LCHF Diet Helps Even a 80 Year Old "INDIAN" Diabetic With 30 Years History of Diabetes

I just had an email communication with one diabetic who had switched to LCHF diet when I used to post about LCHF diet more than two years back. His name is George Kuttickal who was 77+ years then with 27+ years of diabetic history and horrible blood control and convinced by my experience and what I used to post more than two years back had the courage to switch to LCHF diet.

Someone who has been after me when I used to be here two years back is again trying to engage in useless communication on different forums and posted some "opinion" that LCHF is only for diabetics with 5 or 6 years of diabetes history and younger generation diabetics.

So, I thought of communicating with George Kuttickal today, asking how his health has been and got a reply from him in less than two hrs.

Here's how his reply in response to my email to him today goes:


Dear Anup,

Many thanks for your query about my health. I am fairly well and will be completing 80 years of my life on the 24th of this month. After living 30 yrs with diabetes I can state, without a trace of doubt, that if anything has helped me to keep my blood sugar levels under control it is LCHF diet. Because of the long history of diabetes I do have CVD and Nuropathy problems, but not too severe. (As you know I came in contact with you and LCHF only in 2013.)

My FBS now remains within the range of 90 - 110 and I take 7 units of Mixtard insulin and 500 mg of Glyciphage morning and evening. Before starting LCHF the FBS was around 180 and PPBS around 320 with higher dose of medicines.

I do sincerely hope that people who suffer from diabetes and its complications will give up their prejudices and try LCHF for themselves and thereby improve the quality of their lives.

Best regards,

George Kuttickal

May God bless you and keep you. May God shine His countenance upon you and may He be gracious to you. (Numbers 6:24)


So, LCHF diet helps diabetics as old as 80 years with 30 years of diabetic history. All that presumption that it's no good for older diabetics is untrue. I can quote not just one, but many cases like these. Here's the user that I talked of in my post above:

Most of the diabetics on LCHF diet have left this forum only because of attitude of few guys here who consistently try and engage in useless communications with anyone following LCHF diet with the sole objective of having everyone following LCHF diet and benefiting restricted. Even George Kuttickal stopped coming to this forum after I was restricted due to dirty games of few guys here, one of whom is again trying the same old tricks after I have come back.



PS: If administrators here need the mail for verifying the veracity of above post, feel free to let me know and I will forward the email address. (Edited by admin) I have added the screenshot of email after blanking out my email and cell # to avoid spammers getting hold of my mailbox and cell number.

More on LCHF diet for Indian diabetics -

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48 Replies

  • Great!

    LCHF's success has no relation to age or history of diabetes. If anyone says so, they are ignorant of what LCHF is and how it works.

  • Please check this link:

    You are living on dangerously high numbers.

  • It is good to read all this about the effects of long wheat for diabetics but where to get the wheat and delivered to your house? I live in Dombivli Maharashtra and would like to get the regular source of long wheat

    R P Shivkumar


  • This is not about Long Wheat. It's LCHF Diet.

  • Thanks for the info

  • I am asking for the LCHF which is required for the diet for diabetics

  • Please check this link for LCHF:

  • What is LCHF Diet? As I am not very old in this column, I shall be highly obliged if full form of LCHF Diet is narrated.

  • It is Low Carb High Fat diet. Search on this forum for LCHF, you will get lot of information.

  • Please check the link:

  • may i know thw details of lchf diet

  • Your understanding is entirely wrong.

  • Hi ragivrao,

    This is definitely not the LCHF ratio that we Indian Diabetics follow or that I started preaching 2 years back for the first time on this forum in 2013, and now there are more than 400 Indian diabetics who have benefited by switching to LCHF diet.

    85% fat 5% carbs and 10% proteins is one special ketogenic diet for drug resistant epileptic patients. For drug resistant ketogenic diets you can refer to Charlie foundation started by a Hollywood actor, long back and which also formed the basis of a defense research for "ketone supplementation" for navy seals to eliminate hyperbaric seizures.

    So, if you are seriously interested in learning and understanding what we Indian diabetics do while we follow LCHF diet (and also different forms of it as prevalent around the world) you can check on --

    This is the first time that I posting this site (without hyperlinking) so doesn't violate any terms of site. Posting non hyperlinked same site link once in 10 posts is allowed as per forum guidelines here. So I am free to do this once every 10 posts, as per community guidelines. Point to note is -- NON HYPERLINKED and once in 10 posts.

