The Problem With ADA Diet - Dr Richard Bernstein

Dr Richard Bernstein is an engineer and a doctor and also a Type 1 diabetic living on regular insulin since 7 decades. He went to medical school at the age of 45 so that he can legally practice and guide diabetics on how to really control and manage diabetes.

Check out his views on ADA diet for diabetics

He has even reversed his kidney disease on his ketogenic diet and his kidney functions like that of a 20 year old after high blood sugars caused damage to his kidneys. ADA doesn't comment on him and his opposition to ADA's diet :)


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  • It's the patient who has diabetic foot ulcers, amputation of limbs, problems with eyes, heart, dementia, neuropathy etc., and not the association of experts who recommends a diet that makes blood sugar control really bad and cause all the diabetic complications.

    Like all diabetics on LCHF diet, I have lived on both the diets so I know how horrible High Carb Low Fat diet, as recommended by ADA, is. Here's my personal experience which I posted around nine months back:

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