how often we should test blood sugar?in case of a person with out any symptoms or risks-

we are not supposed to test blood sugar unnecessarily.especially the venous .

for this they have set standards.

they means

the world medical institutions like WHO ,ADA , the european union institutions etc.

what are these standards?

one of this is based on what they call a risk.[ and of course symptoms ,infection, impending surgery. ---------]

if you have no risk they don't recommend going on testing bs.

for a diagnosis, we are not supposed to go by ppbs. the word ppbs was coined or invented for people who take insulin, historically.

we must go by fbs, a1c, or ogtt after 75gm glucose in 300 ml of water after a fbs withdrawal of blood.

go by the sage, not by some stray dot com.

if there is absolutely no risk

then test bs ,

once in THREE years is the recommendation.

by the way i will give some risk factors.

1] being above 45 age,

2] family history.



many other factors including

overweight are tabulated elsewhere like bmi above 25.

the three years i mentioned above has been the recommendation. do not

not know if they have amended it.

any way it is not weekly.

consume balanced and calorie limited food ,normal exercise.full stop..

do not listen to the lchf propaganda in this forum.

that is only some people's private opinion. and has no scientific basis.

had there been,

some world medical body would have taken it up.

no one recommends it.


good luck

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  • Before I was diagnosed,I used to get tested about once in an year.It is more often now,about twice a week[before and after meal in rotation] at home.Since my control is good[as per WHO norms],I think it is adequate.But for those not having control,it needs to be done more often.

  • dear ramanaji,

    this thing i presented mostly for a healthy person with out risk factors.that is screening.

    if there is absolutely no risk

    then test blood sugar ,

    once in THREE years is the recommendation.

    this three years i think it is in the NIH articles and or ADA , that is my memory.


    i never keep in mind such crucial information from a random website.

    but above 45 by age by itself is a risk factor.

    the frequency of screening increases with the risk after 45 this 3 years reduces.

    i believe we should be absolutely accurate about our knowledge , however ,'cut piece knowledge seekers' we be.

    that we are not medical professionals cannot be an excuse for keeping inaccurate cut piece knowledge.

    let there be less knowledge ,

    but whatever we have should be like the med science professionals -is my attitude.

    thanks for response.

  • Take a look at study of 2400+ subjects (NGT/IGT/IFG/CGI) and follow up of 7 to 8 years.

    This takes a look at OGTT response right from 0 30,60 and 120 min and not just the standard 2 hr levels as proposed by "experts". (OGTT can be a 300 grams cooked rice also that many In India eat in a single sitting).

    Here you go:

    We believe in "READING Science" rather than blindly following Dictats of a few organizations. First they need to define what is "RISK Parameter(s)". Their so called healthy diet is one of the biggest risk and that's why diabetes is increasing every day.

    Good control for a diabetic is only if one achieves non diabetic numbers. Else it's a compromise.

  • What is risk in frequent testing of blood sugar using glucometer?Please!

  • No risk. Diabetics should monitor PPBS at home more frequently and see how high the spikes are in order to adjusted meals. Once meals and portion size are frozen, testing can be less frequent. Those on insulin will need to check more.

    When I experiment (specially when Carbs in a meal are relatively higher), I check almost 5 times:

    (1) Before meal.

    (2) 1 hr after first bite.

    (3) 2 Hrs after first bite.

    (4) 3 hrs after First bite.

    (5) 4 hrs after firs bite.

    Other than this, since my menu is fixed i check PPBS twice a week and FBS once a week. My meter went kaput so will not be testing for next two weeks till Accu Check replaces it.

  • Thanks for your reply!I have decided to check my BS weekly once and on every Sunday using Accu-Check Active Glucometer which generally gives slight more reading than pathological lab reading.Today,i tested my BS and reading were as follows:

    5:30 am -After 7 hours of dinner-112,7:30 am-after 1 hour of tea and before breakfast-115, 9:45 am-after 2 hours of break fast-127, 1:00 pm-before lunch-114, 3:00 pm-after 2 hours of lunch-147 and 9:00-after taking whole grains & tea at evening-75 . Is there any suggestion for me?Actually,i have fear in my mind.Also i feel weakness.Please help!

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