    You will find many on the site there who will be willing to educate you on LCHF that we follow. Most latest LCHF user who moved away from this forum to due to vitiating atmosphere against anyone who follows LCHF.

    The most recent user to have moved away from here for the same reason is "LetsGetFree" . He is now one of the most active users there helping diabetics on Non ADA diet and answering queries. He has also uplaoded his diet chart with meticulous computatin of carbs/proteins/fat. He is in the middle east and his mainstream doctor doesn't oppose to what he is doing. Bhaskaran Pillai, also in the middle east and age of 60+ with diabetes history of 20 years has gone off all drugs.

    Like all of us on LCHF, they have medical reports to back what they talk.

    You can also go through my old posts or posts of ram_latha, makarim, shrisamarth, pnchandra, mchinna, akb123, sugu, greylion, arunkumar, meenaraju, kkjng, appachen, arvind, nane, sudh, everexotic (list is too long to cover everyone) on this forum also to see what they say about LCHF diet. As I said, number is to the north of 400 now.

    appachen is one user with multiple bypass surgeries and eating 3 eggs with yolk a day and his insulin dropped from 100 units to 55 units, and despite the drop in Insulin dose by around 50%, his A1C turned out 5.5 after switching to LCHF. He is also a 70+ year old diabetic. He has posted his medical reports on and none of his other parameters have gone bad on HIGH FAT diet for around two years now. Diabetes management has improved.

    I can discuss at length based on real-world examples which run in millions around the world and they do not believe in ADA/AMA/AHA's dietary recommendation at all, and they are happy that they stopped believing in it. Their drugs reduced, their diabetes management improved. Yes, one thing that I, or any diabetic on LCHF in the world, will never believe in is ADA/AMA/AHA's high carb low fat diet. Saturated FAT does not cause CVD/CHD and there are 100's of studies to prove it.

    George Kuttickal's communication with me I have posted for everyone to see. I am sure even he doesn't like ADA/AMA/AHA dietary advise, which betrayed him for 27 years.

    We don't bother about obesity to begin with. We look at immediate control of sugar readings. Weight will automatically fall to range what is healthy for body once on LCHF. So, no LCHF diet is not just about obesity. That's just an ADA coverup.

    If we are in overweight range, we don't bother. I have always been in the overweight range as per BMI rules, but body loves non diabetic glucose readings on no drugs. Our primary focus on LCHF diet is quick normalization of blood sugar and reduction of drugs. Rest all that follows (LIPIDS correction, Hypertension correction, weight correction) is collateral advantage.

  • :)

  • You can visit for better understanding of LCHF diet.

  • Please check the link:

  • LCHF is great and applicable to all ages.I do not understand why people do not understand the simple fact that carb when not assimilated is manifested in the form of diabetes.So reduce carb to the minimum that is 20% of your energy requirement.I being a muslim fasting in this month following LCHF since one year has PPBS after Iftar(breaking of fast) 90 to120. Before questioning any body or arguing with anybody I request to verify them selves about the authenticity of LCHF.Congratulation Anup for your first post .Thanks everybody.

  • Hi makarim

    Thanks. You are one among 400 plus (and counting) Indian diabetics who have improved on LCHF diet. You, in fact, have managed to go off all drugs and still are landing great numbers. Not surprising as many have done this. I haven't tasted a pill for sugar, lipids, hypertension in almost five years now and I am eating 6 times the ADA/AMA/AHA recommendation of Saturated Fat and almost 3 times more cholesterol in diet.

    I think those who do not live on this diet should not comment or waste their time and energy on talking against LCHF as they only spread misinformation based on same ADA/AMA/AHA literature that we don't believe in.

  • Thank you sir for your appreciation .Karim

  • Is this not double standard?

    Is this: "I think those who do not live on this diet should not ... ... ..." applicable to others only?

  • There's no double standard here as we never CLAIM or LURE with CURE to spread LCHF.

    So where's the double standard. We never claimed cure despite hitting 200+ at 1 Hr on OGTT, just for sake of sounding more convincing. Did we? Hitting 200+ at 1 Hr on OGTT and despite that claiming CURED is double standards? Just asking!!!

  • Double standard is preaching something & practicing the opposite.

    Thank you for leaving the "Idli coffee" story. I would have preferred to borrow your favourite word & used in place of "story".

    Regarding "hitting 200+ at 1 Hr on OGTT", the same paper that was referred to me elsewhere will clarify.

