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It is no exaggeration to say that recent times, a variety of opinions have been expressed on the topic of “Diabetes”, its causes and its cure. While I notice, that the experience of younger generation of diabetics diagnosed within the last five/six years or so is different from those senior citizens suffering from this malady for more than twenty/thirty years, the debate is usually unpleasant, vituperative and hostile.

It is agreed however that it is a metabolic disorder that develops slowly over the years in case of diabetes 2 and it is genetically exists from birth /childhood in case of diabetes1, For both the types it is agreed that there is no cure but it can be controlled by diet, exercise and external administration of medication. Younger generation of diabetics say diet only can control with minimum amount of carbohydrate supplemented by minimum protein and maximum fat. They cite several links to foreign websites in support of their contention. This has been disputed by entire recognized professional medical opinion .The experience of sr citizens who have survived the malady

without any complications seem to support the opinion of the medical profession.

Body chemistry is complex and is able to tolerate variety of food habits followed in the World and seem to adjust to this.

Can we debate what the correct understanding for our mutual benefits to us?

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  • i have seen many people cross age 75 with out even insulin.

    i mean tablets only.

    that means it is best to follow the

    opinions of medical professionals.

    one statistics tell most diabetics type 2

    will only lose 10 years of their life span .

    this is 20 years in a t1dm.

    but in contradiction to this i would like to say ,

    these assessments were done probably before the recombinant insulins and the pens and pumps came up.

    the many people in the forum with real experience may comment.thanks

    good luck

  • Diabetics with 20+ years of diabetes history have managed their diabetes very well on LCHF diet, with sugar control getting to non diabetic range on as low as no drugs at all. 99% of them reduce their drugs drastically and yet achieve non diabetic numbers, which for me and others on LCHF diet is the key. We don't consider ADA's limits of good as good. In fact no one on NON ADA recommendations does believe in their definition of good control. Only good control is land NON DIABETIC numbers.

    So, age of diabetes doesn't have any relation when it comes to lowering drugs and attaining better sugar control. I am aware of 60+ years age diabetics on LCHF and their experience on LCHF.

    In fact, one of the diabetics who switched to LCHF, when I used to post more than two years back, is a 75+ year old diabetic who had all sorts of complications including heart problems and was on plethora of drugs, including insulin, and yet not land good numbers. He switched to LCHF and got results in no time. Here's his post:


    Proof of the pudding lies in eating it. Mainstream will never prefer LCHF because it will cause a collapse of diabetic drug industry by at least 50%. As to other senior citizens surviving without complications -- taking statins, increasing insulin dose and covering neuropathy with creams and oils is also a complication. It just depends on how one views everything and what objectives are.

    Honestly we don't care for any ratification for diet from mainstream. Our day to day control with less-to-nill drugs and great medical reports is enough of a proof. There's a research that people maybe living longer but living longer being sick in general. The real comparison should be done taking into consideration:

    Diet, Drugs, medical reports and then evaluate. Merely living longer but on plethora of huge dose of drugs has no relevance. Likewise, talk about western sites etc lost all relevance when I launched my own site for Diabetics on LCHF for Indians. Indeed we study from sites around the world and adapt. That's how I learned about LCHF.

    There are doctors treating diabetics on LCHF Diet in the U.S. at least. They don't like ADA guidelines too.

  • the diet pattern quotesd in the link speaks of reducining food grain. .No mention of substituting with HF.medical opinion supports this

  • see every thing true at their place younger can digest fat but not over 55 yrs its not advisable bcoz at this age several other desease stars begining therefore intake for taste only with exercise walking mediation in addition desi medicines like gawar pata methi sed jamuns 9at present immence available in market) KALI GIRI ETC

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