This Is How You Eat Fat To Burn Fat


(1) This is not some FAD. It's science -- pure science.

(2) We diabetics on LCHF eat 60% FAT 20% Protein 20% Carbs, and drastically reduce or ELIMINATE DRUGS

(3) Ketogenic diet is a stricter form of LCHF diet, which again is not FAD.

(4) Doesn't matter what ADA/AMA/AHA has to say about this diet. If they have to say anything, they should first get research done on Dr Bernstein, Dr Jef Volek, Dr Attia, Dr Troy Stapleton, and millions of diabetcis around the world and prove that LCHF diet is bad. In fact everything really good for health is touted as bad by mainstream, including coffee, fat. And, what is really bad for health is touted as good.

I do not take breakfast in 9.5/10 cases. Till lunch I take only black coffee with VCO (saturated fat) so keep body surviving on fat as fuel. I don't take breakfast as I don't need to. This is despite me being a diabetic.

The guys mentioned in the article ar all highly educated ones.

But, why did I post this?

Well LCHF is the diet that diabetics should be living by if they really want to attain normal blood glucose control. millions around the world have benifited

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  • The article supports the view Indiacratus holds. Lchf is for weight loss.

  • He may have and is free to his own views based on his understanding. Millions of diabetic around the world on the diet have views contrary to his. So doesn't mean anything. Non diabetics/diabetics not on this diet tend to hold views different from diabetics on this diet.

    Ask millions of diabetics on same diet and they will say what I say. Dr Bernstein/Attia/Volek/Westman/Stapelton hold the same view as we. They are far bigger in stature and knowledge.

    None of those who are mentioned in the article would ever go back to eating ADA/AMA/AHA healthy diet even after reaching their goal weight. So, this diet is for good health. Case of adrenal fatigue was also taken care of without drugs.

    The article talks about how one exec gains weight on tour because of healthy diet (HCLF) he has to switch to per-force but he switches back to unhealthy diet -- LCHF -- to gain good health once back at station.

    We tend to believe those who are on this diet, after having lived on ADA/AMA/AHA's version of healthy diet so they know the difference. But, one good thing is many Indians are also realizing that the diet touted as healthy is really not healthy and this news item is a testimony to this fact.

  • Great find. It was good to see that younger generation Indians are also researching the net for options on diets after feeling betrayed by a so called healthy diet. And, far more encouraging is that they are challenging the FLAWED beliefs against FAT. This shows how bad high carbs are.

    FAT has been demonized by the high carb food industry in a systematic way, much like CRISCO (a trans fat from Proctor & Gamble) demonized the most healthy oil under the sun - Coconut Oil, and margarine (another trans fat) demonized the good old butter.

  • Hi aks666,

    Thanks. Yes, I am sure with such cases even word of mouth publicity will make LCHF diet spread, specially once millennials start getting involved. I say this because millennials have not seen a world without internet, are attached to social media in a big way and look seriously to what peers have to say.

    Millennials - Those born between 1980 and 2000.

    LCHF diet is definitely a boon, specially for diabetics:

  • Even Self educated Indians know that all the propaganda against Saturated fat is nothing but RANTS to protect the profits of a few. The entire system stands exposed and it's a facepalm situation. So, they keep speaking the same LIES  over and over again.

    There's no proof that SFA causes CVD/CHD. It is the HIGH CARBS that has ruined world health. Pick up any disorder and everything has only gone up on so called balanced diet. So, DUMP the ADA guidelines and manage diabetes better:

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