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about one year ago i was diagnosed with diabetes over 300 empty stomach and used to take Allopathic medicines which controlled my diabetes initially but gradually i could see many side effects.Two months ago i referred it to my friend and he told me to take paneer doda instead of Allopathic medicines which is a very effective medicine for diabetes. I searched for it over net and could buy it from attarayurveda at a very reasonable price at just Rs.320 which last more than 30 days. i started using it and reduced dose of Allopathic medicine to half and still my diabetes is under control. Paneer doda is really a very effective way to keep your diabetes controlled.

To help people out here here is the link

Paneer phool/doda are really of good quality and i found it a very reasonable price

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  • Paneer phool is about Rs. 100/= a kilo, lasts for about 3 months. soak about 6 to 8 flowers in the evening in quarter glass of water and drink in the morning empty stomach. I am doing the same which maintained BS within limit, control diet and little exercise required.

  • Hi shirishmuzumdar, i dont know from where you got them at this price.Maybe its, Cost for quality, Paneer Phool i received from the website( are of really good quality also are very neat and clean. :)

  • I got it from Rajasthan - Sikar, I heard for similar price it is available in Khari Bavali in Delhi in Pansari Shop (may be grocery shop). It is total dry and it when soaked in water gives yellowish transparent water in the morning.

  • HI Sunena,

    click on link

    call at this number,he will provide 120/kg +delivery charge

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