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I am diabetic since 1990, and taking Jenumet 500/50 twic a day, Tripride-2 twice a day. Now my sugar level increasing and doctor had advised me to take Insuline. Suddenly one person advised me to 5 KUNDRU leaves in the morning empty stomach, without taking anything for half an hour. KUNDRU leaves are very useful in diabetes. Its chemical name is Coccinia grandis. Anybody can find this on google. It helped a lot, and after using 15 days my sugar level got controlled. The constraint is that these leaves are not available in winter season, as its plant disappears. In winter I used to take METHI water. I soaked 1 teaspoon of METHI dana in a glass of water in the night, and used its water in the morning empty stomach. Using these two therapies my sugar level both Fasting and PP came to just normal. Any body may try without spending lot of money on any medicine. My email id is

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  • I am taking soaked methi dana for 2 years. No change in Sugar level however my cholesterol is normal.

  • Sugar control is best achieved by Low Carb High Fat diet. Even LIPIDS improve. Many on prove this day in and day out.

  • Can you suggest , How indian food can do LCHF

  • I see the website domain mentioned in the post by ultraduo. You can check the website mentioned.

  • It is good that you are successful in controlling your sugar levels.But do not change your medication without your doctor's advise.Also,keep monitoring by testing at home.

  • Thanks ramana42 for your good advise. I am continue with my medicine and as per doctor advice I have reduce Tripride 2 to Tripride 1 in the night after dinner. As my total cholesterol level is on the lower line but good cholesterol is very low. I am also a heart patient and got under open heart surgery in 1999. I was also taking one capsule of Ecosprin Gold one in the night, my doctor has also lower down it to Ecosprin AV 75. Thanks to Methi Dana in winter and Kundaru leaves in summer.

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