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Statins Use Declines After a 2-Part TV Science Program in Australia

More than 60,000 Australians are estimated to have reduced or discontinued their use of prescribed cholesterol-lowering statin medications following the airing of a two-part series critical of statins by ABC TV's science program, Catalyst, a University of Sydney study reveals in the latest Medical Journal of Australia.


STATINS are useless drugs and Cholesterol is not the cause of CVD/CHD. That's the way AHA AHA, I like it AHA AHA :)

Statins are questionable drugs:




Obviously Statin pushers are now busy spreading the scare in Australia now saying that around 1900 people could have stoke etc out of this 60,000. Now, even by their numbers this means STATINS are useless for 97% :)

Harvard professor John Abramson has written a number of scientific papers raising concerns about the overuse of the cholesterol-lowering drugs.