Overeating at e-v-e-r-y meal?

Do you find yourself giving into the temptation of gorging on food.

Do you wonder, despite your efforts or desire to not overeat, why you find yourself making the same mistake (of overeating) repeatedly

It is stated that the need to obsessively overeat is mostly triggered by emotional or physical factors. Either you are too sad, too happy, too tired or

simply bored when you get this intense urge to eat .Because eating helps you manage the emotion better, you may overdo it. Do you agree? How do you control it? Can this help in controlling diabetes? Let us discuss.


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  • Very important point to be noted.Diet plays a preeminent role in diabetes management.All other measures like exercise,medication and lifestyle changes are very important but all will be in vain if diet is not controlled.Though what you eat and when you eat are important,in my view,how much you eat is a decisive factor.In most cases,the difference between failure and success in diabetes management is the quantity of food that we eat at each sitting and over all during the day.Another important fact that I noticed is,with advancing age one has to moderate more and more to get the same result.It is a delicate balancing act,but there is no choice.

  • You have given a beautiful and meaningful turn to the topic.

  • What is over eating ? Is it temptation or compulsion ?

  • i think the term "overeating" should be understood to mean eating when one is not hungry .However, I am not sure.can some one elaborate?

  • My view is,if we can get really hungry at least thrice a day,we can say we are not overeating.It means there are sufficient intervals between meals but also we are not over indulging at any meal.I also think that overeating is a mental phenomenon.If a person is not consciously aware of how much and what he is eating,it may result in over eating.Our people had a wonderful term for this condition"sushkayasam".To be avoided at all times.

    As the saying goes,obesity is a direct result of over indulgent mothers or too considerate newly married wives.If one is blessed with both,may God save him.(I know ,the latter category wears off after some time.)

  • I HITA VAK MITHA VAK RUTHU VAK this is the method consuming food

    1 generally our body once consume the food it must be digested to take 2 or 3 hours Ayurvedic Doctors says once u consume any food any quantity u may not consume until 6 hours . This period our body completes the consumed food and blood circulation is good condition.

    2 within this period starvation comes it mostly artificial and our toung wants some thing eat it is good or not ? if previous meals not digested properly if we consume more what happen it is overload ? then extra feed and non digested portion became fat and stored in the body .

    3 if we have no work and simply sitting or simply seen TV cricket matches then starving start . if we going walk or doing any work in home or outside this starving not noticed .4 if we use proper diet no diseases attacking the body even sugar level also control at some extent .

    5 For best Example recently Delhi C M Krejiwalladmitted to Jindal Hospital for treatment of Diabetes and HBP for 10 days . Jindal Hospital is an Nature cure and Ayurvedic hospita.l

    6 Mind concentration and avoid over tension then proper dietis good and when our mind is control our body then d no chances of starving

    7 U must control our mind then no problem is araise

    For this some excercise yoga and meditation ihelps

  • Overeating,Obsessive eating,etc.i am very guilty . Correctly observed,it is usually triggered by my emotional state ,as well as when i am bored.It is the greatest factor giving me poor sugar level control. Any help or suggestions to overcome this.

  • Pacy, please don't feel guilty. All you have to do is to develop a healthy relation ship with food. Food is not a escape route for your depression or emotional stress. Please go through the link I am providing, you see the light at the end of tunnel.

    helpguide.org/articles/ eating- disorders/ bing

  • My suggestions - When eating snacks like chips/chivda /biscuit dont eat out of a bag. Always take a portion size in a bowl /plate. Take bite sizes and enjoy it slowly.

    When tempted to eat sweets etc tell yourself to exercise first and then have a small portion size afterwards as a reward. Again slowly enjoy its taste. When you long for a second helping quickly get busy with some household chores or better get out of the house.

    If you have better control - Think of it as poison with a big cross - skull and bones- dangerous for you!!!

    Better still get rid of it from your house- give it away to some one who needs it more. You will feel good about it.

    When someone forces you with some goodies politely refuse and tell them you are on a diet or for medical reasons you are not supposed to eat it. Tell them you would instead like to eat something else that is more suitable to you.

    In a party better eat well before you leave home. When full you will not feel like eating much at the party. At a party first fill yourself with salad and fruit and later eat other grain based healthful foods.

    Never overeat! Remember your body does not require the excess and your stomach is not a trash can. Don't overload it. Treat it kindly.

    If you follow this, soon you will be able to totally avoid all unhealthy foods.

    Disciplining the mind is difficult at the beginning but once you have attained good control things become easy peasy. You will be repulsed by sweets and oily stuff as the new healthy body will demand nutritious food. Try it! Goodluck!!

  • Thks Patliputra. I get to it immediately

  • I think it is temptation.I have seen that in marriage party I am tempted to eat Kheer and ice cream which I do not touch at home. Observing people to take tempts me.Similarly Fish & Mutton, I take very little but in party the quantity becomes more.There is always a urge to measure sugar level after the satisfying meal and modify the quantity accordingly next time. But next time the same repetition. Thats way I have decided not to go any party. Thanks.

  • Normally your stomach gives a signal once it is full - i.e. on 1st burp you must stop eating . This one must follow religiously . What ever attraction comes , may be party OR function avoid temptation . For good digestion take/drink water 1 hour before meal and 1 hour after meals. Avoid water during meal as it dilutes the acid formed during hunger , if necessary take only a sip of water . You may eat fresh green salad before meals which reduces over eating . Thanks for patience .

  • It's the surge and crash of Sugar (hence Insulin) that drives hunger and cravings leading to overeating:


    Bottom line: Carbs are addictive and offer same pleasure as cocaine. So best way to deal with it is to cut out carbs and hence lower the insulin surge and crashes. This is presuming that there's no other abnormality driving the cravings.

  • when consmed food,it is normal biological action to increase BSLAfter few hors it comes down. Hunger is a different phenomenon signifying the need for food Nothing.to do with rise and fall of blood sugar.

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