  • One of your Idli coffee one posts went missing when your account was lost and restored. That said, I have tried LW sent by Meena long back. Didn't make any difference. So I know what I am doing and what I am preaching. Not CURE Hogwash surely.

    Have seen how @Naqsh failed for 3 months on LW and switched to LCHF and dropped drugs. can't recall one other user SHY*. Failed miserably on LW. Some passionately following LW went on INSULIN finally. Not naming him here.

    Yes, you can keep justifying 200+ on OGTT. Doesn't convince anyone who knows what OGTT response on a non diabetic is. If someone hits 200+ and still wants to claim being cured just to sound more convincing, sorry I am not in fr it :)

    In 15 years, the mysterious thing in LW that "supposedly" CURED diabetes should have been found. If not found, then Artificial Deprivation theory holds till it is found.

    Surprising a 7 month old thread had to be picked up for engaging with me :)

    Nuff said!

  • 1. You have been repeating that "BS of nondiabetics will NEVER CROSS 140mg/dl". The paper on CGM of healthy nondiabetics which you asked me to read says that for 0.4% of the time the BS of study subjects were above 140mg/dl. DID YOU NOT SEE IT? Now you say that 0.4% is a small number. NEVER means 0.0 % not 0.4% for sure. More over 0.4% of a day is not that small a du ration.

    2. Now regarding 200mg/dl:

    The CGM study paper that you referred has referred another CGM study paper of the previous year. There also the SUBJECTS WERE HEALTHY individuals. More over it was a more general study. There, approximately 60% of the subjects crossed 140mg/dl& 8 subjects(1.8%) crossed 200mg/dl !!! The longest episode of crossing 200 was 45 minutes !!!

    3. All these details are from the Scientific Papers you referred me to read. Bye the way did you read it yourself before referring to me? If yes, how did you miss these numbers.

    4. These numbers are NOT with OGTT, but with ordinary diet!!

    5. No one can allege that the authors of those papers are ignorant or foolish like the Tom Dick & Harry class of Shooter George!

  • Yes, I have read it not once but many times. Statistical analysis look at certain "confidence level" and not "cherry pick" from "random data points". I am sure you would know that. If i were to indulge in cherry picking then i could have said this:

    0.4% over 140 is not for your age band.

    In fact for your age its 0.0 above 140 and 93% were below 120.

    Hair splitting will not lead anywhere. Matter ends there.

    Here's another paper to bust your claims of CURE with OGTT of 200+ at 1 hr:

    NGT's (Normal glucose tolerance) don't shoot 200+ on OGTT and are 120 or lower at 2 hr, ideally down to FBS levels

    All NON NGT are diabetics, pre/fgt/igt/cgt are all sexy terms. You shot to 200+ at 1 hr. That's definitely not CURED. At best, consolation can be that it is IGT (technically Not CURED for sure). Just linked this paper as you tried to take defense that the last quoted paper was not OGTT.

    On Idli and Coffee your readings jumped to 170+ Even that's not a sign of CURED diabetic

    How many have been CURED in your neighborhood on LW in 6 years? Should be 100 at least as Kerala has been diabetic capital of India until very recently and LW is readily available in Southern India. Any confirmed numbers?

  • You are right. Many useless spammers and vendors spoilt this forum. Even I stopped visiting this for more than 18 months or so. I even put a few complaints to the administrators & they did act. But problem is that this forum is a discussion forum and not a trade portal. Even people from known companies were touting here to sell their pills. So much for MBA education!!!

    Anup, I would be very keen to get help on the LCHF. How can you help me? There was a gentleman who was a great champion of LCHF diet.

    For the larger interest of the forum members if you can detail some flexible diets for people to adapt?

    I am a diabetic for last 18 year and I am just 54. I have undergone all wrongs that can possibly happen to a diabetic with poorest of controls. lack of activities and two serious operations in last four years; one CABG & other vascular arterial blocking/ damage leading to gangrene of lower limb leading to amputations.

    My current medication is very heavy and includes, Zoryl M3 forte twice a day, Istavel 100 MG & twice prescribed NOVOMIX 30 after a gap of 3 years.

    Hold your breadth, hb1ac is 12.3 & RBS 515!!! It was 7.5 two years back & RBS used to be anything between 140 to 240 and fasting even going down to 90. Then insulin was stopped. Now absolutely gone for a toss.

    Quite a challenge for me to cope up with life and expenses in managing it.

