Good Morning India - I Am Back

Hey friends,

I am back after a long hiatus. I started talking about LCHF for the first time on this forum during early days when this forum started. You can find my 2 year old posts and replies here:

Back then when I started talking LCHF as a Type 2 diabetic myself, I was already around 2 years on LCHF diet and took sometime before other Indian diabetics came on board - one at a time. The number has grown ever since. Now I am in 5th year on no drugs for diabetes, lipids, neuropathy, hypertension.

I'll be checking in to this site around thrice a week at best because I also run a site on LCHF Diet as a means of managing diabetes that takes up lot of my resources. But, with many active Indian diabetics on LCHF diet here, ready to do the necessary hand holding, I am sure I will not be missed ;)

Till then keep spreading the word about LCHF diet as an effective and proven means of managing diabetes and cutting down on drugs consumption. Drugs should be the last option when everything else has failed. Diet change should always be the first option.

Till then,

Ciao & Cheers!


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  • Welcome back! I have joined this forum just a couple of days ago. I am a diabetic with high BS with less impact of medication. Since I got to know about LCHF, I want to switch to this diet plan. I will appreciate if you could specify in detail, which foods fall in the categorized of LCHF. Also advise what group of LCHF should I eat at Breakfast, lunch and dinner.

    pls help! God bless you.

  • Hi Shamsaarif,

    You can check my old posts, as I remember posting few times. Bottom line is cut down grains (wheat/rice/oats/ragi/corn/) and replace with good fats. In short:

    Remove or drastically cut down GPS - Grains/Potato/Sugar and add good fats to your diet. Carbs should be 20% max.

  • Could you please name the food in fats and 20%carb. Do the favour for simpletons please.

  • Check following link:

  • Welcome back Anup!

    Even my a/c was restored few days back.

  • I heartily welcome you sir .May this string of LCHF gets more strength after your home coming. Thanks

  • This site doesn't have extensive smiley icons else I would have used the icon of standing ovation. Welcome back!

  • Welcome back medfree.

  • @kundra - He is not Medfree. He is the guy who started talking LCHF since Jan 2013.

  • Its ok meetu 77. Thanks for correction.

  • Welcome back Anup!

  • Thanks everyone.

  • A warm welcome to u.

  • Thanks avrs.

  • Anupji in your absense period I have referred your name and post so many times and today when I have seen your post I am sure all diabetics sufferer will be more positive to lCHF diet that Drugs. I believe it.

  • Hi basudev,

    Thanks. Compared to the struggle more than 2 years back when I first started talking about LCHF on this forum and recd a lot of flak from a few, it's much easier now to talk, explain and convince about LCHF. Here's the first user who switched to LCHF back then:

    I know that he is still on LCHF diet, enjoying great health. In fact, due to lot of concentrated opposition from a few back then, somehow my account got banned. It was then that I decided to start a site for Indian diabetics where only LCHF is preached by and large. So, whatever happens happens for good.

  • Welcome Anup. In Your absent Meetu 77 and aks 666 and ultraduo attended discussion very interestingly Every discussion they attended .

    In future also all are participating in discussions with friendly way There may be different opinion one to another but sharing the knowledge is more important I hope all were support your discussion

  • Thanks Nataraj.

  • Nice to see you. I started LCHF with inspiration from you and till now that is my best weapon.

  • Hi akb123


    Great to see you persist with LCHF. You are one among 400 + (and counting) Indian diabetics who have tamed diabetes through LCHF route. Keep spreading LCHF diet among all diabetics that you come in contact with.

  • This is better than being drugged.

  • Yes, LCHF is far better. Some think it is restrictive, but the fact is that 20% carbs is not at all restrictive. I know vegetarian diabetics who have been on LCHF for around three years.

  • Hi Anup. After a very, very long time, just happened to peep in to know whats new and lo and behold happened to see you.

  • Hi Peace7

    Thanks for chiming in.

    I think by the time you joined this forum, my first innings was already over and I can't recall interacting. I am sure I am not being mixed up with someone else. Currently it is my second innings here.

  • Yes Anup, by the time I came in, you had another avtar.

  • Hi Peace7,

    I don't think so.

    I am aware some people cannot forget one user - medfree. He is currently moderator of my forum with screen name DLIFE

    Append .in to his screen name above and you will reach the forum to find him there.

  • Great to see a much improved forum environment during the last one month.

  • Welcome Anup...Let me know your opinion about LWMDR.

  • If I eat normal wheat boiled like Long Wheat it gives me less spike compared to chapati. Something that cannot be found so easily, I don't let my blood sugar climb up in tension of finding it. I just have been living by LCHF diet for close to half a decade now and ZERO drugs.

    But, the fact of the matter still remains -- eat normal wheat like long wheat (ie pressure cook whole wheat add some salt etc) and you will find lower sugar levels. It's all about lower digestibility of wheat compared to flour. So most of it must be passing through to stool, creating "artificial deprivation" and then we think that LW is helping. It won't.

  • Thank u anup. I hope to continue the LCHF diet which is an easiest method to control diabetics....

  • Welcome teeymess!

    It's definitely very easy once it's past the transition period.

  • Back again after a two week hiatus as was off with family on a 3000+ km drive vacation exploring one state -- Rajasthan -- of India, so wasn't posting much :)

  • Mr. Anup

    Hi, it's good u r here to help & guide people. I'm new here,want to join lchf forum,but have many queries, will you plz. Help ? How much time does this diet take to start lowering the sugar levels ? I gather u r on this diet for the last 5 yrs. ...have u not eaten any rice or chapatis for so long ????? Isn't it difficult to manage ? It's difficult to think about food without chapati / rice... and r u not taking any all ? There must b times when u have the restricted food and the sugar that case what to do ?Reply plz. and I have some more queries after this.

    Thx. A lot.

  • I eat everything and anything as long s I am restricting to 20:20:60 rule. This diet is fun once you get accustomed to it. More about queries on LCHF on the following thread or u can check my profile:

    Chapati I eat - max 2 a day. If I feel like eating rice, I remove the chapati. If I have to go to parties, I skip lunch. All queries have been answered many times so you can check the posts and replies here or on forum linked from my profile.

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