difference in causes of diabeties1 and 2-why same dietary protocol?

It is argued that diabetes 1 is because the pancreas does not produce insulin at all naturally while in case of diabetes 2 the pancreas produces insulin but the cells are unable to use it because of insulin resistance due to excess of insulin in blood.

But in both cases we are told eating carbohydrates aggravates the blood sugar levels beyond normal range. Why should it be so and why not be different?

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  • After 5:50 he gives one reason in following video:

    In another video he says same high carb low fat diet because:

    (1) Food companies make money

    (2) Drug companies make money

    (3) ADA makes money from advertisement through above two.

    So, it's all about MONEY!

  • The basic pathology of glucose homeostasis remains the same.

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