Is all that is proffered on websites on healthis safe to believe?

Recently there is a news that American Medical Association (a voluntary body of established medical professionals),based on an alert by a young medical student studying for MD, has shown concern at many of the websites using young medical professionals (who have just acquired a medical digree) by lurimg them with money for propgating medical disinformation to the public (either for selling books or for other ulterior reasons to express opinion against professiona lmedical institutions ) to sell health suppliments specially on diet and nutrition against ethical values and practice for which medical profession is known.

America being a democracy ,free expression of views beyond ethics is something peculiar to that country.Government there appears to be at their

wits end to control such disiformation.

In this contaxt what kind of reliability exists of the information we read from these web sites and how do we cope with being laymen is something worthwhile to debate in this forum. Any opinion is welcome to educate ourselves.

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  • Please do not fall for proportional web sites. If one really wants information there are many web site ,you can call them authentic. To name a few WHO ,different medical associations and fed. Sites, different universities sites ,certain gov. Web sites etc etc.

  • Politics of Food and Medicine is just helping two entities:

    (1) Food industry.

    (2) Drug industry.

    Associations are part of the politics as they get huge money from the above two beneficiaries. America tried to curb the democracy on web through two legislation few years back.

    In protest WIKIPEDIA blacked out for 24 hrs. Public outrage increased. So American Lawmakers failed as the two bills failed to be passed.

    Politics of associations continue.

    Good that democracy on web persists otherwise these associations would have had a free run. It's because of the democracy on web that we know real facts and not the facts that these associations want us to digest without applying our brains.

    If anyone tries perforce to silence, then the issue takes shape of what is called "Streisand" effect. Latest example of this effect was WIKILEAKS. LCHF diet for diabetes is also becoming popular as a result of "Streisand" effect. The more the "authority" tries to demonize it, the more popular it gets.

  • True!

  • most of websites framed or blog framed by the person is reservedfor press his own opinion toreaders of the blog or websites .

    1 Some of websites or blogs always give some links and sometips to readers or followers But their main intention is to advertise the propaganda of their products

    like diabetic recpie HBP books weight loss products and books and some of drug bottles and also they have make money from advertisement of the products also.

    Totaly any forum or blog information was not fully believable We may take some good tips from that blog or forumand we adjust the idea and think to follow or not ? this is left to persons and not possible topress any one.

  • Currently I am going through Videos of Dr William Davis ( a cardiologist) on Wheat. As per a survey, he could influence about 56% Canadians who said they are reducing or eliminating wheat from their diet.

    Yes he also has a book which has sold over 3 million copies. I don't see that as a anything wrong. At least he is letting people know facts. Writing and selling books that help reduce drug dependance is far better than publishing journals (after taking advertisement from high carb food companies and drug companies) that pushes diabetics to higher dependance on drugs. Whatever decreases dependance of drugs is truth for me and rest is all TRASH!!!

  • nataraj

    what you say is true if one is able to discriminate the truth from trash .Any information blogged with motivation to influence their views is also to be viewed in this context.thanks for your wise understanding of the matter

  • Ragivrao u understand it clearly Further no blogs or no drug comapnies are not asked to peoples come with me . it is the survival purpose peoples were adopted system. the drug companies get license from govt. and authorised body. They sales the drugs That is there business what is wrong ? if they may be not force to any persons.

    bverages like THUMSUP SPRITE PEPSI these are prepared why u drink it ? this is persons own interest .

  • Simply inquire about/ from the MD , his year of Graduation, speciality ; number of Diabetics seen on daily basis and his Clinic contact details ! Dr.TJ

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