains.

    This is what I have understood after reading the fine print.

  • You do not try to put a billion $$$ industry out of business, never :-)

  • Hi bnsb,

    I don't think I am trying to put any industry out of business. If a diabetic eliminates or reduces drugs by switching over to LCHF diet that I am practicing and preaching, like many across the globe, and yet achieve better sugar/lipids/etc then that's a good thing.

    I learned about LCHF from other forums, adopted it and lived that diet for around two years before I joined this forum in Jan 2013. I play by the rules of the community.

  • Very very unfortunate dicision. Pl reinstate him he is very important person in this foram

  • George sir, Lot of community members are feeling your absence from the forum.There is only two way to live with reduced drugs .One using LCHF and the other is LWMDR.So I request the admin to allow him to post and guide the mass for diabetes management for which he is the master.Please come back and lead.Do not put your followers in dark.yours karim

  • anup,

    you preach & share your expertise. But leave the members to choose the way they want to follow, don't try to impress members by commenting on others

  • Hi kprk,

    Can you show me where I have commented on other members here?

    On the contrary, I have been attacked the most without any reason. In fact you just passed a judgment on me unnecessarily that I am trying to impress. We need to avoid this sort of judgments about others here as per the updated rules of forum -- cf point 2 in my first reply in this thread.

    I have always left it to the wisdom of others to decide and that's how Indian LCHF community has successfully grown and is growing, despite huge opposition from some right from the day when I was the lone diabetic talking LCHF diet here - Jan 2013. There are few diabetics and non diabetics here who incessantly keep posting against LCHF without any experience and keep calling names. I don't post against Long Wheat.

  • yes pl do so

  • If Mr.George was referring to appropedia ,he was not doing anything out of vested interest.He was simply drawing attention to his own personal experiences narrated in the form of an article.I believe there is nothing wrong with that.The reason/s could be different.

  • This is not right decision taken by site forum,George is very nice & helpful person.

    he always give the brief answer of all question.he have good practical knowledge about how to cure or control diabetes.

    My request to forum team, they should activate george account

  • Did Mr. George leave on his own or was he bloked by the admin ? If he was blocked then we need to have a second thought about this forum.If Mr. George has left on his own then we have every right to ask him to return and explain his action.

  • bloked by the admin

  • But what actually happened

  • kindly read my reply at

    it seems something like that might have happened.

  • His banning is very very unfair. Administrator must reconsider.

  • A gentleman should not be banned.I request forum to bring him back.Please!

  • Mr shooter george brought to light an ancient ayurvedic diet as he himself explained once on this forum.His longwheat diet was becoming incresingly popular and this appears to have disheartened some popularising their own diet.and complained to admn It is totally unfortunate that the admn should have taken such an action hurting its own reputation as netral . I do not know where from one got impression that he was interested in selling aany thing as some one has shown here.Any case it is a wrong decision desrves to be reversed in the interest of diabetic community.

  • yes agreed,

    decision deserves to be reversed in the interest of diabetic community.

  • Can a strong protest not be lodged as the decision appears to be biased against purely an indegenous ayurvedic method of diet researched and brought to light ? All those who did not want to try high fat formula were benefited specially vegetarians from long wheat diet which was dormant and hidden from sight earlier before george came on the scene here?

  • must be back in this forum.

    Requesting to review the decession

    Anybody knows the reason why he was banned?

  • kindly read my reply at

    george messaged me later. it is the same thing , something like that that happened

  • Why??????. I donot understand how, when and why one is banned from a forum. I too agree with indiacratus about shooter george. I am following his diet and my sugar level is getting under control and I am also looking for options too.

    We are all adults, and when we are in a forum, it is up to reader to decide what to accept and what to discard. No one is forcing any information on anyone. If, he is banned, may we know, why.

  • Since it is now clarified that Mr.George has withdrawn voluntarily from the website,let us respect his wishes.We miss him here,though.

  • Please reinstate shooter george.

  • Shooter George was very helpful

  • Why is Shooter George banned!!! :(

    Please we want him back! OR we will start another forum where he can lead...

  • hi please we want shooter George back he is of great help to us he has cured many peoples diabetes with his magical wheat we need his advice every now and then ,hba1c comes down after comsuming long wheat ,may george sir be blessed .please bring him back with full honour and respect ,thanks

  • sounds interesting

    if people like respected shootergeorge sir are banned then i am nothing in front of them

    i also replied some info at dear alwaysoptimistic sir's post, he also read and participated gently but an LCHF lawyer anup didnt find my posts appealing in favor of his opinions

    i was also banned from this website 2 times. but i keep coming again and again

    i hope george sir will also come back

  • Milind,

    Pl don't drag my name into your conversations unless you are here just to have some unnecessary communications. You sent me PM and then tried to scoff if I want to remain diabetic for life or get cured.

    I just don't believe in any claims that claims CURE of diabetes. It's QUACKERY and HOGWASH and not cure.

    I don't even look at who is supporting whom. I don't look for any support or favor from anyone. I must have changed lives of diabetics for the better more than anyone else here without claiming CURE.

  • dear milind,

    mr george is already back.

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