    I travel from Mumbai to Gurgaon ( MEDANTA) for cardiac, vascular & diabetic evaluation once a year or more as local Mumbai doctors are just not good enough and are too fiscal minded. Though some are very good. But once a trust is breached, it is hard to regain it back.

    And there could be many thousands, like me, who could possibly benefit from your wisdom, experience and knowledge.

    Best regards

    Rajeev Pandey

  • Please check following link:

  • Hi Rajeev,

    Sorry for being late on this. My first innings on this forum was a short one and I was personally abused and insulted just for talking and sharing about LCHF Diet, based on personal experience and also the experience of other diabetics on LCHF around the world.

    I know about the person that you are talking of. He was here as medfree user and survived the continuous onslaught of insults by those who never lived a single day on LCHF. But, in the end he got frustrated and deleted his posts and his account and now he is moderator of a forum which focuses on LCHF Diet as means of managing diabetes for Indians.

    Sad to hear about your amputations and that too in such a short time as a diabetic. LCHF, as we preach, is all about lowering carbs down to 20% and replacing with good fats. For this, one has to ditch the traditional advise that comes from mainstream about carbs and fats.

    Your sugar levels and A1C is real bad.

    Blind insulin dosing is never the correct way to manage diabetes on insulin. It needs meticulous counting of carbs and proteins and then carefully covering them.

    But, with high Carb Low fat diet the problem is that industrial doses of insulin will always be a hugely roller coaster sugar control. For example, it is easier to manage a low carb meal with 30 grams carbs and 30 grams protein (needing a total of around 10 units regular insulin bolus and then tweak based on readings) rather than covering 100 grams carbs and 30 grams proteins in a single meal (needing 27-30 units bolus of regular insulin). For using insulin to manage diabetes, Dr Bernstein is the real GURU and his law of small numbers is fantastic.

    In addition, industrial doses of insulin has other side effects. Running high insulin in blood is also a cause of inflammation, artery hardening, raised blood pressure etc. Some consider that eat high carb and cover it with insulin as insulin is some "Amrit". That's a flawed approach and cause of all diabetic complications even after using insulin.

    I have one user on the other forum who is around 70 years and with triple bypass surgery. He was taking 100 units insulin daily and yet his A1C used to run high. He started eating 3 eggs with yolk daily (with other fats -- in fact IIRC he is on highest fat diet among all of us) without fail and his insulin reduced to 55 units and A1C dropped to 5.5. Two years on and he is loving the greatness of LCHF diet and great non diabetic A1C. Same user is a;lso here on this forum but he stopped coming for same reasons and logs in to other forum twice or thrice a month

    So that you feel comfortable about LCHF i can connect him to you to discuss and also understand that FAT is not dangerous. CARBS is the most dangerous thing that can ever be told to a diabetic to eat in high amounts.

    So once you are through discussing with him we can start one baby step at a time. But, please be aware that I do not believe in ADA's flawed approach of diet and drugs.

  • Dear Anup ji,

    I browsed through some of the links on LCHF provided on this forum. It would be simpler for me to narrate you my current/ regular diet regime.

    Breakfast Morning tea Large mug (usually without sugar but with sucralose 3 tabs) between 6/7 AM and made with full cream buffalo milk.

    Breakfast @ 930/10 Mostly Lapsi about a small glass katori ( Maybe about 70/ 80 /100 grams) soaked and cooked with liberal dose of vegetables and can include onion, carrot chopped one small katori, french beans & peas one katori, soaked whole moong & desi chana about a small katori , one tomato, dhania leaf & some spices like , Haldi, Jeera, Kali mirch, cinnamon powder, amchur etc. Cooked in Peanut oil or soya oil or sunflower oil. I was advised by dietician to keep substituting the oil every month. My personal consumption of oil doesn't exceed 1.5/ 2 litres a month & full cream Milk or dahi is about 600 to 750 ml per day, including in the tea, which I take liberally; about 6/7 cups .

    Lunch 2 small chapati, mixed vegetable 3/4 types , one cucumber, a small katori dahi, one chicken leg piece roasted with little oil . Some times chicken is substituted with fish & eggs.

    Dinner repeat of lunch but made afresh . Sometimes Paratha as well, but not more than 2/3 meals in a week. When chicken is finished then often replaced with paneer palak but small quantity. About 3/4 meals also take either dal or rajma or chole.

    Evening time , I snack on roasted peanut with roasted desi chana, salted, about 50 grams mixed.

    How do help me modify it for better .

    I am eagerly waiting for your response. Now I remember that man who was a LCHF diet champion; Shooter George....

