Dear All,

I am a new member in this forum. I am willing to follow LWMDR. I have few questions in my mind. Please guide me. I shall be obliged to you.

1) Can I take LWMDR with little amount of "Amul Double Toned Milk & small quantity of Stevia Powder" ?

2) Can I have morning & evening tea with "Double Toned Milk & small quantity of Stevia Powder"?

3) Can I take sugar free biscuit (1or 2) with tea?

At present my FBS reading is in between 104-124 & PPBS reading is 170-180.

I will be posting my BS levels after every 15 days

Please help me.

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  • Take full fat milk. If stevia is in pure form then there is no problem. At your BS levels avoid all bakery products and processed food items.

  • Can I get the phone number of Mr venkat who supply's lw from pune

  • 9850766330

  • It looks like full fat milk is good for diabetic s. I usually take skimmed,0% fat milk with my morning tea,occasionally with splendid sweeter.pls. advice

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