What should be our policy in researching around the internet for medical knowledge ?

What should be our policy in researching around the internet for medical knowledge ?

Researching, at random , around the internet for learning a particular disease or medicine is a non economical and ill healthy practice.

Best practice is to identify ,then follow the worlds best websites and just gather an overview of diabetes or any disease.

But if a person has a special condition like:

the standard advice does not work in a person, then we can go around researching to find alternative suggestions.

For example

A person with psoriasis .

It does not cure .

Steroids help but some persons have problems with it.

Other drugs like methotrexate or cyclosporine have side effects.

In general studying from research papers, unless by sharp necessity, is a clear mistake and wastage of time.

Many people in this forum are so enthusiastic and brilliant enough to acquire almost all the knowledge of an MBBS doctor.considering the time they have already spent.

But I find they go, the wrong way around

Researching through research papers with out the substrate knowledge necessary to grasp the these papers.

All knowledge in any subject has to be absorbed in a style which I would like to give nomenclature as expanding circles.

See the sentence above where indiacratus uses the word nomenclature by his natural thoughts.

It is not good for a beginner .he will not pick up or misunderstand. he could have said: I would like to give a name—expanding circles.

[[Nomenclature is the process of giving name to some object- I think biologists and philosophers use it often . “nomenclature is a system of names or terms, or the rules for forming these terms in a particular field of arts or sciences…..””]]

Therefore we should go to simple presentation articles like that of ada . mayo clinic,

The nih and

Here in my article about the fats NIN Hyderabad under


The expanding circles I mean:

The inner circle contains all that is just necessary in a simple form.

In the outer circle come more advanced information.and so on

The internet hypertext is a great help in teaching.but that too is inferior to articles written as I mentioned.

Ignore and discourage the persons in this forum who talks against standard medical knowledge.

At least ,

First know what is standard medical knowledge, before swallowing the diet, medicine prescribed by the half leaned.

The half doctor kills the patient –is a saying in kerala.

Good luck

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  • You have already said this earlier too-


    Any saying in Kerala doesn't change facts that one who takes diabetes management in his/her own hands lands with far better numbers (sugar, lipids, bp) on far less or even ZERO drugs. :)

    I will let readers decide as we don't believe in giving certificates to anyone as to who is having "cut-paste" knowledge and who talks based on medical reports and the way numbers behave on a given diet.

    I am more convinced by experts who expose the real truth and not cover it under the garb of world's best wesbsites. I trust Mark Sisson, Stanford educated egineer cum surgeon Dr Peter Attia, Dr Volek (a professor), Richard Feinman ( Professor), Dr Bernstein, Dr Eric WESTMAN, Tim Noakes, Gary Taubes more than michaelbluejay who writes on everything from Casinos in Las Vegas to Vegan diet.

    BTW, in Internet circles, best websites get highest traffic. mercola.com is one of them

  • There are better sites to educate people about how to use internet and collect information. People don't visit diabetic forums to learn about how to collect information from the internet. :)

  • Those who really understand internet, world's best websites are the one's that draw highest traffic. All sites on internet are vying for more traffic. In such a scenario, a site that has higher traffic is more useful and successful.

    300,000 pages on mercola.com cannot have existed without traffic. The site would have collapsed. Dr Mercola was a great guy as long as he was a PAID speaker for the drug industry. He became abhorable by a few the day he stopped that and started exposing.

  • Are we not to trust our own experience then, especially if it conflicts with the advice from Authorities?

    I'm sure all Authorities that hold the consensus view can't be lobbied or influenced by vested interests.

    This FIFA thing is a bit of a puzzle isn't it ;-) ?

  • FIFA?

  • Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA .

  • Yes "consensus" and "authority" is always honest ... just as in the case of FIFA's award of 2018 and 2022 WC to Russia and Qatar. They just can't be lured by green money ;)

    Sir Rory Collins is so honest in his approach that he wouldn't even allow anyone else to study the data on side effects of Statins. Only he will analyze it as a person who is known to PUSH Statins. By some estimates around $285 million is said to have been paid for the research where he totally ignored all safety data and when two Papers in BMJ created lot of noise he said he will revisit the safety data. He even tried to get those two papers retracted (but failed) :)

  • dear concerned,

    if you interpret your own experience, it is called self diagnosis and treatment .

    if you draw from social examples like fifa etc it means you forget the lab. problem in a lab.

    in science

    it is the experience[ or repeated experiments of several people ] interpreted by brilliant people that leads into a principle.

    do you want to be one like as mr

    sridhar1 describes a

    pseudo intellectual.

    i will give one example and conclude.

    i had an ear pain .

    i thought

    it is due to some infection together with my psoriasis.

    applied candid and my usual steroid..

    some response was there . but

    not satisfactory.

    then one day while taking neck exercise i found the pain increases.

    i concluded.

    the pain is primarily something of psoriasis or infection but exacerbated by neck movements.

    i dropped out of neck exercise.

    partial improvement. not full.

    in the meantime i went for a dentist for tooth filling.

    xray , this, that - he asked

    are you having pain in the ear.


    he solved the tooth.

    never came that ear pain again.!!

    that is the fate of a pseudo intellectual diagnosing himself.

    ignore the medfree groups.

    they do not have any basic understanding of what is science or scientific procedure.they talk like, hook or crook win the game, type administrators.

    thanks anyway you have not brought their knowledge and asked me to correct.

    i never read them.

    i lived in a lab set up.

    no one dared to talk to me this type of pseudo intellectual talk. you know why?

    i just challenge:

    in that case, sir please come, let us switch on the oscilloscope, and see whether the machine obeys you or me.

    the end of the pseudo talk.

    once the government transferred me out of my state.

    i threatened to resign.

    you resign . what is there?

    this was the attitude of many there in Delhi.

    i was adamant.

    then what happened.

    an old boss of mine showed a paper by me to our chief on something that involves ionization in a gas tube.

    the supreme commander there in Delhi commanded to his colleagues-

    give indiacratus whichever city he wants.

    even then, i resigned the government two years later,

    good luck

    good night.


  • Medical reports of diabetics on LCHF are also scientific report which defies all the claims against SFA :)

    I don't think anyone cares about certificates that you issue against medfree. Basically I think if the number has increased from 160 to 400, people are ignoring you and few others who issue certificates.

    BTW, thanks for exposing your real self. I don't think you have the capability or capacity to assess medfree. Medfree left long time back but it seems you are overly obsessed with him.

  • psuedointellectual.

  • Go thru dirty secrets of Eli Lilly (make diabetic drugs/insulin also) -


    The deeper you go, more horrific details will emerge.

    In 2009, this company also pleaded GUILTY for "Drug Fraud".

    I think the so called "worlds best websites" should be highlighting these things and really educating patients if they are unbiased :)

    Last year, Takeda and Partner Eli Lilly were also involved in a diabetic drug Fraud involving ACTOS drug, because they hid bladder cancer risks data. I am sure it must have been the great men from science world who would have manipulated the data. Who cares about 40% more risk for bladder cancer. Company should make profits.

  • i think duo the science guys wouldnot manipulate much. the owners of the corporate manipulate or force the manipulation. yes. i agree that money matters more than public health. we see the policies enacted by any govt. doingthe same.

    its catch22.

  • Yes, and few guys will still want us to believe Sir Rory Collins when he publishes that STATINS are harmless. Of course 200 + million dollars can make any opinion go the other way :)

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