  • Shooter George is not a champion of LCHF, because his recommendations are bordering around HIGH CARB with 2 grams/day/kg of wheat implying 150 grams (for 75kg human) wheat alone, whereas we are almost on half of that as MAX. So, his diet is more of HIGH CARB DIET -- the usual stuff with wheat replaced by some rare wheat which is claimed to CURE diabetes. I don't buy the CURE theory at all.

    I started talking LCHF here more than 2 years back.

    (1) My day starts with black coffee with VCO and this continues till lunch as i don't take any breakfast. 2 to 3 TBSP VCO is regular for me.

    (2) My eggs consumption is increased now to 3 per day. six days a week.

    (3) Carrot, peas very restricted. Beets/potato/corn NEVER.

    (4) Home made coconut milk with coffee /cocoa added -- one to two glasses per day.

    (5) Nuts (any form -- roasted, soaked) 100 grams per day.

    (6) Chapati - max 2 per day - 40 grams each max weight and dough is diluted with chopped greens. If wanting rice, then remove chapati. Ghee butter, VCO liberally used.

    (7) Daal - two katorie per day again loaded with ghee/butter/vco. Urad out of question.

    (8) Grated Cheese used liberally wherever situation demands.

    (10) Chicken maybe once or twice a week.

    (11) Green veg preparation -- as much as like. Again loaded with ghee, butter, vco.

    (12) Sprouts mixed in full fat curd more than a day old.

    (13) Peanuts chaat whenever i want to.

    (14) Peanuts for snacks.

    (15) PUFA loaded industrial vegetable oils I hate. So, Safola, Sunflower, Soy, Canola etc is very very limited for me. Yes, the latest buzz word is "BLEND" oils. Just a gimmick -- same old wine in new bottle. For we diabetics on LCHF, VCO is the best oil under the sun.

    (16) Besan etc is not on avoid list

    (17) Anything that reads "Diabetic Friendly" is on the IGNORE list.

    (18) Most of milk is in form of paneer, or more than 1 day old curd. Buffalo milk with highest fat content is best.

    I do mix and match to come to a day's meal.

    Around 180 meals are posted on my forum by all diabetics on LCHF who love to post about their actual meals. It would be difficult to really cover all those 180 here.

  • VCO? Why carrot, pea etc restricted? Don't worry, I would check the various diets posted on the forum. Just confirm me that if my diet plan is OK within a tolerance . I am 85 KG with a visible fat accumulation around tummy .

  • carrots, peas are all carb loaded and just carbs:

    If I go by LCHF standards, then diet is not ok. 4 chapatis with 100 grams lapsi shoots it out of LCHF range for sure.

    We restrict total carbs to 20% of total energy intake, keep good fats to 60% minimum.

  • Thanks gphilip.

    I know you are on my forum also :)

    So, you can very well judge the difference between the quality of discussions between two places. On our forum, we primarily focus on LCHF. But, if anyone starts talking Vegan etc they are given space and not insulted or attacked. Out here some get upset if I say I am opposed to ADA/AMA/AHA dietary guidelines.

    On LCHF if it is a sane discussion, I can discuss at any length. But it is impossible to talk when discussions are aimed at personal attacks and insults by those who don't even follow LCHF.

  • ThanQ Anup,

    I have started on Sprouting/Soaked -

    Chinia badam, 150 gm.

    Whole Dal, Kalai, Mong, any 150 gm

    Whole Chana 150 gms.

    Methi 15 gms & Kala Jeera

    For B'Fast & Dinner since Feb and result Weight from 86 Kg to 74 Kg with PPBS at 120 mcg/dl and I am happy. High Fat is more expensive. Please advice. My medication is Nil now after 20 years. I have not been able to exercise due to a broken Left Ankle now with Shim plate & 7 screws. Please advise

  • Hi PrasenjitB

    (1) One of the best source of SFA -- Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO). 2TBSP/day = 4 slices of bread without spiking blood sugar/insulin. Let your day begin with a cup of black coffee with 1 TBSP (15 ml) VCO.

    (2) Other good source of SFA - Eggs. 2Eggs /day with yolk is part of my life. 12 eggs/week since 4 years.

    (3) Other sources of Fat - Almonds, Walnuts, Peanuts, sesame seeds, Amul fresh cream, butter.

    I never walk or jog.

    Few of my strength building exercises (takes no more than 10 min/day) is listed on my forum. Not aiming for body building, just keep my muscles toned.

