diabetic since 32 years ----

Dear Georg sir,

I am aged 50 years, a juvenile diabetic enjoying diabetic life since 32 years . I am member since feb-15. I am reading all the posts about LCHF, panner phool & LWMR. Right now I am taking insulin 10-0-10 units & Gemer 1mg 1-0-1,along with panner phool. All these days I was taking ayurvedic treatment feom a native doctor along with said allopathic medicines. Till date I have not got any diabetic complications & I am fully leading a normal life except diet. I have never felt dipressed & work for almost 12 hrs with out any problem. May be credit should go to Ayurveda for my health.

I stared Long wheat usage from 08-06-15 with broken wheat & my FBS on 09-06 was 177 mgs. Today my FBS is 125 mgs. Feeling good after seeing FBS level. I will continue this & will update frequently about the progress. Thanks a lot for your service to the diabetic community.


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  • I have onlt tested FBS in home, will update both in next week.

  • excellent keep up your diet and also the spirits .By doing this you are not only proving yourself worthy to Mr.George's innovation of LMWR which the science and truth behind it but to greater extent a living example for the entire diabetic community as a whole and let the supreme omnipotent,omniscient and omnipresent Energy bless you with the best health and also dispel you from this drudged disorder.

  • Thanks ssampath for your encouraging words. As said I have started LWMR & will update the results.

  • Hi dear kprk,

    Thank you for the willingness to try LWMDR.

    Thank you for publishing the improvement you noticed.

    YOU ARE THE FIRST "Type-1" VOLUNTEER TO TRY LWMDR. My salutations.

    FBS on 09-06-15 was 177 mgs. FBS on13-06-15 is 125 mgs.

    A reduction of 52mg% in FBS over just four days is nothing less than a phenomenal change, that too in a Type-1 Diabetic, BY ANY STANDARDS. Congratulations.

    This makes me think that your Pancreas is WAKING UP!

    Can you please get your C-Peptide tested at the earliest to avoid speculations or misleading ideas. Please test C-peptide after 45 minutes of completion of the meal.

    Wish you all the best.

    Thank you once again for all that you are doing.

  • Dear George sir,

    Thank you sir for your reply & advice. As suggested by you I will get tested for c-peptide shortly. since I am unable to get whole long wheat , I have started with broken long wheat & really enjoying it. Being a long diabetic I have gone through all types of diet including raw vegetable diet for ten days & was totally stopped all allopathic dugs during raw diet. On 26-01-15 , i underwent total medical checkup for diabeties & very happy that I am fully safe from any problems. With your guidence & suggestions I am sure that I will get rid of diabeties. I will update reports weekly.

    Thanks & with great regards


  • Dear kprk,

    Let us wait for better results soon. Please keep reporting. In my opinion it is PPBS that will show earliest improvement in DM2 but don't know how is the case with DM1.


  • Sir,

    Thanks for your reply. There are flucuations in the BS level with same LW broken wheat

    Blood sugar results

    NODate FBS








    I Think it may take little more time to get better results. Once stablized I will take PPBS readings also.

  • Dear George sir,

    Good Morning

    As such with limited knowledge I can not tell an any thing about functioning of pancreas related to FBS & PPBS. But let me continue LW diet & wait for things to happen & then we can conclude .

    With Regards

    K P Ravindra Kumar

  • Dear george sir,

    Good morning . thanks for your words. I am continuing LW diet but still BS levels not stabalised. FBS varies from 80-130 & PPBS from 105-200 with the same diet. Any how I will continue till goal is reached.

    With Regards

    K P Ravindra Kumar

  • In addition to diet there are several other factors that affect BS levels, it seems.

    Keep going.

  • George sir,

    Good Morning Thanks for reply. Yes let me continue with LW diet & wait for things to happen.

    Thanks & regards

    K P Ravindra Kumar

  • indiacratus,

    thanks for your concern & suggestion. Cost of testing is not an issue, let us wait for george sir opinion.

  • Hi kprk,

    Please see the response to indiacratus.

  • Dear George sir,

    Thanks for concluding

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