the choice of oil in india

kindly read the following conversation .

ragiv rao

Does it mean saturated fats are harmful


dear rao,

no.roughly speaking and easy for memorizing:

saturated fats10%

mono un saturated 10%

poly un saturated 10%

thus the total 30 percent of dietary calories should come from fats.

but recently the US recommendation shifted to 7% limiting in case of

saturated fats.

but NHS uk still continue with the 10 percent.

it seems they mostly follow european union standards.[?],this last sentance i am not pretty sure.. australia and new zealand ,these are eu countries , i know ,you know.

for -other than US standards i just look in the diabetes UK.

good luck.


please all,

there is what is called indian national institute of nutrition NIN under icmr .

they have a book and also we get in the net ..

in this book they give combinations of oils.

please read.

"Hence, the choice of cooking oil should be as


Groundnut or Sesame or Rice bran+ Mustard

Groundnut or Sesame or Rice bran+ Canola

Groundnut or Sesame or Rice bran+ Soyabean

Palmolein + Soyabean

Safflower or Sunflower + Palmolein + Mustard

Use of more than one source of fat/oil has the added advantage of providing a

variety of minor components in the diet. An additional way of increasing alpha-

linolenic (n-3) acid intake is to ensure regular consumption of oils and foods rich in

kindly read in the original by them =DIETARY GUIDELINES


- A Manual


Hyderabad – 500 007, INDIA

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  • No SFA is not bad. PUFA of industrial vegetable oils is horrible as it is one of the wrost inflammation triggers.

    Diabetics on LCHF who consume 30 ml VCO every day will prove that SFA is not bad. LIPIDS improve, TG falls, VLDL falls, HDL goes up and most importantly many are iun a position to stop STATINS.

    Best oil is virgin coconut oil followed by red palm kernel oil.

    VCO is best as it has 2% PUFA and is MCT.

    I have been regular with VCO and 2Eggs -- with yolk of coruse -- a day yet LIPDIS improved on LCHF. According to AHA, my heart should have failed with so much SFA in diet all my pipes should have choked. However, medical reports haven't shown anything go wrong in 6.5 years so far -- things only improved :)

    Soya oil is worst for anyone with impaired thyroid function.

  • I find this a very odd situation.The guidelines of National Institute Of Nutrition are very clear on fat consumption.I had visited the Institute way back 1969 as a trainee and found their work of international standards,even then.We should take their guidelines as standard and not be misguided by other kind of views.

  • Millions across the world defy their standards with less drugs for everything and yet land better numbers. For us, we find it really odd situation that why is it difficult for you guys to look at medical reports who defy these standards?

    ramana , those who defy use their brains and are not being mislead or misguided. Only thing they do is they have rejected these so called experts views. Their medical reports prove it. Unless these guys explain the actual medical reports of why LIPIDS improve on LCHF with lot of SFA, their guidelines are nothing but just a photocopy of American standards with maybe some modifications here and there.

    In fact we would say you guys are being misguided by people in authority. Just because they are in authority doesn't make them right, jut like Ramalingam Raju of Satyam.

  • dear ramana,

    the 'other kind of views" as you mentioned are to be ignored [ i never read]

    since i do not read i am unable to report to administraters.

    so if you find impolite language and seemingly ill healthy advices please report to administrators.

    reporting is done by clicking on the down arrow at the right of the - in the reply recommend line at the bottom of any response. .

    the people who make dissident opinions have no basic knowledge of diabetes or nutrition.

    they quote from some way side dot coms.

    you see for instance some of the answers in the past they give to patients who come with doubts about their is history there. yuo can check up.

    almost all of them are sub standard.

    it is a universal practice among the scientific people that if

    a person makes errors in basics

    his opinion should be rejected in other issues as well.

    that book i mentioned is of international standard.

    i mentioned it because they mention oils available here in india and the conditions we live in are taken into prime consideration.

    can you explain mr ramana- why a lamp towards extinction just

    just gives a high flame momentarily..

    it is not easy to explain.

    i have one.

    but i haven't experimented my theory. so unwilling to explain now.

    that species is meeting its inevitable end,programmed death.extinction.

    good luck.

    good luck.

  • Even those who talk and practice LCHF globally (doctors with degree) are highly qualified people, much more than you and me or anyone out here. We are intelligent as we can interpret the blood reports and see which way the numbers move.

    No, we don't say IGNORE XYZ, we just make our view point and let users decide. That's how LCHF has grown, despite stiff opposition from four or five people here.

    Well, reporting to administrators will only have action if there's insult and abuse, which one of you indulged in recently but I don't report at all. That's a childish way of behaving. Doesn't suit the age.

  • After certain age कुछ लोग कभी कभी बच्चो जैसा व्यवहार करते है. हम उनको समझ लेतें हैं. :)

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