    Good to see great numbers on no drugs even after 20 years.

  • Add home made coconut milk to the list of items with GOOD Fats.

  • If LCHF diet was internet junk (as some repeatedly call it for no reason), then how could it have helped a senior citizen aged 77+ with 27 years of diabetic history. Almost three years he is eating good fat despite CVD, and has only good things to report and how he achieved so stable a numbers on far less drugs.

    LCHF rules!

  • want to know what is LCHF diet..please brief.

  • Check my profile you will find link to LCHF forum for Indian diabetics:

  • I think LCHF is imaginary and can not help to control diabetes.Taking more fat is harmfull for heart and can give rise to heart diseases.Similarly avoidind carbohydrate will also disable the working of organs.Best is use insulin and allopathic mecines. Auyervedic medicinrs are harmful as we do not know there composition,even in India they use steriodes which is harmful,Dr Venkataraman,the noble laurate has said that all such medicines are harmful and fraud

  • Proof Please else everything talked against LCHF is IMAGINARY (no more than just a FLAWED OPINION) and an attempt to PUSH drug and INSULIN sales just by spreading SCARE.

    Millions on LCHF diet across the world have proved this entire theory of High Carb Low Fat wrong. only 30 grams glucose is soemthing that cannot be replaced by ketones for energy.

    CARBS Kill and not FAT.

    Biggest FRAUD is HIGH CARB LOW FAT nonsense, and even this 80 year old diabetic and heart patient proved it even with 30 years of diabetic history :)

    Medical reports of diabetics on LCHF challenge your OPINION or FAT and CARBS. We believe in them than OPINIONS against LCHF. Most so called doctors don't even know the difference in metabolism of MCT and LCT and for them all fat is same (CARBS convert to STORED FAT). Hope they don't call Water as Vodka because both are colorless :)

    STATINS are one of the best organized Medical SCAM.

  • Any little educated person can understand what are the needs of the body and accordingly we consume the food.LCHF in itself is misleading ,as we know that the increase of glucose in the blood is because deficiency of pancreas to produce insulin which metabolises the sugar and gives energy.By reducing the normal carbohydrate is to starve the organs and glucose will be produced by burning the tissues.Secondly increasing fat will harm heart and blood stream.If a person ha blockade that is due to increase in the chlostrol,and fat is indirectly responsible for that.It is not known who first introduced in this forum.Better is consult a dietician rather blindly follow ignorant persons.When I joined this forum ,my intention was to to share experiences rather start the treatment.Secondly,as I am a botanist,I know that ayervedic medicines are based on plants.Plants have alkaloids and unless they are analysed we do not know wether they are harm full .The medicines sold in India are based on plants used on the bases of hit and trial/.Science has advance4d and we first analyse tha salts and then see the effect,while ayerve4dic med are blindly taken.Please inform if I am right or wrong

  • I asked for PROOF against LCHF and not DISTORTED OPINIONS.

    No, increase in Glucose in most TYPE 2 diabetics starts with "EXCESS" of insulin in blood. Do doctors ever recommend and see fasting insulin in blood as first STEP? NO never. WHY???

    Dietary FAT & Cholesterol on LCHF has no bearing on Cholesterol, arteries choking. If it was so, then all arteries of Dr Bernstein would have choked by now. On the contrary his Ca score is 1.

    BTW, most people following LCHF a revery educated. I am an engineer from IIT, many are from drug industry itself, many others are engineers, teachers and educated enough. So we just don't possess "little" education but way beyond than those who make BASELESS statements (and provide no proof) against LCHF based on ADA/AMA/AHA lies.

    If LCHF were to become the standard, Diabetic drug industry will collapse from $650 billion worldwide to less than $300 billion just within 3 months. This is the reason why all RANT against LCHF and spread the age old LIE spoken by Ancel keys based on a FUDGED (Cherry Picking as they say) study.

    As for SALTS being tried. Well AVAINDIA was tried and cleared by GSK by Hiding the "bad data" of clinical trials. That killed diabetics of heart failures for decades. All for MONEY! Finally they pleaded guilty and paid billions in fine. What a joke. Homicide covered with just a few billions. Companies make 30 billion, pay 3 billion in penalty for killing people and move on. Pathetic!!! CEO's should be JAILED in such cases for willful killing of diabetics.

  • LCHF diet helps a long standing diabetic with CVD issues.

  • Good case for LCHF skeptics.

  • what is LCHF diet

  • Great post thanks

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